Game Like a boss - Where to start, tips, tricks, calculator of skills

Game Like a boss - Where to start, tips, tricks, calculator of skills

Those who have played at least once in their lives in MMO games will understand me. Great victories, grueling raids, mountains of loot, classes, heroes, victories, betrayal and greatness. That's it in a nutshell. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the other side of the screen? Playing as a boss. Play as someone who, time after time, gets punched in the face in raids, dunge. In general, I will not bore you, Like a boss - A game where it's the other way around. You play as a boss, which gather raids and go to kill. I'll tell you where to start, give you a couple of tips, break down the mechanics and choose which class to play as.

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Game Like a boss - Where to start, tips, tricks, calculator of skills

To begin with, the game is relatively new - released globally (worldwide) in mid-December, but has already won a lot of fans.

How to play Like a boss

To begin, as in any MMO must choose a race and class that we will play. The game gives you a choice of three races and three classes.


  1. Dragon
  2. Anded
  3. Naga


  1. Warrior
  2. Hunter
  3. The Magician

Nowhere does it say what the races are different, except for the general description. So we'll take any of them. But the class - on your preference. Miles game - only warrior. And the archer or mage - solely on your beliefs. I tried to figure out what class is better, but as usual - all learned only at high levels of the game. Some people prefer hunters, some prefer mages. I took the mage for now. They're cool with purple fireballs.

Important! In the game you can choose several bosses to play. But to open an additional slot costs 500 rubies. This is a rare game currency, which is given for the passage of dungeons (the first time) + for dailies, and of course for the money you can buy. So take the choice of the first character seriously, because it's a long time. Over time, you can open a second slot, but not immediately.

There will be a lot of tutorial dialogues after choosing a character. That's a good thing. They will be in English, but simple, which is also good. They say they will add Russian, which is also good.

Game Like a boss - Where to start, tips, tricks, calculator of skills

What can I do in the game?

Passing dungeons. You can do it on the machine, though skils still have to press the fingers. There is such a thing as a "raid" - it's a quick passage, very convenient. Gives a lot of loot, but little expa (experience).

You can and should craft your own clothes. Clothes give an increase in armor and various characteristics. Also, everything is pretty standard. For crafting use stones and enhancers.

  • Iron - gives a bonus to Attack and Strength of Crit
  • Adamantite - gives a bonus to movement speed and attack speed.
  • Titanium - gives a bonus to armor and HP.
  • Obsidian - vampirism and life regeneration.

Gems - simply reinforce the collected readings from 100% to 200%.

There are also accessories. There are four slots for them. They fall out in dungeons, they can not be crafted.

Recipes for crafting are collected in the dungeons, the stones there, too.

Tips and Passage

  1. Choose your first boss character wisely. The second, if you do not invest money can be very soon. You can always delete a character and create a new one.
  2. When you delete a character, everything on the character and the boss itself is deleted. Everything in your bag will be saved, including money (gold) and rubies. As well as the guild you created or in which you are staying.
  3. Find your friends. The game has some pretty good perks for having friends - adding experience and gold. You can search through Facebook, as well as through the guild search, entering the guild and inviting people as friends.
  4. Outfit. Important. I've been hankering for vampirism and regeneration - it works very poorly, read the forums, krit and attack - our everything.
  5. Class. Like I said, solely your preference. I'm on the mag.
  6. Do not develop in the direction of health regeneration, I made this mistake just. There's not enough health regeneration, even at high levels.
  7. It is advised to go to the crite. I.e. develops the chance of a crith, then the damage of the crith and attack speed, attack. Def and the amount of health will grow by itself.

Calculator in Like a boss and a tree-skills for archer, mage, warrior

It's pretty hard to figure out which skills to choose right away, and resetting skills is pretty expensive. And then there are three races, three classes. The developers are not particularly distributed on this subject. On one of the foreign resources I found a great calculator for the game. There I also found a tree-skills, armor statistics and other useful information.

At the moment it saw only a full-fledged tree of skills for the shooter.

Game Like a boss - Where to start, tips, tricks, calculator of skills

Bilds for mages and warriors will be added later, as promised by fans of the game.

Actually file itselfwhich is updated almost daily.

Guilds in Like a boss

It's not quite clear what they're for yet. There is a common raid, which results in a large chest of loot. Created guild - Apps4Life. Welcome, I'm bored alone, add yourself.


I have something to say about the guild. There are now 42 members, thanks to those who stopped by. Now about what to do in the guild.

The guild has a raid boss every week. More precisely. Raid. And in the raid every time drop a few random dunge where you have to perform tasks (they are written in the upper left corner under the "!"). Performing tasks and over time, the strength of enemies in the raid increases, ie you hurt more and foes become stronger. The longer you last, the more tasks you complete, the greater the reward.

There are a few tips on raiding:

  • Wear clothes with maximum movement speed
  • Try to complete as many tasks as possible before the next level of the enemies
  • They say that you can level 15 boss to knock out up to 50 trophies per raid. So far I've had a maximum of 39.

Reward in a raid Like a boss

In addition to different types of lit, falls gold (it is not clear where to spend it in such quantity), special tickets (important!), which can doneyat each other (now I will tell more), the stones to create equipment, trophies.

Trophies are figurines similar to cups. They fill the level scale of the chest, which will be received by the guild in a week after the start of the event. The higher its level, the more rewards.

Guild Help

Once every 6 hours you can ask for help. By help is meant pieces of a recipe that you specify. Help is given in the form of tickets, which are farmed just in the guild raid. In exchange, you get gold. The exchange rate is one to one. See:

  • Player 1 asked for help with recipes for A armor.
  • You can help a total of 20 recipes for Tyre 2, or 30 on Tyre 3 and so on.
  • Player 2 donates these recipes with tickets, but no more than 6 pieces of a recipe per player.
  • Depending on the requested armor (Tir), a piece of armor has a certain value in pickets. Bottom line:
  • Player 1 receives pieces of an armor recipe.
  • Player 2 is deprived of tickets, which are not needed anywhere else, and gets gold.

This is what it looks like:

Game Like a boss - Where to start, tips, tricks, calculator of skills

The principle of help is very simple. The more help you get, the sooner your guildmate will dress up, the sooner it will deal more damage, the more useful it will be. Help each other.

Where's the best place to farm in Like a Boss

Here you have collected a 3. And then you have to farm as in the good old VoVka.

The best way to do this is on the 54 card. Then on 66. Then on 66 elite.

This is the optimal ratio of exp to energy expended. Proven in the gaming community.

Gameplay video


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