Lounge FM app

An easy way to get into a trance is to listen to Lounge FM

Music can put you in a trance, calm you down and help you focus. The Lounge FM app is your personal therapist

Music has a beneficial effect on people. It helps to concentrate, relax, music lifts your spirits and balances your emotions. Especially if it comes from the Lounge FM app.

On the waves of this radio you can hear relaxing chillout music, hypnotic downtempo music, and background light lounge. Each of the genres is a peaceful and unhurried rhythm of life. For people who live in hectic big cities, always in a hurry and restless, this radio station is an oasis of calm in the desert of urban chaos.

The birth story of Lounge FM

Lounge FM has had many fans since it first aired in 2013 on frequency 99. 4 FM in 2013. An interesting fact is that the radio station was hosted by Anton Ptushkin, better known to the public as the host of the travel show "Heads and Tails". The product is very worthy, exclusive and long-awaited. It is exactly the kind of music the Ukrainian listener has been missing.

Despite the fact that the ideological mastermind left his brainchild two years later, the radio station did not cease to exist and was picked up by the right people with excellent taste. They not only continued what Anton started, but also began to develop Lounge FM further, adapting the station to the needs of modern listeners. So a convenient free application appeared, thanks to which your favorite radio station is always at your fingertips. Now you can listen to Lounge FM online not only on the website, but also on your smartphone.

Lounge FM app

Lounge FM app

The app is stylish, just like the music that fills it. Its operation is simple, you might say intuitive. Follow the instructions step by step to enjoy lounge music all the time.

  • Download free Lounge FM app from the Apple Store.
  • With one click, enter a world of endless relaxation.

Lounge FM app

  • You get to the home page, which has a "Play" button, a switch between sound quality, a drop-down menu with a playlist, an alarm clock and timer, a "Night Mode" button, and a feedback section.

Lounge FM app


  • You can switch between Lounge FM, Lounge FM Terrace, Lounge FM Acoustic, Lounge FM Chill Out.

Lounge FM appLounge FM appLounge FM app

  • At the bottom left there are two buttons - LQ and HQ. They denote: low and high sound quality, respectively.
  • On the left you will see a button with a note, which will open a menu for you with the current current playlist and your personal playlist, in which you can add your favorite songs.

Lounge FM app

  • On the top right there is a menu where you can set the alarm time, start the sleep timer and turn on night mode.

Lounge FM app

  • At the bottom right is a button that sends you to the developers' feedback section.

Lounge FM app

The Lounge FM section features music with the slogan "Your daily vacation", Lounge FM Terrace - "Summer in every sound", Lounge FM Acoustic - "Let your emotions out", Lounge FM Chill Out - "Only pure flow of exciting vibes". You understand that underneath each of these slogans is the style and direction of the songs that sound there. Choose what's closer to your soul and mood. Create for yourself the right atmosphere, memories, thoughts and dreams. With Lounge FM you don't need any virtual reality. You don't need a therapist either - the incredible abilities of music do everything for you.

Users of the application Lounge FM very warmly and even enthusiastically about its content, but to the technical side they have some questions and comments.

  • Periodically freezes or shuts down due to lack of power.
  • The playback volume is automatically lowered if a notification is sent to your smartphone. The situation can only be corrected by restarting the application.
  • Not enough foreign Internet traffic.
  • Sometimes there are problems with your Internet Service Provider, which makes playback impossible.
  • There are no podcasts that users see on the radio site.

Of course, those responsible for technical support respond to negative comments, explaining how the application works or promising to fix bugs. By the date of the update it is clear that the developers pay attention to detail and improvement of their product. Faithful listeners have no hope of balancing perfect music and an imperfect app. Still, it's the content, not the form, that counts for them.

The Lounge FM app - a new form of music

You can listen to Lounge FM for days on end, giving yourself the right background. With hypnotically swaying music waves, your life will become more measured, your work more productive, and your state of mind more relaxed.

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