Legendary Game of Heroes: tips, strategy, walkthrough

Legendary Game of Heroes: tips, strategy, walkthrough

Legendary Game of Heroes, an awesome fantasy puzzle-RPG game. And our article Legendary Game of Heroes: tips, strategy, walkthrough, aims to help you understand the nuances of the game, get recommendations, maybe even cheats and tricks

N3twork Inc.. has released Legendary Game of Heroes, a totally awesome fantasy puzzle-RPG. The game uses collectible cards, something like Puzzle & Dragons. Unique combinations of heroes and powers will not let you get bored. How to play? Simple - three or more in a row is a classic of the genre. This adds unique skills for each hero, as well as skills for the group. The game is made with love: graphics, music, study. And our article, a kind of guide, Legendary Game of Heroes: tips, strategy, walkthrough, aimed to help you understand the nuances of the game, to get recommendations, maybe even cheats and tricks of the game Legendary Game of Heroes.

Legendary Game of Heroes: tips, strategy, walkthrough

Legendary Game of Heroes: tips, strategy, walkthrough, guide

There are heroes of 5 different elements in the game:

  • fire
  • Land
  • water
  • Darkness
  • light

Naturally, some elements fight better against others, dealing more damage and less on 50% creatures of their element. So, fire (red) always beats earth (green), earth beats water (blue), water beats fire (red). But light and dark beat each other.

I recommend reading the article, and then be sure to read the comments underneath. There are some smart ones.

1. Always take your healer card with you at first (big question?)

Walking from level to level on quests it's very wise to have a healer with you - the main skill of the hero. Heroes healers have a heart icon on the hero card, they are such heroes as the Flamebound Monk and the Sharhein Healer. These heroes will heal you in your time of need. They can also turn ordinary stones (gems) into hearts, thus allowing you to restore your health.

Keep the "basic skill" of healing in reserve until the critical moment, if possible, use only stones (hearts) on the board, and in a critical situation use the recovery skill of the hero.

Legendary Game of Heroes: tips, strategy, walkthrough

If you're playing in a guild, these kinds of cards will be useless, as the guild hero you take with you will kill all enemies before dark. Generally speaking, you won't need one until level 50.


2. Plan your moves (cap?)

First - remember that there is no time limit during the turn, it's only in the Main Campaign or Dailyk. In events, aka events, the zod is given 20 seconds and you have to make it in time.

In either case, look around, plot a few turns to make combos. The combo enhances your hit, and in equal proportion for all elements. Remember that the fewer moves you spend to complete a dungeon, the greater your reward. Ultimately, you need to complete all dungeons by 3* to get the maximum reward crystals. Stones cannot be moved diagonally and you can't bring them back if you've already walked them.

3. do not use too many heroes of one element (in the early stages of the game)

When completing quests, you will clearly understand which elemental heroes will oppose you. You will be able to determine this by the icon on the map. Badge does not guarantee that all the cards in the quest will be exactly like that, but the boss - definitely, well, and the rest to a greater extent will tend to this element. Also, it makes no sense to use, for example, all the water characters on the fire quest. Firstly, random can throw you other elements, and secondly, the stones on the board will not only be fire, so use a variety of decks.

The right option would be to have 2-3 cards of the same element. And a great deck option would be, for example, 3 water heroes, fire, dark and light heroes. Or replace one water hero with an earth one. But this advice is from the evil one, frankly. Use common sense.

Eventually, you will have several decks that you use at your discretion. And there you won't need to aim and plan your moves. One card will rain hems of one color, a second will deal damage with that color, a third will amplify, and the fourth will convert other colors to the desired color. And all this at once, all in one turn.

4. Move the "gem" to successfully complete the combo.

The point is this: at the beginning of a turn, the turn timer starts, within which you must have time to take all the turns to start the combo. Each correct move - 3 in a row or more - leads to a delay of the end of the move. You can do quite a lot that way, with some luck. I got 13x combos.

If you move a stone the wrong way, the counter is reset even if you haven't had time to move it. The coolest combo happens when you swap two stones marked as reinforced (Roman numerals), then all the colors of said stones come into play. It looks cool, and the damage is even cooler.


5. Find a guild

This is probably the best advice. It will speed up your training, growth of your heroes, getting new cards and experience. Good guilds tend to communicate in chats in various messengers on FB, Telegram, or Line.

6. Participate in events

This will bring you money, fame and new heroes without a lot of stress, especially if you are a member of the Guild. I recommend to read a small guide on what to do in the event, by example, Event for slayers - Jade Forrest.

That's all for today. As soon as new recommendations or tips on Legendary Game of Heroes arise for you, or maybe cheats or new tactics, we'll release a new article right away. Play and win! Maybe you have any additions to the game, on how to play, or corrections to what we wrote - write in the comments.

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Diman AvraM

So where did my manual go?

Oleg Tsegelnyk

Diman, what's the manual? 🙂

Diman AvraM

Yes I wrote here about the game with a little subtlety and an invitation to my guild.

Oleg Tsegelnyk

To be honest, I don't remember such a message.
But I'll be glad if you write. The subtleties of the game are always interesting.

Diman AvraM

If you have time today at work, I will allocate.But there is oooooooo much to write.And much of what you explain, the newcomer, you always have to spell out.

Diman AvraM

A little bit of writing)

Diman AvraM

So, all dratuti) a little bit on the game. The most basic thing is to make the right hand, put the right relics, and move the right balls on the field, so that the damage of the hand was the most impressive. On cards you need to look at the name, like warrior, dragon-attacer, anciens, etc. On the reverse side of the card indicated that it gives and who, respectively, depending on this card, which gives 300mag and Hp, need to put in the center.And also when passing companies,quests, dunge ... to take to help the 6th card from the guild (why is it from the guild? Honora give points for it, and the points are then bought back fries and keys to Event), which also gives 300mag and Hp your cards.Ie if you have 35-40k Hp with five cards, then when you take the sixth, Hp grows to 140k (K = 1,000), respectively, and damag gain speed. there are 6, then seven decks. The first put the most popular card in the center and then it sees all the players and can take advantage of the game, bringing Honors. There are relics for all types of cards, increasing xp, damag and recaverie (set the scale of special treatment) there are relics that give certain cards extra balls of the right color, replacing them on the field of unnecessary.When we put 5 or more balls in a chain, we get a Gem-ball (multiball). To restore it, you must also move the balls of the right color in the chain after collapsing ... And it's just the basics. I invite active players in our Russian guild RUSSIAN FIGHTERS. I am head there.Shkololo no).Vse adequate guys o t 23do 61 years.Zaminem top3 for the Russian guild.Osnovnoe place in the global 100-125. Knock) All the goodness.

Oleg Tsegelnyk

That's great! I missed a manual like this when I was starting out.
But I figured it out.
Played in the top British guild, but little time was - deleted from there, but it was fun. Now the game while deleted, a lot of time eats contagion)

Diman AvraM

Oleg, so it's just a little basics.When you install again, waiting for you in the gi) If you know, here's my number +7-977-277-57-97.Write to vocep)

Oleg Tsegelnyk

Thank you)
Installed. But I couldn't restore the old account
Strange, GameCenter is the same, it automatically links
Or is there something else that needs to be done?

Diman AvraM

Piss me on WhatsApp, Oleg.