dungeon crushers guide from 0 to 400

AFK Dungeon Crushers: A guide from level 0 to 400 - the most correct swing option

It is worth noting right away that all the information I took from other sources on the Internet, as well as my own observations. Quality of other guides left much to be desired, and I will just refer to them, but arrange and structure information in its own way - Dungeon Breakers guide from 0 to 400. So that the perfect beginner will understand what you need to do in the game Dungeon Crushers to reach from level 0 to 400 as soon as possible in 2020. Here we go.

Hyde from 0 to 400 in 2 days

Very briefly about the game. The game is a mix of clicker, RPG and IDLE games. It takes some mechanics from each genre, which it uses quite successfully. The goal in the game is to get as high up the level as possible. A beginner who will do "business as usual", will be able to reach about 200 levels, after which he will successfully stumble into the inability to pass to the next level. Over time, he will find how to do the Dark Ritual (abbreviated: TR), but this will not help, stuck at 300-levels, and then most likely to abandon the game. My goal is to tell you how you can comfortably get to level 400 to discover new facets and interests in the game.

AFK Dungeon Crushers: A guide from level 0 to 400 - the most correct swing option

Why is it so important to get to the 400 level?

Since level 400 opens the altar, from which you can get new heroes, which are very strong in the game. For example, after 400 level it is necessary to "catch" the hero Nushkilan, he is just the main hero to level 1500, but about this in another article. In this article we will focus on levels from 0 to 400. 

Upgrade from level 0 to 400 in Dungeon Crushers

  1. On the first day of setup, familiarize yourself with the game, play as you like, make all the mistakes you want, and swing any character you want. We're waiting for the second day. You can not even play, but just enter the game the next day to pick up the rewards for the second day - 5 raisins.  Raisins in the game are called green diamonds, which are mined in the mines. 

If you can't wait, you need to reach level 40. One mine will open. In 4 hours you can get 4 raisins. They will be enough to buy our first main character - Feralhart. To send heroes to the mine, there must be four of them. For the time they are in the mine (for the first mine it's 1 hour), they don't fight and don't help with passing levels. 

AFK Dungeon Crushers: A guide from level 0 to 400 - the most correct swing option

  1. For those who did not play on the first day, you get 5 raisins and you buy Feralhart. Up to level 400, that's the only hero we'll be pumping up, the rest will be needed occasionally to perform action sequences. Or Brett the Merciless to do the Dark Ritual. 
  2. Again, you may not pump yourself (the hero you created) or any other heroes except Feralhart. The maximum number of heroes you can use in this strategy in this guide is 3, including Feralhart, with your hero (you) not included in the count. For example: it could be heroes: Theoldwyn (the first hero you recruited), Abe and Feralhart or Ina Eagle Eye, Tom Keeper, Feralhart. 

Brett the Merciless stands apart, he should be hired only when you need to do the Dark Ritual, pumped up to level 125. I.e. you hire him as the 4th immediately before TP.

  1. Upgrade the rarity of Feralhart to legendary 2 or 3. No more than that. Rarity is pumped by killing the daily boss. How does this happen? You click on the "Daily Boss" icon. The game calculates the chance of killing it. I recommend attacking when this chance is greater than 95%. Now for the main thing. After defeating the boss, one of the heroes you've hired gets a rarity - you choose of course Ferlhart. At the same time, no more than three heroes can go into battle with the boss, and these heroes are determined randomly. And that's why I focus on this in the previous paragraphs. At the moment you kill the Daily Boss, you must have no more than 3 heroes, including Feralcart. That way, by increasing Feralheart's level and rarity, you'll get to level 300 pretty quickly. Don't forget that if you get stuck somewhere, you can do TP, upgrade and do it all over again, but with more DPS.
  2. It's not that simple :). Manipulation above is enough to get up to level 350, and there you slow down again, stopping at the boss levels. You need to increase the damage - DPS. How do you do this? At the expense of souls. I.e. The more souls are active now, the higher the DPS. So the strategy should include farming these souls and their accumulation. 
  3. To increase DPS with souls, you need to buy 2 artifacts: 
    1. Ghost Lamp - the probability of encountering a ghost increases (cost 70 souls).
    2. Reaper of Souls - in a battle with a ghost, more souls will be obtained from it (cost 35 souls).

You know what I mean?

You walk through the level, catching ghosts. From the ghosts you get souls. More souls = more damage. 

It took me about 300 active souls to find (via the Refresh button) and buy the artifacts I needed. Calculate the same way. Naturally, the artifacts need to be pumped. First of all Lamp, then Reaper to how much you get. And yes, the situation here is strange. To increase damage - you need active souls, to pump an artifact - you need active souls, to get the active souls - you need ghosts, and we shake ghosts through levels and pumped artifact, and souls also through pumped artifact. Balance. 

For myself, I figured it out this way: before the Dark Ritual, I pour all the souls into the Artifact Upgrade. I do TP (dark ritual). Damage increases very much. Pass the levels, if I stubbornly, again merging the souls into the artifact and do TP. 3-4 times and should get to the cherished 400 level.

How else to increase the damage?

  1. And there is another way to increase the damage. These are ranks. Ranks are given randomly to any hero, even if he is not hired. A rank is given after every 10 levels passed (I think). It's quite simple. All ranks have to be merged into Feralhart. How? Come on.  to the Heroes tab, drop down to the most of them, and click the Ranks button. See all heroes, including those who have ranks. Zero in 2 active souls for all but you-know-who. After you improve Feralhart all the ranks you got from the other heroes. 
  2. In fact, this is the whole strategy to pass from level 0 to 400 in the game Dungeon Crushers. The other Gaidars say it takes 4 days. It probably took me a little longer. I did it in 7 days. But it's quite realistic to do it in 6 days, I just got dumbed down and sorted it out somewhere too. According to this guides - it's okay to do it in 6 days without donating and constantly sitting in the game. 
  3. What else can be done to increase the number of souls, and thus DPS? In the store you can buy a totem of souls for 50 souls (attention, the totem is counted as a separate hero, so it participates in the calculation of rarity, when you get a reward from killing the Daily Boss!) With standard pumping,  up to level 1500, you get +45% to the souls you receive.  You can pump a totem even more, but more than a legendary is not advised (the next rarity). I personally did not pump. But it helps to collect souls. It turns out that I have hired heroes only totem souls and Feralhart, and that's it. 
  4. Do not forget to pass the mines, where you get extra dough and artifacts. Minimal, but they will help you. 

With what parameters I managed to pass level 400

  1. Feralhart's rarity is the legendary 3.
  2. Feralhart level - 2740
  3. Ina was also pumped (this is another +100% bonus from her skill)
  4. Souls - 2019 (bonus + 20190% to DPS) 
  5. Artifacts: Ghost Lamp (15/25) and Reaper of Souls (11)
  6. Number of rebirths - 7
  7. Bonus from the clan +600% damage (was not immediately)

In the next article will figure out how to pass from level 400 to 1500, again in my experience.

Materials used

Below are the materials I read or watched to revise them and write this Guide. 

Dungeon Crushers Guide from Level 0 to 400

Thank you all, I will be grateful for the distribution of the material.


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