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Blood of the Titans - new KKI for iPhone and Android, download first

Sugar Games has announced the launch of a free-to-play multiplayer game Blood of Titans on mobile platforms. The game combines several game mechanics: at the core is a collectible card game with PVP and PVE battles, complemented by strategic city building and a variety of non-linear text quests. At the moment the game has no analogues in the world.

What the game is about

What to do if you're bored with the usual collectible card games? Sugar Games invites CCG fans to explore a huge fantasy world called Blood of Titans. The non-linear story allows the player to create their own unique story and influence the game's ending. There are dozens of campaigns, thousands of quests, arena battles with other players, strategic city-building and treasure raids through catacombs. The game has over 200 incredibly beautiful maps, each with their own unique abilities.

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Blood of the Titans combines 3 different genres:

  1. KKI with PVP and PVE elements;
  2. Building a city - building structures that affect map combat, resource extraction, open up additional mechanics.
  3. Quests - text quests, of which there are a huge number in the game. The player gets unique rewards, interesting stories, as well as a non-linear story - which means that the player's choice affects the development of the story (different choice in the quest - different ending).

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