Kriknak in MOBA Arena of Valor. Tips, build and guide

The developers of Arena of Valor have slowed down with the release of new heroes from the DC universe, we will turn to our old heroes, who have been in the game for a long time. Kriknak is very similar to Kha'Zix from League of Legends, both in his insect-like appearance and in his role in the game as an assassin using physical damage. Although his main ability is also with magic damage, which gives us some advantage.

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Kriknak in MOBA Arena of Valor. Tips, build and guide

Information about Cricknack

Class - warrior

Role - mobility

Survivability - not high with low armor

Physical damage - above average

Skill damage (magical) - above average

Difficulty - average, and you definitely need to get used to it, not everyone will like it

Cricknack's Skills and Skills

Passive skill


When Kriknak hits an enemy (hero) with one of his abilities, his next normal attack will be enhanced and deal 250 physical damage. Whoa!


Active Skills

The Terrifying Plague

Kriknak summons larvae and deals physical damage, placing horror tags on enemies overnight. Any attacks can detonate the tags and cause an already! magical explosion equal to 8% of Kriknak's health. Another blast restores mana and shortens the cooldown time of this skill - a terrifying plague.

Horns of Evil

Kriknak rushes forward like a knight and physically damages everyone in his path with his horns. If you hit a hero, it restores its own health, a kind of healer.

Locust Leap

A skill that is used twice. After clicking the skill the first time - Kriknak takes off into the air and his speed is increased by 6 seconds. When you use the skill a second time, it attacks from the air the specified area with physical damage and reduces the movement speed of the heroes hit by this skill.

Hints and Guide to Kriknak from Arena of Valor

Check out the gameplay for this bug. It looks delightful.

Now let's talk in more detail about how to play Kriknak. Kriknak is an assassin with great mobility, his main location is the jungle and ambushes from it. First of all, you need to chase him in the jungle to level 4, learn all the skills, don't be distracted by small battles.

Kriknak's passive is very similar to Ukung's in that every time you use any skill, your next normal physical attack will deal bonus damage. This is very important! Remember that all the time. Just remember that +250 damage at the beginning of the battle, when the enemies have not yet gained armor, is very important.

Like most assassins, Kriknak has to play in the jungle and ambush, kill, or seek out loners. One on one it's almost impossible to outplay this hero, so try to attack only single targets. In team fights look for mages and gunners that stand far away and do not seem to participate in the general battle, but only from a distance. Remember also that your armor is weak and you can try to get away, use the 2 and 3 abilities - Horns of Evil and Locust Leap to get away from enemies. Another one is. important! These abilities allow you to pass/flight through obstacles, use it.

Also, because of the reduced kuldown and damage bonus of the Terrible Plague, attack a single target until it dies. Switching targets mid-fight and having to reapply Terror Marks will greatly reduce your damage.

Build on Cricknack

Here everything is simple. The game itself prompts the most popular build, use it, you're unlikely to find a better one. Especially now you can choose from three builds, right before the battle. Which adds to the variability.

If that information is not enough, check out this video on builds for Cricknack.


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