Control your habits with the Way of Life

Control your habits with the Way of Life

Use the Way of Life Habit Tracker to form healthy habits and give up unhealthy ones

If you have set yourself any goals for 2019, but have not yet started to implement your own plan, then we advise you to hurry up, because the whole month has already passed. And it would be better if the control of the daily routine was given to a soulless program - it will not give you any indulgences and will monitor the execution of tasks every day. The iOS app called Way of Life Habit Tracker (AppStore download link) will help you keep track of your good and bad habits, give you a clear picture of your current habits and make you improve your own performance - tested on myself.

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What does the New Year usually begin with? That's right, with the realization that you are not happy with your appearance, quality/level of life, manners, and so on. Psychologists and productivity experts (as well as all those who try to imitate them) suggest starting to change with the New Year, suggest making lists and plans for the next 365 days. True, the enthusiasm vanishes just a couple of weeks, and the vast majority of novice "achievers" postpone dramatic changes until next year. We believe that the problem is not only weak character, but the lack of the right tools. The Way of Life app turned out to be a great app for those who want to count and control their habits, keep track of achievements and not give themselves any indulgences.

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The app is very minimalist, but convenient and easy to understand. The first time you launch it, there is a short tutorial, after which you will be asked to choose a few habits that you want to track. Since the app is completely free, the developers have built in a few restrictions - you cannot "track" more than three habits. The habits here are divided into 2 types - good and bad, respectively you refrain from the bad ones, but good ones you fulfill. All habits are displayed on the main screen - the days when you fulfill a good habit or abstain from a bad one are highlighted in green (vice versa - in red). Status by week is immediately visible - how many "green" days, how many "red" days, on which days the habits were not followed. By the way, if necessary, you can skip days - for example, you take a course of vitamins, and take a break. It seems to be a small thing, but it is still convenient - it is obvious that the developers really thought about it.

If necessary, you can get advanced statistics in the form of graphs or charts. To be honest, the presentation of information in this form is not very convenient. Charts show how many "red" and "green" days there were in total for the week, or separately for each category. The chart shows the same data, but in the form of a circle. Frankly, both options are questionable to use - it's much more convenient to see which days the habits were followed to draw some conclusions. Also, if necessary, you can leave notes to the habits in the form of comments or expectations for the next month.

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In principle, the functionality presented in the free version is enough to use the application every day, and it can remind you to add data to the log every day at a certain time. The premium version allows you to create an unlimited number of trackers, synchronize information between devices, and track progress. It does not cost very much and is more like a support for the developers, so that they do not abandon their product and continue to work on it further.

Way of Life is a simple and functional app for those looking for a good habit tracker. The app is recommended by leading news portals like Forbes, The New York Times, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Tech Cocktail, Business Insider, FastCompany, Entrepreneur and Lifehacker. We also echo their sentiments and recommend you try the app - it's very worthy.

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