Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide

Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide

Knights and Dragons - One of the most balanced RPGs-games on mobile devices. Despite the fact that it was developed several years ago, and its graphics are far from perfect, but the gameplay component is on top. When you start Knights and Dragons for the first time, you don't know what to grasp, so the developers provided a step-by-step familiarization with the game. This is a great help for newcomers in the beginning of the game. I, on the other hand, will use my guide to the game. Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide I'll help newbies not to make stupid mistakes, tell a few tricks and give a couple of tips. By the way, one of the most important qualities of this game is that there is no need to donate, yes. Well, let's go.Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide

Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide

  1. Complete all of the initial quests! Show patience and diligence, the game itself will reward you for it. Do not spend real money to speed up the development of your characters. The game starts slowly, with lots of quests. If you play regularly throughout the week, it will be just fine. Use this tutorial for beginners and beginners on Knights and Dragons game, don't forget to use "Special Blow" when fighting monsters, bosses. This is needed to get materials for making armor. The very things you'll get, just by following the initial quests. Believe me, this will be enough. Once you're trained in the game, you can use one of the 100500 codes for armor you'll find on the internet. I'll throw you a couple, if they don't work, google "Knights and Dragons armor code".Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide
  2. Don't be in a hurry to spend your precious stones (emeralds, gems)! Reach at least level 30 in the game to understand how to spend it wisely. But not before. Don't buy chests, you don't have to. The chance of a good item falling out is minimal, and it's not worth experiencing. Trust me.
  3. Armor! That's easy! Yes, yes, it's about constantly improving your armor - new or upgraded in the forge. Don't spread yourself thin. Focus on getting the 3 main sets that you'll fully boost to the max. Don't try to boost all armor. Get 3-4 sets of Rare and above (1 Gold Star and above) and upgrade/amplify to the max. Do this as your first task. This will allow you to move up in the rankings, to good positions, which will bring its own profits - new rewards and improvements. Remember. 3 sets are the first priority! In addition, each armor has an affiliation to different items. In addition, have different items for these armors.

    Link to absolutely all types of armor in Knights and Dragons>>

  4. Do you want free Crystals? Gems? It's pretty easy to get about 20+ free Gems. Go to: Menu> Shop> Scroll to the right and select "Get Free Gems". Do some developer tasks (download games, surveys, and other stuff) and you'll be rewarded with some number of crystals. I got about 30 free gems.
  5. Enlist the support of your friends. Very preferably experienced and already pumped. It's pretty easy to do, actually. The speaker is to go to the link: Arena> Leaderboard> Highlight the best players. From here you just click on the profile one by one , and ask them (Add to friends) as friends. Few will accept your invitation, but those who do will be of great help!Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide
  6. Armor Reinforcement. Just keep "farming" dungeons level "Relic Ruins", use special hits, so you farm and accumulate materials for future armor. Remember. You need to focus on getting 3-4 sets of rare armor. Somewhere at level 15-20 this will already be easy to do. The Stone Slabs will allow you to make Stonescale Plate Mail and use it as a basic armor. Unless something more attractive was dropped before that. WARNING: Reinforcing armor with armor of the same item gives bonus points.
  7. Gold. More gold. After level 25, the Training Fields become the basis for earning gold, and before that, you need to build 6-8 fountains and a couple of watchtowers. This will give you a pretty good flow of gold, but you'll need to log in often to collect it. Ignore the quests that force you to start building some obscure buildings. Once you can build Training Fields, build a couple. After that, convert all your gold generators to Training Fields. You'll be swimming in gold.
  8. SUPER TIP! There is always a weekly special Boss, he stands in front of the entrance of your village. I highly recommend fighting him. To make him appear, you have to clear the dungeons around him (the game will guide you). Each time you kill him, he will get stronger. If you do not win, the Boss resets health after 2 hours. !!! So how would a beginner be able to defeat the Boss? You could spend money on the Dark Prince Chance chest to try to get the Nemesis Selkie armor, which gives you 3x damage against this Boss. No, you don't have to!Hint: First, make sure that you still have slots for friends. Then go again to Arena> Leaderboard> Go to the beginning of the honor board. Now look, scroll through the players and see which of them have Selkie's Nemesis armor, add them as friends. Some of them will add sooner or later. Use them during a Boss battle and you'll be able to get much higher level rewards than your hero.

And some more one-line tips on the Knights and Dragons game:

  1. Build 8 fountains and dedicate a day or two to collecting money. Level 2 fountain is gained in 5 minutes (75 gold), 8 pieces will give you 600 coins in 5 minutes. Count the daily profits by yourself.
  2. In the lock, unlock large spaces first. The unlock amount costs the same for small and large spaces.
  3. Selkie with level 6 (at your 15-20) passed only with friends of the highest level.
  4. Put your main character third in the group - that way he will fight the boss, which will be at the end of the battle. Hence the following advice.
  5. Your main character - should always be dressed in the best armor.
  6. Donation is not needed here. But if 2 bucks is acceptable to you, then the starter pack is very nice (I did not take).

That's all the tips for today. If you found "Knights and Dragons: A Beginner's Guide" useful, please share it with your friends on social networks. If you have other tips, share them in the comments.

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