King the Thieves: a new hit from ZeptoLab?

King the Thieves: a new hit from ZeptoLab?

ZeptoLab decided it wasn't enough hits like Cut the Rope or Am Nyam

The company ZeptoLab has decided that hits like Cut the Rope or Am Nyam aren't enough, and needs to release another one to top the App Store again. Will it succeed? King the Thieves?Storyline

The game takes place in a world of thieves. A former leader of thieves escapes from prison. The character very much hopes to regain power and overthrow the enemy who has seized the throne. However, you will have to try hard: to do this, you need to become the best bandit in all leagues and get a chance to get to the boss - the new king.


The game is very much in the handwriting of the creator of the Сut The Rope: the characters, the locations, the notifications. And the main character looks like Am Nyam in a cap.


The best advice for a player in King the Thieves: steal, and don't let yourself be robbed. This is the main line of the game: you will need to set traps in your dungeon that will protect your treasure, as well as constantly attack the shelters of your opponents, i.e. other players.The thief moves on tap, and his direction changes only after he encounters an obstacle. Therefore, to pass the level, you need to think through a strategy designed to get the treasure chest. Of course, this is not an easy task.

Thief forays can't be arranged without inturigrade currency. To open a castle in a dungeon you need keys; to restore life after being trapped you need to get hearts. And if in the first ten levels the player does not feel the lack of resources, then later it becomes clear: the one who makes an impressive investment will become the king.

Impressions of the game

A social component can be noted in the puzzle game. Each dungeon is the unique fruit of the player's labor, so you can't steal without being connected to the network. Your opponents come to your house, attacking you to take your treasures. Fortunately, you can rob your offenders back. So play the game. King the Thieves and manipulate your sense of revenge to become a better player.

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