Monobank: how Ukraine's first mobile-only bank works

Cards, money, monobank: five tricks of Ukraine's first "bank in your pocket

Monobank - is a mobile bank that allows you to perform absolutely all financial processes directly through your cell phone, including opening an account, getting statements for the embassy, and communicating with customer service representatives. It also adds a bank card to the app, which can be used to pay in stores.


Monobank: Ukraine's first "bank in your pocket

The developers assure that they used all their experience to give Ukrainians the world's most convenient mobile application. From now on you have easy money transfers without "hassles" and with cancellation function, easy and fast payment of utility bills, convenient card setup, for which you don't need to visit a bank branch, and much more in your pocket.

Download Monobank for iPhone (iOS 10+)

Download Monobank for Android (Android 4.4+)


Monobank: what's good?

Monobank: Ukraine's first "bank in your pocketHere is a list of the funniest little things in the app. There are hundreds of them in the app, but here we will share only five:

  1. If you want to transfer money to someone in your phone book, you don't need to know their card number. All you have to do is click on the person's name in your contacts. Imagine how convenient that is: no more "Drop me a card number!
  2. If you go abroad, the app recognizes this and immediately shows the exchange rate of the country you are arriving in.
  3. You can see the card number, expiration date and CVV directly in the app. You can immediately copy the card number to the buffer. It's convenient when you need to make an online purchase, but are too lazy to reach for the card itself.
  4. Memoji are used in transaction messages. And if the transaction is in a currency, the flag of the corresponding country is put next to the exchange rate.
  5. monobank's support service communicates in messengers convenient for you (Viber, Telegram or Facebook), rather than in embedded messengers, which are constantly knocked out. Well, and without bots - only live communication.

Monobank: how Ukraine's first mobile-only bank works

How's that going? Are you ready to switch to monobank?


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