Quarantine on the couch - how to spend time with iPhone

Being quarantined, or should I say isolated, we are all forced to rearrange our lives, moving more and more work tasks online. But to have dinner at a restaurant with friends, or go to a concert with the person you love, or even just go shopping at the mall - these simple pleasures are not available to us now. Here are our tips on how not to succumb to sadness and how to replace the usual social activities.

Online party

Even if you are an introvert, a few weeks alone with yourself or a couple of housemates can wear you out. And what about extroverts? Consider an online party. Everyone orders food delivery from their favorite restaurant, connects in a FaceTime video chat, and has fun. In a FaceTime group conference, 32 callers can talk at a time. Think of the last time you got together with so many people. And if you or a friend has a brand new iPhone 11, you can amuse yourself and others with vivid animoji effects.


Board games in safe mode

Your teenage son wants to get together with friends, but it's not safe because of the COVID-19 threat? There is a wonderful alternative - an online game of Monopoly. The gameplay repeats the real gameplay in detail. When you load the game, you can even choose the interior of the room in which the battle will take place. The chips are figurines in the form of a shoe, a dog, a thimble, etc. You can roll the dice by shaking your iPad or other Apple device. It is also possible against the so-called "i-bots" to fight, but of course more fun to win "money" from real players, who are sitting at home, and do not infect you coronavirus.

Quarantine on the couch - how to spend time with iPhone

It is clear that the AppStore has enough games for all tastes. You can go to Scrabble with the friends of your youth to play, or to terraforming Mars - the main thing is that it lowers your stress level and distracts you from watching the news on TV.

Sports Challenge

It's pretty hard to go for a walk sitting at home. And jogging in a mask - well, not happy at all. What is left to avoid turning into a character from a famous fairy tale, who ran away from his grandparents? Training. But if a strict trainer and admiring glances of other people are waiting for you in the gym, then at home you should find another motivation.

AppleWatch owners only need to install the app (e.g, MyFitnessPal) and get a few friends to support the challenge. Then each of you will keep a daily diary of your calorie intake and workouts. Once a week, compare the results - that's your motivation not to cheat.


Also, try Carrot Fit, also a sports app, where the virtual trainer pokes fun at the user quite harshly. Even if you don't succeed in achieving the desired shape, at least you'll laugh.

Self Development

Remember how many times you told yourself and those around you, "I really need to learn a foreign language, but where can I find the time?" And now there is a reckoning. A lot of time, and both you and your children. So let's start with them.

Take out your iPad, download Tynkerand turn your bored children into young programmers. The Tynker for Kids app will first master visual blocks, then JavaScript, and finally Python - and now your daughter is no longer playing video games all day, but programming them. Of course, we hope the quarantine won't last that long, but if your child is interested in programming now, it won't hurt in the post-apocalyptic era either.

Tynker: Coding for Kids

Learning English, German, or Chinese (not hinting at anything, but a smart person would understand) is convenient with Busuu. Each course there is designed according to the CEFR system, and you can choose the level from A1 to B2.

And as a reward for conquering linguistic heights, indulge in photos. Catch a beautiful sunrise from the balcony, using the wide-angle camera of iPhone 11, or finally edit the pictures from your New Year's trip. To improve your photos, by the way, you can avoid getting into Photoshop and master Touch Retouch - this iOS app allows you to remove unwanted objects, or imperfections, right on your smartphone screen. And you're almost a photo designer.


We don't know how long the virus emergency will last. But it is already clear that the role of laptops, tablets and smartphones in our lives will increase significantly. And the owners of Apple technology in the new reality will have the widest and most optimized functionality.

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Enjoy your isolation, friends, and see you online!

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