Surveillance cameras in the apartment: a whim or a vital necessity

Surveillance cameras in the apartment: a whim or a vital necessity

Almost everyone has noticed that surveillance cameras are installed in private houses, stores, shopping centers, offices. Therefore, it is worth thinking about installing such a useful device in a city apartment.

Large selection of security cameras offers a service OLX. Compact mini security camera allows:

  • to watch the actions of the child in the next room;
  • observe the pets while you are away;
  • Look after service personnel (housekeepers, nannies, construction workers, etc.)
  • detect attempts by unauthorized persons to illegally enter the apartment.

That is, if you have to be away frequently, it is best to install one of the models of equipment.

Surveillance cameras in the apartment: a whim or a vital necessity

Requirements for devices

There are several main requirements for an apartment surveillance camera. Among them:

  • triggering at a certain time or reaction to a motion sensor (recording activation);
  • high picture quality (so that you can accurately identify the person caught in the frame);
  • Infrared illumination (for shooting in the dark);
  • swivel mechanism (you can install 1 camera instead of 4 static cameras);
  • remote access via the Internet (view a picture via smartphone or from another computer);
  • minimum dimensions;
  • ease of installation.

Many property owners install such devices even in the entrance hall or at the entrance to the house. For such placement, it is worth using cameras in a vandal-resistant housing.  

Main selection criteria

There are many criteria for choosing, but we should focus only on the main ones. Among such recommendations are:

  • The viewing radius may be small, but the detail must be high;
  • Even for a small room, you need a 2-3 MP model;  
  • The picture resolution should be Full HD, but there are also 4K models;
  • To recognize a person from 5 meters, the focal distance should be 3.6 mm (the device is suitable for installation in a room with an area of up to 20 square meters);
  • The frame rate should be at least 30 (for a smooth picture).

Electronics manufacturers offer a large number of devices even in the budget price range.

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