What book formats to use for iPhone

Those who use iPhone and love to read, sooner or later will begin to think about the format in which to download books to the iPhone, because there are many of them, but not all will be suitable for the phone of this company. The format of books for iPhone must be "special", otherwise the gadget simply will not be able to download the downloaded book. So now we will figure out what is better to download and how to use.

What book formats to use for iPhone

iBooks for iPhone - ePub

We will definitely highlight that it is better to download books for the iPhone through iBooks, and the main reason for this is that it was Apple that developed it. Also iBooks is considered a "golden classic" because it was built into the first operating systems of phones and did not require additional downloads. The app works with the following reading formats:

  • ePub;
  • PDF;

In the first case, the books on your phone will look like real, paperback books with the ability to flip through each page. You can download files through the iBookStore or a computer with the iTunes program. At the worst, the usual browser on your phone will do, but make sure the format of books for the iPhone was in ePub. Then you can read through iBooks or a similar program.

Documents, charts, contracts, and other technical files are often downloaded in PDF format. After all, you can't read or flip through a book in this form normally.

How do I download files for iBooks?

To download new books for iBooks via iTunes, you need to take a couple of simple steps:

  • go to iTunes on your computer, go to the "Books" section;
  • After entering the media library, you need to drag and drop the selected files into the iTunes tab. If this does not happen automatically, you can do it manually;
  • then sync your gadget with your PC, select iTunes;
  • Go to the "Books" section and tap "Synchronize Files";
  • select all books or just the ones you want by highlighting them in the box;
  • After transferring, click "Done" so the files can be read on your phone;

Downloading via Safari

Sometimes you don't have to resort to a long download via iTunes, just using Safari. But then you need to find the necessary file on the Internet beforehand. This is easy to do:

  • go to Safari and any library on the Internet with the formats you want;
  • select the desired book;
  • Follow the link to download the files;
  • then go to "Open file in iBooks";

Synchronization is done automatically, so you can read the work as soon as it appears on the library shelf.

fb2 format for Apple

The main alternative to the above formats is Fb2, but you need to download a separate reader for it. Since iBooks does not support this formatting for files. We advise you to download iBooks reader, which has a similar appearance, controls and navigation.

There is another way out: you can convert Fb2 format to ePub through an online service or a built-in program. But it is better to download several readers for reading books in different formats, so that you are ready for any situation.

What else do we recommend?

If we have solved the question of which format of books on the iPhone is more suitable, then the applications are not all the way there. If you don't like the ones described above, you can try these:

  • Bookmatewhich does not cost a penny, reads all formats, allows you to put notes in the margins and choose the external design to your liking;
  • Stanza is considered a universal reader, because it is suitable even for documentation or graphic files. It is also free;
  • ShortBook is optimized for the iPhone, but you have to pay about $5 for it;

The main thing is to follow the format of books for the app, and you can read them anywhere!

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