How to upload a non-square photo to Instagram

From now on, you can post your photos on Instagram in their original format ratio.You've probably had situations where you took a great photo of your iPhoneand then discovered that it does not fit normally in Instragram, where images are known to have a square format. Here it is. You don't have to cut up your photos ruthlessly anymore: with the help of another useful application from AppStore You will be able to post your photos to Instagram in their original aspect ratio.There are many apps AppStore, allowing you to add frames and upload non-square photos to Instagram. We recommend InstaSizebecause this application is very easy to use. Moreover, it is free. It is true that there are ads, but if you don't like them that much, you can permanently remove them in Settings.So, how do you upload a non-square photo in Instagram via app InstaSize?1. Start the application InstaSizeSelect the photo you would like to upload in its original form to the Instagram.3. click on InstaSize on the bottom menu.instasize_instagram_howto_14. Click on Borders in the bottom menu and choose the color that will frame your photo. We recommend white: it's not distracting and generally looks like it's always been there.5. You can also use filters or other features InstaSize.6 Once you're ready to upload a photo to the InstagramClick on the Share button in the upper right corner.7. Type the title under which your photo will be published and click on Instagram.instasize_instagram_howto_28. Then click on Open in Instagram (Open Instagram) in the Share sheet pop-up menu.9. You can now edit the photo in Instagram or continue to publish it.instasize_instagram_howto_3

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