How to win a car from Favbet? The first winners are already rejoicing!

One of the ambassadors of Favbet, the sponsor of the Ukrainian Premier League, personally called the winners of the promotional campaign "Steal a car from Favbet"and congratulated him on winning a Ford EcoSport!

The year 2021 is becoming a time of changing attitudes not only to the cyber industry, but also to certain stereotypes. For example, it has always been believed that the prize draws are always a bought theme with fake winners. Favbet proves the opposite, which many times earns the trust of players and the entire market - they will actually give 21 cars to random fans.

I wouldn't have believed it myself if I had seen it with my own eyes.

One of the proofs of the transparency of the promotional campaign "Steal a car from FavbetThe "Ukrainian national team", is an online congratulation from Vyacheslav Shevchuk, a former player of FC Shakhtar and the Ukraine national football team. He phoned the winners, congratulated them, listened to their delight, amazement and joy of winning the car, and was extremely excited himself :).

See for yourself how it all happened!

Are you convinced?

Marketing event "Steal a car from FavbetThe "Ford Ecosport" is held in three phases of six weeks each. A total of 21 cars will be given away, 7 each week: 6 Ford Ecosports and 1 Jaguar XE, with hundreds more prizes in addition. The event will run until July 2021!

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