How to choose a universal computer mouse?

Grip, glide quality, sensor sensitivity, life span... These parameters are the first things a gamer pays attention to when choosing a mouse. But what if you need a universal gadget, for example, for a home computer, which is used by all family members? Let's find out what you need to pay attention to.

Examining, reviewing, ordering

A huge selection of wireless and wired mice can be found in the online store chain of hypermarkets "Auchan": https://auchan.ua/igrovye-myshki/. Going to this page, you can familiarize yourself with all the technical characteristics of these gadgets, learn about their features, examine in detail each and immediately order the appropriate device. The necessary goods will be delivered to the convenient for you branch of "New Post" or to your home by courier, if you pay for the purchase with your bank card beforehand.

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Top 5 parameters to pay attention to

When choosing a universal computer mouse, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The shape and size of the device. A comfortable mouse is a guarantee of comfort when working or playing. Do not choose a gadget that is too big if children will use it, it is better to buy a medium-sized device with a standard shape.
  2. Sensor. All gaming mice have a fast sensor, but it is better to choose a device with variable parameters "dpi" and "hertz". This will allow you to use the gadget comfortably at any type of work, as well as save the resource of the mouse. It is better to give preference to the laser sensor, because it is less fastidious to the surface on which it slides.
  3. Scroll and Click. Parameters that many people forget to pay attention to. It is important that the scroll does not work by itself and is equipped with an optical encoder. Also we advise you to choose a mouse with a soft and pleasant click. Studying the technical characteristics of the model you like, be sure to read the reviews about this parameter. Besides, it is worth checking the click of the mouse just before you buy it.
  4. The material from which the gadget is made. A glossy mouse shows dirt more clearly, and the hand that interacts with such a device can sweat. A matte device is more practical and comfortable.
  5. Side buttons. If there are a lot of them, it is possible that during the game children will often accidentally press them. At the same time, the additional buttons make it easier to work with the mouse. So choose the model that is optimal in this respect. We are talking about a mouse with convenient and necessary buttons.

With or without a wire?

On the one hand, a wireless mouse is convenient. But the range of these products is not so wide, and the price of such devices is higher than that of wired analogues. The latter are not mobile, but they can work as long as you want, because they do not require charging.

If you need to buy a universal gadget that will be used for different purposes, pay attention to the mouse with a "tail". It is desirable only that the latter is in a soft braid.

We hope our tips will help you choose the best computer mouse for you. Have a nice shopping experience!

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