How to choose a gaming PC

Every year computer games are becoming more realistic and require more PC power. Here every player faces the question: buy a new machine or build it yourself?

How to choose a gaming PC

Varieties of gaming computers

Gaming computers are divided by price category:

  • Inexpensive. But no matter how expensive. gaming computerhe requires a cost. But it will not have such supercharacteristics. Modern games will be able to play with difficulty. Perhaps it can cope with online games or versions of games before 2015. Such devices have processors with a frequency of 2.5-3 GHz, the number of cores does not exceed 4, and the amount of RAM - about 8 GB. The hard drive must be from 500 GB, preferably 1 TB. Video card at least 2 GB. Do not forget about the cooling system - the more fans, the more stable the computer is.
  • Mid-range devices can already cope with modern "heavy" games, even on high settings. But do not forget that such a computer will require upgrades in a couple of years. The processor on these computers is already more powerful - from I5 and above with 3-3.5 GHz, the number of cores from 4 to 6, the RAM - 16 GB, the main 1-2 TB. This will be enough for 50 "weighty" modern games. Do not forget that for the stable operation of these system units need good cooling, so take care of at least 3-5 fans.
  • Devices for professional gamers. This is a significant investment for fans of good gameplay. Once you buy it you can forget about updates for the next 5 years. On such a device not only modern, but yet uncreated games will just fly.

I7 processor with 6-8 cores and performance from 3.7 GHz - this is already a significant indicator for such a computer. Adding to it the RAM of 16 GB, video card size of 6-8 GB you get a professional unit. To cool such a powerful system requires a water circuit.

Assemble yourself or buy ready-made

It is possible to assemble the computer yourself, but only if you are confident in your knowledge and abilities. Because if the knowledge and skills are not enough, it can have not very good consequences, from the wrong combination to some sloppy actions during the assembly process. Then the savings will turn into even more costs.

You can order the assembly. The main thing is to explain to the assembler what you want, make sure you have all the necessary parts and, if necessary, order them after waiting a couple of extra days. In this case, the result depends on the specialist who will do the work.

In a factory assembly, it all depends on the price and your needs. The higher the performance of the computer, the higher the price. But sometimes there is no way to change the initial settings in a preassembled device, or an insufficiently powerful cooling system is installed.

What to pay attention to when choosing:

  • Video card. The bigger it is, the more detailed the gameplay will be. Also pay attention to the monitor's resolution. The bigger it is, the more powerful the video card is.
  • Processor. Its performance depends on the number of cores. Prefer a PC with a processor of the latest generation.
  • RAM. Sufficient amount of RAM for modern games 16GB.
  • SSD drive. Thanks to it, programs, games, files that are on the SSD are loaded instantly.
  • Power supply, cooling and case. The better the power supply is cooled, the quieter the computer runs. The more powerful the power supply, the less load it gets, the less cooling it needs. The fan is quieter. The case is chosen according to the appearance and ventilation system.

Before you buy a gaming PC, it is better to consult with experts, they will give you useful tips.

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