How to find out the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone

How to find out the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone

How to view iPhone wi-fi password

When using a smartphone to access the Internet, it is quite often necessary to connect to the Wi-Fi network. And to do this it is enough to enter the password only once. The device remembers this network, and then connects to it automatically. There are situations when you need to connect another device to the same network, and you have managed to forget the secret set of characters. Is it possible to find out the password in this case, and how to do it?

How to view iPhone wi-fi password

Whether or not a password must be saved

The developers of iOS have introduced a number of restrictions that do not allow you to view saved passwords. The operating system stores information about passwords, the date and time they were entered, in a certain file. And to access it, you need to decrypt this information. Ideally, it is best to remember or write down the pin code. You can also view the password on the router. If the router settings have not been changed, the current information can be found on the label on the underside of the housing, which shows the code and the name of the wireless network. But if you do lose the password, there are several ways to solve the problem.

Learn your password via Jailbreak

The easiest way is to use the free Wi-Fi Passwords List utility from the BigBoss repository. Its main purpose is to display all saved network passwords. But before downloading it, it is necessary to jailbreak the iPhone. This operation not only increases the capabilities of the device, but also opens up access to the file system. Therefore, you will have to act at your own risk. After downloading and installing this utility, its icon will appear on the display of your iPhone. When it starts, you will see a list of all network connections ever connected to this device. Among them, select the network to which access has been lost. By clicking on this item, the desired code will be displayed in the "password" section. On this page you will see information about the last connection and other information.

Through the Keychain app

If you don't want to risk it, you can use the standard Apple Keychain access application to find out your password. This solution is the best. What is Keychain access? Essentially, it is a system for storing your passwords in an encrypted form. You do not have to pay for it, because it is part of iOS. To synchronize Keychain with all your devices, the program must be enabled in iCloud.

Through the Keychain app

To do this, open the system settings, find the iCloud icon there and click on it. Now scroll down the list and check the "keychain" checkbox. In this section touch iCloud, sort by type and in the expanded list find all the passwords with the right type of network (AirPort). Once the desired name is found, open the properties and after entering the required data, check the box "Show password". The system will work on all your devices if you log in through your Apple account and activate the keychain.

Now when you create a password, you don't have to remember it. The created keychain remembers this code, and the login is automatic. To reset the existing keychain, go to "keychain", then "settings", then "Restore default keychain". All passwords will be reset, and a new archive will be created from scratch.

Keychain access saves user names, banking information, account codes, and information about all wireless networks that have ever been connected.


Be sure to set a password to lock and confirm with Touch ID. Otherwise, if you lose the gadget, you will lose access to all data, including cards and accounts. If the irreparable still happened, you need to open the Mac as soon as possible and destroy all information from the iCloud tab. Then reset the keychain password using the "Change security code" button. The algorithm in this case is as follows: "Settings", then "iCloud", then "Keychain" and "Options".

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