How to set a password on iPhone photo and video files

How to put a password on iPhone photos

Every modern user knows that the cell phone is a place where a huge amount of personal information is stored. Some of this data is a secret, and many people want to protect it from prying eyes. Owners of Apple devices have an opportunity to protect themselves from penetration into their personal gadget, because it is possible to set a password that will be known only to the owner.

How to put a password on iPhone photos

Protecting files via Touch ID

Owners of iPhone or iPad can easily secure their device from unauthorized access to personal photos. The introduction of Touch ID technology has made it possible to set a password to the Photos folder in the form of a fingerprint of the owner of the gadget. To set a password, you must use Notes. The process itself does not take much time and is carried out in 2 steps. At the first you need to:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the "Notes" section.
  • Disable "Saving media and photos".

 The second step will require:

  • Before you take a picture, go to Notes.
  • Select "+" and click on "Photo".
  • Select "Take a photo or video".
  • Take a picture.
  • Go to the menu and click "Share", then "Lock Note".
  • Use Touch ID and press the lock.

We understand that this method will not be used for 99.9% and it is strange that Apple has not yet made a normal protection for photos and videos. After all, indeed, many materials can be private. Even celebrities suffered from it, if you remember Jennifer Lawrence, who had her Apple iCloud hacked and got access to very racy photos, which is not ethical to post in our magazine. Although at a certain request each of you can find them :).

 Add and protect files in Pocket Files

To hide photos, you don't need to set a password through Notes. An alternative option is to use Pocket Files application. Its advantage is the ability to record burglary attempts and to notify the owner about them.

 Add and protect files in Pocket Files

To put a password on an iPhone photo, you need to:

  • Download App Pocket Files
  • Launch the application and select the "Photos" folder. 
  • It is also possible to add photos to the folder, to further restrict access to it. To do this, click "+", select the desired photos and allow access to them.
  • Selected files are imported to Pocket Files, so you can safely delete the originals.
  • Go to "Settings" inside the application and select the option to set a password.
  • There is also the ability to use Touch ID, so if you want, you can set a password by fingerprint.

In general, the Pocket Files application not only sets passwords for photos, but also for videos or other documents. It can serve as a secure browser when working on the Internet.

Password setting applications

Today there are many blocking analogues in the form of third-party applications that can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The most popular among Apple users are:

  • Folder Lock (download for free After downloading it, you need to go to the settings of the gadget, where the corresponding tab of the application will appear. There you can select the necessary folders and, having protected them with a password, you will no longer have to worry about attempts to illegally access your personal files.
  • MyPhoto (deleted at the time of publication, promise to restore) - has a wide functionality and user-friendly interface, thanks to which the application has won the love of a large number of users. To secure your photos, you need to:
    • Run the installed program, create a new album and place the desired photos in it. 
    • Enter the name of the created album, think of a secret password and click "Create".
    • Log in to the new folder, enter the secret password you just created and confirm your actions with the OK key.
    • Click on the arrow on the screen and select from among the suggested photos those that you want to hide from prying eyes.

For every Apple device owner, the ability to secure personal space, including photos, is the best way to protect yourself from hacking attempts or theft of sensitive data. The functionality of the devices and alternative third-party programs allow you to put a password on the photos, which will be known only to its owner. This ensures peace of mind for your data at all times. 

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