How to install and start using Letyshops Cashback on Android

How to install and start using Letyshops Cashback on Android

Cashback is a partial refund after the purchase of a product or service. In a way, it is a discount on a product here and now, a cashback is a story about the after-purchase. This kind of service entered our lives tightly a few years ago and is still gaining momentum. If you do not use keshbek, then you can not call yourself trendy or modern :). Letyshops is one of the first and advanced keshbeks that works all over CIS. I will tell you how to properly install it on your Android and use it.

How to install Letyshops

That's the easy part. You go by atYou click "Install".

The app is installed. Now be sure to register and remember your password.

After registering, for 7 days, you'll have an increased kashback - by 30%. For example, if the cashback in the store you buy is 10%, then another 30% from 10% is added to it, i.e. the cashback will be 13%. Cool, isn't it?

Letyshops [CPL, Android] Many GEOs

Features with Letyshops

There are already more than 2,000 stores working with Lethyshop's cashback service, and this number is growing every day. You can buy almost everything: clothes, medicines, shoes, any appliances and gadgets, household goods, various services, and, of course, trips, gym memberships, courses and much more.

Cashback ranges from 5% to 30%. At the same time, the percentage of cashback can vary - grow. You buy more, you save more money. Thus, it is possible to increase the kashback percentage, from the prime rate to 30% forever.

You get money for your invited friends through a link.

Each friend is 200 rubles. Just the case when you need to have 100 friends :).

Cashback can be withdrawn in different ways:

  • to a bank card;
  • to an e-wallet;
  • to the mobile account.


Letyshops [CPL, Android] Many GEOs
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