How to delete your Facebook page temporarily and permanently

Do you want to delete your Facebook page?

Why delete your Facebook page: pros and cons.

Sometimes, every now and then, a thought flashes across the mind of an average Facebook user: "Should I delete my Facebook page? It flashes and immediately goes out. It seems completely impossible to give up so much information, so much communication, so many kitties and memes, so much humor and everything else. But maybe you're pushy and want to spend more time offline and are serious about deleting your Facebook page. Then this article is for you. We'll show you, we'll tell you. You can do it temporarily and then restore your account, or you can do it permanently - then the account cannot be restored and you have to register again.

Originally, Mark Zuckerberg conceived of this Facebook as an intra-university site with students' personal data and communication, but it has grown to an incredible size. The number of users has already exceeded 2 billion. So, why do some people still want to delete their page? Let's figure out how to do it in the least costly way possible.

Why Facebook

First, the good news. There are many good things about using Facebook. So is it worth deleting a Facebook page if it's a social network that brings people together?

why Facebook is needed

Benefits of signing up for Facebook

  • The ability to communicate with users from other countries. Facebook is an international network. Here you can find a pen pal and practice the language you are learning, or you can meet your soul mate, whom fate has thrown to the other side of the world or the next doorway, but you have not risked to contact in person.
  • Facebook provides a unique opportunity to avoid constant registration on other sites. If you have a Facebook page, with just one click you can log in to other sites that require additional personalization.
  • A quick way to share important and relevant articles, videos and pages all over the Internet. Just click the Facebook icon on a site you're interested in and all your friends will instantly know about it. This way, the information you need will spread faster, and you'll get a response to it right away.
  • It is possible to create a personal profile and an independent page, which, for example, helps to sell a product or service. After the emergence of social media and the realization that it is the ideal place for advertising and brand promotion, the concept of social media marketing emerged.

Could Facebook be evil?

Judging by the information about Facebook in the section above, one can only draw positive conclusions. But like every billionaire (which is exactly what Facebook is, only instead of dollars it owns information about people), Facebook has been involved in several scandalous stories, is envied by "poorer" sites, and is addictive.

Do you want to delete your Facebook page?

  • With the help of this social network, people are being followed. Interestingly, the disclosure of personal confidential information sometimes takes place without the person's knowledge. All information about him is transmitted to special services.
  • It opens up access to user information so analysts can help politicians build the right campaign.
  • There is a manipulation of consciousness and influence on public opinion through the dissemination of various information and news.
  • Psychological games, which can lead to bad consequences, are spreading and finding support among young people.
  • Purchases made on the Internet are tracked, and data about them are transmitted (rather, sold) to marketing companies that study demand and generate supply.
  • Psychological addiction occurs in most users. The first thing you probably do after waking up is pick up your phone and check your news feed. Users often post embellished information about themselves, processed photos, i.e. half the truth. And you look at it all and take it at face value. Envy grows in your soul. Such envy leads to insecurity, and then to depression.

Uncontrolled and unpunished dissemination of personal information can be one of the main reasons for deleting an account. But in the near future Facebook will learn to recognize our emotions, and this is the next stage of user control.

How to delete a Facebook page

If any of the above scares you, you probably want to delete your Facebook page. Find out how to do it, and if it's even possible, from the simple step-by-step instructions

Users could not delete the account completely until the end of 2009. After such pseudo-deletion, they saw their information freely available months later. The wave of discontent affected Mark Zuckerberg. He listened to the wishes of users. Now a Facebook profile can be deleted either completely or temporarily deactivated.

To temporarily disconnect

  • Go to the Facebook app.
  • At the bottom you'll see the "three stripes" icon. Feel free to click and move on.
  • Find the "Settings" item, and in it "Account Settings".
  • Select Security.
  • At the bottom opposite "Account" click "Deactivate".
  • The last step is to enter the password.

How to delete your Facebook page temporarily and permanently


How to delete your Facebook page temporarily and permanently

People tend to change their minds. If you are one of them, you can restore access to your account very simply by logging back in via Facebook. A deactivated account allows your friends to see you in their honor roll, but you become invisible to outsiders.

If you are unwavering and confident in your desires, then feel free to delete your Facebook profile forever without the right to restore it. Chop up the loose ends, so to speak.

How to permanently delete Facebook from your phone

It's a piece of cake! But you should remember that after 30 days it will be impossible to restore access to your account, you will not be able to access photos, videos and publications. So "Measure twice, cut once.

What's the alternative to Facebook

Let's assume that you have made the willful decision and deleted your Facebook page. What should you do next?

You're not likely to start living as a hermit and seclude yourself to achieve zen. You'll probably look for alternatives. The world is overflowing with all kinds of information, it's available. And your life is active and interesting. Friends all take advantage of the Internet. Technology is advancing at the speed of sound. Ordinary dry communicators do not meet the needs of modern man. Maybe you then choose Instagram, the social networking subsidiary, where you post successful selfies, photos of food and places you've visited. Or maybe you like Twitter, where you will write about the problems of the day and read the world news? Or in general, dramatically change everything and go to the format of live communication and exchange of information? Will we see you in youth centers and art spaces? Well, we'll see...

Facebook is a participant in the social networking revolution, even naming children after it. The Facebook of Jamal Ibrahim, a resident of Egypt, is vivid proof of this. The memory of the existence of such a product will live on forever.

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