How to delete your Instagram account: permanently or temporarily

Instagram - the social network that allows you to share content, upload videos or photos, like and communicate. But after the introduction of support for multiple accounts at once, the question of how to delete Instagram, which is no longer needed, became an issue. There are only two ways: temporary termination of activity or permanent deletion, which you'll learn about below.

Temporary Solution

You can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account, and the page itself remains, but the content from it or the page itself will not be visible. If you want to go back, then after activation, everything will go back to normal. To deactivate the activity, you need to check the following operations:

  • log in to the Instagram account you want to delete;
  • click the edit profile link;
  • go down the page to "Temporarily block the account" and select it;
  • select the reason for disconnection, then confirm your choice by entering your password and click "Temporarily block the account";

How to delete an Instagram account temporarily

This method of deleting the profile is suitable for those who plan to return in the future and continue to use the old page.

Delete irretrievably

Speaking about how to close your Instagram page for good, you need to remember right away that it will be impossible to undo the action and resume the page after that. Therefore, it is better to think carefully before doing this and not to make spontaneous decisions. Usually users download the necessary information from the profile to their computer or phone, and then delete the account in this way:

How to delete your Instagram account permanently

Within minutes of doing so, your Instagram account will be deleted irretrievably. So think carefully about it before you start. After regretting it and wanting it back, you'll have to re-fill your feed and add photos and followers. We would recommend the first option with a backup.

A few final tips

Remember the basic tips for deleting an account to help you understand the process:

  • You cannot delete a profile on a handheld device;
  • removal takes place via iOS, Android, but it requires the instagram site through a browser such as Safari;
  • When restoring an entry, be careful, or the account will be hacked;
  • After deleting the profile, you can go to your page and download information, but only through the browser on your computer;
  • after deletion, the account is not disabled, but you have to create a new name;

Using your Instagram account from a computer

You can use your computer to further view the photo, but then you need to follow these instructions:

  • open one of the browsers on your PC, although the best one is BlueStacks, which is considered an Android emulator and allows you to download photos;
  • Log in to your Instagram page, enter your username and password;
  • If you want, you can download the application to your computer and synchronize it with BlueStacks;
  • The other browsers do not allow you to upload photos or write messages, but they are enough for viewing the feed;

Blocking users

If the problem lies with an individual user, he can be blocked, deleted or make the profile private. To do this, you need to:

  • go to the subscribers column;
  • to find the right person;
  • go to his page, find the column "Subscription" and click on it;
  • after that you will have to confirm the unsubscribe;
  • on his page at the top, you can go to the settings and click the line "Block user" so that he can not view your page;

And to avoid going through other people's pages, just go to your account settings, scroll down, and select "Blocked Users" or "Closed Account". In the latter case, just click on this line and the profile becomes hidden. But remember that only for new subscribers.


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