How to create shortcuts for your favorite emoticons in iOS 8

We'll tell you how to create shortcuts in iOS 8 for the most used and favorite emoticons

According to a recent study by Match.com, men and women who use emoticons have more sex than those who don't.If you want to make communication with emoticons as smooth and fast as possible, we'll tell you how to create shortcuts in iOS 8 for your most frequently used and favorite emoticons. Then you won't have to switch to an emoji keyboard every time you want to send someone a smile or a thumbs-up.Step 1: Go to ShortcutsOn your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts, then tap the +, to start adding emoticons through the QuickType text area.create-shortcuts-for-your-favorite-iphone-emojis-switch-keyboards-less.w654create-shortcuts-for-your-favorite-iphone-emojis-switch-keyboards-less.w654 (1)Step 2: Create your own shortcuts for smileysEnter the desired smiley under "Phrase," then under "Shortcut," enter the word or group of words you want to associate with the smiley.create-shortcuts-for-your-favorite-iphone-emojis-switch-keyboards-less.w654 (2)Step 3: Save and use themAfter you enter all the phrases you want, click "Save" and they will be added to the list of shortcuts. So next time you just type in a word and you'll be presented with all the emoticon options for it. Note that these shortcuts only work on Apple's default keyboard with QuickType enabled.create-shortcuts-for-your-favorite-iphone-emojis-switch-keyboards-less.w654 (3)These emoji shortcuts will work wherever your keyboard appears, including Mail, Safari, WhatsApp, Notes, and more. This is by far the fastest and most convenient way to use emoticons on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod because you don't need to switch keyboards.(Via)

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