How to remove the iPhone activation lock if you forgot your Apple ID password

How to remove the iPhone activation lock if you forgot your Apple ID password

How to bypass activation blocking on iPhone

The "Find iPhone" function is very useful, it allows you not only to locate the device, but also, if necessary, to delete all the information on it. Apple developers have gone further in their concern for consumer data protection and have introduced another tool that makes stealing iPhones pointless. We will talk about the activation lock, whether there is a way around it and what it means.

How to bypass activation blocking on iPhone

What is an activation lock

Activation Lock is an extension of the "Find iPhone" option, which is a security tool for iOS and limits access to the phone to intruders. When the search service is enabled, then the iPhone activation lock is implemented in automatic mode. And it is performed not on the iPhone, but on Apple's servers. In this case, reflashing or restoring the device will not help.

Activation Lock features

With the introduction of activation lock, iPhone and iPad owners now have access to additional security settings. It became possible to control the access of some applications to user data: address book, photos and videos, notes, etc., as well as to configure the storage of passwords or bank card data. Such a tool was first introduced in iOS 7, and it was an evolution of the idea that had been put into the search function.

When launching the "Find iPhone" service, it was necessary to log in and thereby link the mobile device to the account. And in the case of theft or loss, you could use iCloud services to track its coordinates, delete data, if necessary, or block it. But such blocking was easily removed by restoring the original settings.

With the introduction of Activation Lock, this method will no longer make the device function. You will be required to enter your Apple ID and password.

How dangerous is an activation lock for the device owner

With the appearance of iOS 7, the search service is already enabled in the system settings, hence, the lock is also activated. If you lose access to the ID or forget the password to it, you will not be able to delete personal information if necessary. It will be impossible to restore or activate the phone after the update. The Apple Support Team will not be able to help you.

It is possible to recover the password if you have access to the registration mail. However, even this does not guarantee a positive result.

So before you activate the "Find iPhone" service, save your Apple ID and password to a safe place.

How to unblock

Owners of Apple devices wonder if this option can be removed or disabled.

The author of a difficult but effective way to bypass the activation lock is B. Schlabs of Security Research Labs.

First, you need to check the iPhone and make sure that it is on and in standby mode, and to unlock it, you need to enter the ID with the password. But there is no such data.

Then the first thing to do is to disconnect the gadget from the Internet. To do this, activate from the control panel "Air mode" or simply remove the SIM card. In this way we get time to find the password.

Next, we will select a four-digit password.

Now you can unlock your iPhone and log in to your account.

Then you should reset your password at iforgot.apple.com.

Connect to the Internet and go to your email account. Open the email with the recovery link and copy it.

Disconnect from the Internet and use your browser's search bar to click on the desired link. Now enter your new password.

Delete the former iCloud account to which the mobile device was tethered, thereby disabling the gadget search function and with it the activation lock. After that, you can set up your iPhone as a new one.

How to unlock a device via iTunes

To use this method, follow these steps:

Connect the mobile device to the PC with a USB cable and wait for iTunes to notify you that the iPhone is in recovery mode. Confirm this action by pressing the corresponding button.

The program automatically selects the current firmware version and downloads it. You only have to agree to install it.

Then the procedure is performed automatically. When the operation is completed, a window will appear on the gadget screen prompting you to set up as a new device.

How to protect iPhone from unauthorized use

First of all, you need to block access to the control item. To do this, in the system settings in the desired section set the switch in the disabled position. Thus it will be impossible to activate the "Airplane mode", and therefore intruders will not be able to access Bluetooth and wireless networks.

If you use the password lock, you will not be able to use the phone in "Airplane mode". It is not difficult to set it. In the settings you need to go to the "Basic" section, then to the item "Touch ID and password" where you must enter a password consisting of four characters.

If your device has a fingerprint scanner, in the settings you should make that fingerprint not involved in day-to-day management. Then intruders will not be able to duplicate it from the screen.

If your device is lost or stolen, you can activate the lost mode urgently using the iCloud service. This will lock the device. 

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