How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, Android and where to download them

If you like reading books, you probably know where to buy them or how to download them to your iPhone. Most users forget that books can be not only read but also listened to. It will relieve your eyes and give them a rest. At the same time it will not go to waste and will be occupied with benefit. If at first it seems unusual and uncomfortable way to get acquainted with the new works of Stephen King or Max Fry, then having downloaded audio books to your iPhone, you understand how comfortable it is. Below we will write about how to download audiobooks for iPhone, how to install them and listen to them on your favorite gadget.

How do I download and listen to audiobooks?

There are three ways to listen to audiobooks on your iPhone:

  1. download in mp3 format and listen through your music player;
  2. download in m4b format, which is suitable for adapted audiobooks;
  3. Using a special iPad app and audiobooks;

In the first case, you can download books instead of music, upload them through iTunes to the iPhone, and then play them with the player. In the second way - download audiobooks for the phone need a special format, which is not read by all devices (but with the iPad and iPhone there is no problem). The main nuance is to then synchronize the records with a library of conventional e-books for convenient listening. The third way is to use applications from the AppStore to download and listen to audiobooks, no other applications and iTunes is not needed. Let's take a closer look at each method.

Downloading in mp3 format and playing in a player

To download audiobooks in mp3 format, you do not need to use special applications for your phone, just find sites with a collection of books and save them to your computer. Next, we synchronize the music on your computer and phone through the program iTunes. Listening is available through any iPhone music player. You can also use the standard one, but it doesn't have EQ, track and reading speed settings and much more.

Downloading in m4b format for the iBook app

Downloading in m4b format for the iBook app

Problems may arise with downloading in the m4b format, because such books are presented on specialized sites, have a larger size and are only "readable" in iBook. In addition, most often they are paid. This is how licensed audiobooks are distributed.

Audiobooks can be downloaded to iBook just like regular books. You can do it directly from your phone by downloading books in m4b format and adding them to iBook, or via the good old sync with iTunes.

We recommend that you install applications with the ability to listen and download files right away, so that you don't waste time looking for them.

Free applications for downloading and listening to audiobooks

Here I am distorting the truth a bit. The audiobook apps themselves are indeed completely free, but the audiobooks in them are paid. Of course, there are necessarily 5-10 free books, usually not very interesting and not popular. So to listen to audiobooks through the app - get ready to spend some money.

We have reviewed a large number of applications for the iPhone and iPad, as well as on Android, which offers mobile app stores and recommend you the following:

Audiobooks - listen to the best Audiobooks at Loudbook

Audiobooks - listen to the best Audiobooks at Loudbook

"Audiobooks - Listen to the best Audio Books in Loudbook" is popular because of its diverse library of 7,000 audio recordings, among which there are plenty of free ones. The app also has a timer, a sleep mode, and the ability to work without an Internet connection.

Download the app for free Audiobooks - listen to the best Audiobooks at Loudbook for iPhone.

"Listen!" by LitRes

How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, Android and where to download them

"LitRes is an app from the largest online bookstore in the ru-net. It has an equally awesome library, but you have to pay for the books. After downloading the app for audiobooks on the iPhone, registration, your purchases immediately appear on the shelf "My Books".

"Listen!" is chosen because of its simple interface, many books, listening preferences, and constant updates from the developers.

Download for free Listen!" app from LitRes for iPhone and for Android.

VoxClub Audiobooks

How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, Android and where to download them

For "Vox Club" you do not need to pay anything when downloading to the phone, and inside there are a lot of free audiobooks, the ability to put marks and make bookmarks while listening. It is especially popular in the CIS countries because of the interface in Russian.

Download free VoxClub Audiobooks for iPhone и for Android.

MP3 Audiobook Player

How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, Android and where to download them

"MP3 Audiobook Player" is suitable for those who have already downloaded audiobooks for the iPhone in mp3 format, because such files have their own tracks, which are rarely recognized by the standard player on the phone. With the application, you can adjust the speed of audio, control through headphones or Apple Watch, although you will have to pay about 3 dollars for it.

Download App MP3 AudioBook Player free for iPhone

A Book Out Loud

How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, Android and where to download them

"Book aloud is unique in its kind, because you can listen to books, follow video content, or view photos at the same time. You can synchronize your tracks and text. You don't have to pay anything for the first book, and then you have to pay for the rest, but you can save a lot of money thanks to discounts.

Download Book Hearing App for free for iPhone и for Android.

Haven't tried listening to audiobooks on your phone yet? Then you should do it, given that it's free, convenient and doesn't ruin your eyesight. And most importantly you can listen to it in the bathroom, on the train or before work.

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