How to download a private video from the Vimeo video hosting service

How to download secure videos from Vimeo

I recently took a useful course in which the course was in video and text format. The videos were uploaded to Vimeo video hosting and closed to external viewing. All in all, a pretty popular solution. At some point, the course decided to close, as did access to it. It was not good, because they promised to keep the course forever, so I got puzzled about downloading the video from Vimeo. I found it and am publishing it exclusively on

None of the simple and logical ways to download a private video. I tried those ways:

  1. Download manually via Save As
  2. Downloading one of the services, which dazzle the Internet - does not work, just does not find the video.
  3. Find the video in the code of the page and download it already. In the code is a link to the video, which is not viewable through a link, only through embedded code on the site.

In short, there is no way. But I found a way, I tell you.

How to download a private video from Vimeo

1. Inspect pages

How to download protected videos from vimeo


Open the web page containing the video you want to download in inspection mode, when you can view CSS styles and more.

To do this - right-click next to the video. And select the item as in the screenshot - Inspect.

After that, turn on the video for a couple of seconds. This is to update the HTML and CSS styles.

2. Go to network and look for the word player

How to download secure videos from Vimeo

This is a screenshot of the inspection window we called. By default, the Elements tab is active, go to the Network tab and enter the word player.

In this way we filter out the file(s) we want if there are several videos.

3. refresh the webpage and click on the first entry

How to download secure videos from Vimeo

After filtering by the word player - just refresh the page. You can do this with F5 or by pressing the "refresh" button in your browser.

As a result, you will get a list of such records with numbers. I have 6 of them in the screenshot - this is the number of videos in one document on the site. If you have 1 video on the page, then there will be 1 record with numbers. And it will be above all of them. So there will be some more records, we are not interested in them.

4. Save the file as a .txt document.

Make a note of the numbers and right-click on it. And save it as a .txt file. The file will download to your computer.

Sometimes you need to manually add the .txt extension. The main thing is to be able to open it later with Notepad or another text viewer.

For Windows:

How to download secure videos from Vimeo

For Mac:

How to download secure videos from Vimeo

The saved file will be called something like this: 393999309.txt or 462921153.txt.

5. Copy the .mp4 link

Open the saved downloaded file with any text editor.

And looking for the entry ".mp4". That's right, without quotation marks, but with a dot - .mp4

You will find several matches at once. If you look closely, there will be links to different resolutions of the video file, we need the largest one, in 720 resolution.

See the example in the screenshot:

How to download a private video from Vimeo video hosting

I underlined the different resolutions in the file. We are interested in the highest 720p.

The link to download the video from Vimeo, in the screenshot I also highlighted, the beginning and end marked with arrows. Note that in the link 2 times involved in the search for the combination .mp4.

Copy the whole entry into the clipboard, open a new browser window, paste the link and press Enter.

The video will open and start playing.

6. Save the video from vimeo

I just have to save the video.

To do this, just right-click on it and select save as.

How to download secure videos from the Vimeo video hosting service

Don't mind the Google on the screenshot, it's really the way the video starts :).

That's all for now. Kids, in this lesson we learned how to easily and effortlessly download closed videos from Vimeo.

If it was helpful, share it with your friends and thank you in the comments.) If you have any questions, go there, too.

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  1. Good afternoon!
    Unfortunately, it didn't help:
    "Acces denied.
    You don't have permission to access "http://vod......mp4″ on this server"

    • Good afternoon!
      Tell me in a little more detail what you did and when this error occurred.
      All the actions that I cited in the guide could not cause this error) Give a little more detail and help figure out how to download the video. Better yet, if you tell me where you're trying to

      • Also, alas, it did not work. There is an error at the very end

        I tried to open in the second window - everything worked! Thanks for the instruction)

          • You probably did not go to the Network tab
            Maybe try sorting, although in the list the numbers should be at the top
            But most importantly, be guided by the green marks in the Waterfall column - they just show exactly what videos are and in what order they go. Perhaps, in your case, these Names are not numeric, but you can find them by the green bars in the Waterfall field.

          • I didn't have any files with numbers either. When I filtered by player in the network tab, I found the file config?context=Vimeo%... etc. After double-clicking on this line opened a tab in the browser with the desired code. Then everything worked according to the instruction. Thank you very much for the author!

          • Thank you Ella, for the valuable addition. I didn't have a number line either - used your "tip" on config...?

  2. Thank you so much! It worked! True, the correct link in the notepad copied correctly in the fifth time))

  3. Thank you Oleg!!! ? It all worked!!! ?? Good thing I had the video saved webarchive (managed to do it while it was still available to me) and now I found your recommendations and finally downloaded. ?

  4. Thank you kind man. I'll just add that I use Notepad++ for convenient search in txt file. It can immediately show all the links in a convenient format

  5. Hello!
    I downloaded a text document and look for a link there, but I can't find ".mp4" anywhere in the whole document, even though I can see the beginning of the link and there are inserts that show the quality. maybe I downloaded something wrong?

  6. Great! If you do everything exactly according to the instructions and accurately, you can pull mp4 from vimeo without any problems. Respect to the author of this article!

  7. Thank you so much, it worked for me! (and without the notorious m3u8 format, finally!)
    Amazing algorithm, thanks to heaven))))

  8. Oleg, my immense gratitude! Everything worked. The only thing - there was no line with numbers, so I chose config? .... And then, as Ella wrote: double-click and go to the big link, where already looking for mp4.

  9. Thank you. I always try to review the code, but in this case I did not get it myself - I should have unchecked "disable cache". Well, and f5 pressed not exactly according to your recipe. Can add that in the Russian version it will be "view code" and "Network". The way exactly work for October 2021. Thanks again!

  10. good afternoon
    The method is great, it worked the first time!
    also works not only on closed videos from vimeo, but also from other sites working through webincpector, according to the same scheme
    So the question arises, is there any way to get the subtitles out of this video?
    I couldn't find anything in the same document that looks like subtitles, neither .str nor .txt

  11. God bless the universe! It really works! Thank you!
    There is an important point, read the instructions carefully. And the config file can be clicked twice as Ella advised. Or there will really be numbers.
    This method worked even on a personal secure site!

  12. Hello. I'm following the instructions, there is nothing at all in the name field. The request to access the cookie or storage to "" was blocked, due to the fact that it came from the tracker, with content blocking enabled.

    • Apparently even more serious protection.
      It's not very clear, but maybe if you give a little more information, I or one of the visitors can help you.

  13. Thank you very much, everything worked! But I have a question: in one course, the video seems to be uploaded to different video hosting sites. One is vimeo? It downloaded everything fine, and the other - I can't figure out which one. Maybe you can tell me how to determine which video hosting the video was uploaded to?

    • You need to look at the code of the page, maybe he can give an answer. In general, it is an individual approach.

  14. Thank you very much for the instruction! A little addition, if you click "Save all as HAR" then when viewing in notepad, you can pull links from all videos in one file)

  15. Oleg, thank you very much! How long I was looking for methods, my hands were dropping) As a result - hours of screen recording on the phone, uncomfortable, creepy! And then I find this article, and I realize that just some forces sent it to me)) Thank you!!!
    It makes life easier!

  16. Good day!
    I have 20 video lessons, each with a password.
    On one page in vimeo format
    You are a genius!
    He wants to curse, or rather swear.
    But I defeated all those passwords.
    Videos downloaded instantly, but find the link
    right, my eyes get tired.
    Night! Went to feed the cat, put the broom in the corner,
    The family fed themselves.
    That's right Oleg is a genius, a soothsayer. (knowing the future, foreseeing the future, as well as wise and eloquent).
    My husband Oleg is like you!!!!!
    With great appreciation for the consistent and understandable actions.

  17. Hi, thanks for the great guide, everything works!
    I could only add that in the Elements tab of the page code study you can simply Ctrl+F to find - all links from this domain will be in .MP4 format
    This method is much more convenient for parsing the site and ripping videos will

  18. Thank you for your guidance in solving my problem as well. I did it according to your instructions, everything was fine at first. But! There is no link in the text document at all! A search for .mp4 gave no results, that is, there is no such thing in the document. How can this be? Maybe someone knows how to deal with it?

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