How to download videos from YouTube to iPhone

How to download YouTube videos on your iPhone: apps, utilities, tips

Everyone's favorite service YouTube offers millions of different videos for all tastes, and access to these videos is open to everyone. But sometimes it happens that the quality of the web leaves much to be desired, and it's just not possible to watch the video from your cell phone. In this article we want to tell you how to download video from YouTube to iPhone to be able to watch it anytime

So, if you really like a video on YouTube, but don't want to waste precious traffic on watching it, you can download the video directly to your iPhone. To do this, you can turn to special programs (pre-installed by the manufacturer or available in the AppStore) or use a computer. Let's see how to download YouTube videos to your iPhone.

Download YouTube videos to iPhone using the DManager app

One easy way to download videos from YouTube is with the DManager and Documents application from Readdie.

  1. Download DManager from the Appstore.
  2. Download Documents From Readdie.
  3. Open the application DManager (name in Russian appstore - Downloader Browser and Free File Manager).
  4. In the "Browser" tab, open YouTube and find the desired video.
  5. Press your finger on the desired video and choose "Copy Link" from the menu.
  6. Open the "Downloads" tab
  7. Clicking in the upper left corner "+" add a link to download. That's it.
  8. Now you can open the video file here or send it to Documents for storage or further manipulation.

Download YouTube videos to iPhone with Downloads

The easiest way to download videos is through the pre-installed Downloads app. To download a file, you need to:

  1. Log in to the program
  2. Select the "Browser" tab
  3. Type youtube.com in the search bar
  4. Select the desired file in the opened window (the program prompts you to download the file when you click)
  5. Download file

How to download videos from YouTube to iPhoneHow to download videos from YouTube to iPhone using iTunes

This method cannot be called the easiest, but its most important advantage is full compliance with all Apple rules. Therefore, it will always be relevant, unlike programs that can be blocked at any time. The only drawback is the need to download the file to your computer beforehand.

So, in order to upload a video, you need to:

  1. Download and install iTunes on your computer
  2. Download the file using the Savefrom application

Hint: if you don't have Savefrom, you can add the letters SS in the search line to get www.ssyoutube.com

  1. Select "Add to Media Library" from the File menu
  2. Connect an iOS gadget and after the computer detects it, click on the
  3. Tick the files you want in the "Movies" section
  4. Press the "Apply" and "Synchronize" buttons in order

Once synchronization is complete, the video will appear on your gadget, in the Video app (Home Video tab).

Download YouTube videos to iPhone using Dropbox

This method requires an app and a Dropbox cloud account. To upload a video, you need to:

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to download
  2. Click the "Share" button, then "Copy link
  3. Open the Savefrom service in your browser, insert the link to the video in the window that appears, and click on the blue arrow next to the form
  4. After the service generates a link, click on "Download" (select the quality, if necessary)
  5. The video will open in a separate browser window: you need to bring up the menu "Share" with a link in the center, then select "Save to Dropbox
  6. Name the file and click on "Save
  7. After you finish uploading the file, open Dropbox
  8. Find the saved clip through the app, tap the add-menu arrow, and select "Access in automatic mode".
  9. You will open the "Auto mode" tab, where you can watch the download process

You can then watch videos offline through the Dropbox app without having to connect to the web.

How to download videos from YouTube to iPhoneDownload YouTube videos to iPhone with Workflow

Workflow is an app that allows you to automate actions on your iOS gadgets. For example, turn the last three photos into a gif or automatically transfer an email to Evernote. Workflow has tons of templates, but the one we need is not for sale in the store. To install it, you have to do the following:

  1. Install the Workflow app


Download QR-Code

Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple.

2. open template page on an iOS gadget

3. Click Get Workflow and wait for the template to be installed

After that, the template is ready for use. To download a YouTube video to your iPhone using this template, you need to open the video in a browser on your iPhone or iPad and run the template ("Run Workflow")) in the Share menu. The app will start processing the video, and once uploaded, the clip will be shown in the photo film. It is worth noting that with a saved template, the process becomes almost automatic.

Download YouTube videos to iPhone with Documents5

Documents5 is a program that is not only great for downloading videos, but is also a great file manager. So, in order to download videos to your iPhone, you need to:

  1. Download and install the app Documents5
  2. Go to YouTube, select the desired file
  3. Add the letters SS in the address bar (we described this earlier)
  4. Select the desired video quality in the Savefrom service that opens
  5. Click the "Copy" button in the "Share" menu to place the link on the clipboard
  6. Launch Documents5
  7. Go to browser mode, paste the link into the search bar, and save the video.

The video then goes into the download folder, and from there you can move it to the desired folder.

How to download videos from YouTube to iPhoneDownload YouTube videos to iPhone with Puffin Web Browser

This browser is one of the easiest ways to download videos from YouTube to your iPhone. So, to download a video, you need to:

  1. Go to the AppStore and download the app Puffin Web Browser
  2. Go to Savefrom and paste the link to the video into the address bar
  3. Select the desired video format in the window that appears and click "Download
  4. In the download window, select the "This device" save location

After that, the video appears in the download section of your iPhone. The only drawback of the program is the limited period of work in free mode.

How to download videos from YouTube to iPhone using Jailbreak-twick

Cercube is a tweak that allows you to download videos from YouTube to your iPhone and other iOS devices.

Once the tweak has been uploaded to the device, the right panel of the YouTube application menu will display the Downloads tab, where all the downloaded videos will be placed. To save the video, you need to click the blue download button, which will appear below the playback window.

The Cercube tweak can also:

  • play video in the background
  • Watch videos in HD/HQ quality on your wireless mobile network
  • block ads in commercials
  • remove warnings about age restrictions

And finally, a video on how to download videos from YouTube to iPhone:


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