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How to save money $20, February 27

Paid apps in the App Store are now temporarily free. Hurry up and catch up

Awesome Scanner - Smart Scanner for iPhone, $1.99Allows you to photograph printed documents and then work with them, as with a photograph, to achieve a better image. From the program, you can send the file to print, email, and cloud services. Of course, all scanned documents are saved in the app. Convenient.Awesome Scanner - Smart Scanner for iPhone      Awesome Scanner - Smart Scanner for iPhonePrinter Pro - print documents, photos, emails, web pages, $6.99This is an app that allows you to send a document from your iPhone or iPad to a printer. It connects to a printer via wi-fi or to a usb printer. You can send almost any document from your device to print: a pdf file, office documents, a picture, a page from Safari. The app will be free for a whole week.Printer pro print documents   Printer pro print documents   Printer pro print documentsEnpass Password Manager, $9.99The password storage application is one of the best password managers. It allows you to store passwords for various programs, services, banking information, etc. For the advanced, it uses AES-256 encryption, and the information is stored directly on the device. Really more convenient than having one password for everything 🙂 A nice bonus is cross-platform and synchronization between devices. Mac version. Also free of charge.Enpass Password Manager     Enpass Password Manager

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