How to save money $14, March 15

Paid apps in the App Store are now temporarily free. Hurry up and catch up

Chess Professional, $6.99Chess. Very cool chess. All fans download it urgently. Many languages, including Russian. You can play with friends or "live" opponents through Game Center.screen322x572-9   screen322x572-10   screen322x572-11Stop Smoking In 2 Hours, $5.99A very cool system on how to quit smoking. According to the author of the system, more than 2 million people around the world have quit smoking with this systemscreen322x572-12   screen322x572-13Lep's World 3, $0.99A fun wonderful game where the main character is a jolly leprechaun. The game is the successor to Super Mario.screen520x924screen520x924-2

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