How to make a live photo from an ordinary one - bring clouds, water or fire to life

How to make a live photo from an ordinary one - bring clouds, water or fire to life

First, let's agree that a "live photo" is not a photo. It's a video. It's a gif. But it's not a photo. And in this article, I'm going to tell you how you can achieve a "live photo" effect with just one free app. It's important to understand that a live photo can be done on those photos where there is something fluid, floating, and so on. I.e. it is quite applicable to smoke, clouds, water, fire, waterfall, even hair, in general, everything that can somehow "flow", change its state, be in motion, constant motion. So.

How to take a live photo with the Pixaloop app

Download the app for free Enlight Pixaloop

How to take a live photo for instagram on iPhone


Download the free app Enlight Pixaloop. It also has a paid version, but for our purposes the free version will do.

How to use Pixaloop

Launch the application.

Important! In the upper right corner of the icon to upload your creation or save a live photo, so the first time it is not active and ask to buy a paid version of the application. This is done intentionally, you can refuse and the second time everything is fine. You can unload a photo.

In the upper left corner of Pixaloop, click the upload photo icon and upload (or take from a suggested album) a photo. It's important that the photo or image has something to flow or sizzle - doing the same thing, say.

After that, we press "Animation" and then the magic happens.

With the "Path" function we set the motion of the matter that should move in the photo. From the root to the direction of motion. Right here with small arrows we show the pile and where to move, and it does not turn out exactly as on my video. And everything is blurry and ugly.

In order to limit this movement and so that the "flow" moves exclusively along a given trajectory, we use "anchors". These are points that limit the movement. Similar to the red flags over which a predatory beast cannot jump. Places the required number of anchors.

The "Speed" function is responsible for the speed of the stream we have ordered to move.

And we use "Freeze" when we need to limit the movement of a particular object. It is somewhat analogous to "Anchors", only applicable to separate large objects.

In fact, that's all the magic.

If desired, the video can be turned into a gif service: ezgif.com 

How to make a live photo from an ordinary one - bring clouds, water or fire to life

A good alternative to the Pixaloop app is Plotaverse


The application that brings details of photos to life was created by a professional team of two people - programmer Sasha Schneider and photographer Troy Plot, who know their business very well. Under their guidance, an interesting and popular product, Plotagraph, came out. Now its full version costs $19.99 a year and $4.99 a month. Some effects can be used for free. The developers are focused on working with major advertising companies such as Chevrolet, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. But already now the New York photographer enjoys using the app's features in his work.

Download Plotaverse

A good alternative to the Pixaloop app is Plotaverse

Plotaverse features

The app is very similar to Pixaloop, but what makes it different is its unprecedented popularity. Plotaverse has already climbed into the top 5 photo-editor apps according to Facebook in 2019. Certainly, people are impressed by photos of nature come alive. You, like the rest of us, can stare endlessly at fire, water, floating clouds, steam rising from a cup of hot tea. All these phenomena are mesmerizing, which is why live photos are so eye-catching that it's impossible to take your eyes off them.

If you want to charm and mesmerize your subscribers, start using the Plotaverse:

  • Download and run the app from the Apple branded store on your iPhone.
  • Upload photos that you intend to animate in good quality. The important condition is that they must have objects that you want to animate - sky, water, smoke, steam, fire, rain, wind, snow, hair, or even stairs.
  • Use the arrows to set the direction of movement and vector. Tip: To keep the effect close to reality, don't stretch the arrows too far.
  • Place boundary points. They will serve as a "fence" that will act as a barrier to the spread of the animation effect.
  • The triangle-shaped button allows you to look at the result before publishing.
  • Save your masterpiece in MP4 format. On your Instagram page, the photo will look like an endlessly repeating video.

Understanding the growing importance of Instagram, Troy Plota has released a product that, although not unique, can interest active users of social networks, people interested in photography and even the film industry. Animated photos are a stepping stone to the future, to the unprecedented development of technology. The modern consumer of media information is no longer satisfied with static photos, he needs something more. This is exactly what Troy offers.

P.S. If you are one of the unsatisfied bloggers, if your Instagram seems gray and gloomy and your photos monotonous, check out our article, you'll find a lot of useful applications there. They will make not only your photos come alive, but the whole page as well.



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