How to make your iPhone safer? 6 tips

Nowadays phones store a huge amount of important information that only their owners should have access to. That's why we often wonder how to protect this information from possible threats. If you are also concerned about this question, then we suggest you to read six important recommendations to make your iPhone safer.

1. Hide the notification text on the locked screen

How unpleasant is the thought that someone could read our messages without even having to unlock the phone. On the iPhone, however, this problem is easily solved. To do this, just go to the settings and in the section "Notifications" prohibit the display of thumbnails in the display lock mode. By the way, this option can be turned on for each individual application. Thus, you decide what will be displayed on your locked screen, and what you can see only after entering a password or unlocking with TouchID/FaceID.

2. Enable the "Find iPhone" function

This is a very useful feature of Apple devices, which many users simply ignore. And for good reason. Thanks to it, you can find and recover your lost or stolen device and even keep your data private by remotely wiping it from your phone. And that's just part of the magic this feature can do. So, to activate it, go to your iCloud profile, then to the Locator app, and under "Find iPhone" move the toggle switch to the right. More about this feature can be found on the official website.

3. Download the VPN application

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that allows you to create a secure connection on a conventional network. How does it work? First, you need to connect to a VPN-server. To do this, open VPN-client and Choose from a variety of VPN servers around the world. The result will be a kind of "secret tunnel" that will hide from prying eyes any movement of your data. In this way, using a VPN application when connected to a public WiFi network provides you and your phone with an extra level of security in any situation.

4. Create encrypted backups

If you own an iPhone, you probably know about the need for backups. They help you to save all important information and not to worry about the possible consequences of breakage or loss of your gadget. However, not everyone knows that these backups can be encrypted, thus limiting access to this data by third parties. Note that in order to view an encrypted copy, you will need a password. Therefore, we recommend that you choose and remember your password responsibly.

5. Do not jailbreak your phone

Don't know what a jailbreak is? Well, great! Then just skip this point. But if you continued reading, you should know that jailbreaking, or in simple words phone hacking, allows you to get access to a lot of iPhone features hidden by Apple from the average user. The expanses of the Internet are still overflowing with articles-tutorials on how to jailbreak an iPhone. However, do not be in a hurry to go along with them, because this procedure breaks a hole in the protection of your phone, after which you can no longer be sure of your data privacy.

6. Do not install applications from third-party sources

Apple has its own platform from which you can download all the necessary software to your phone - App Store. The main feature of this platform is that all applications placed on it are checked by the company. Therefore, such an installation will not harm either you or your phone. What cannot be said about third-party programs that are downloaded directly from the Internet. No one can guarantee that a seemingly harmless game won't turn out to be a spy app that leaks your data.


Apple has taken great care to make its phones as secure as possible for users, especially in terms of data privacy. However, some aspects of cell phone use can still be fraught with risk. To minimize any dangers, we encourage you to use the tips in this article on a regular basis.

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