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How to take a 360 photo for Facebook

On June 9, 2016, Facebook launched a feature for all users 360 photo. The feature has been positioned as the easiest way to publish panoramic photos that were previously inconvenient to view in the standard way because they were too wide.

How to take a 360 photo for Facebook

360 panoramic photo - how to do it on your iPhone phone

To take a 360-degree photo:

  1. Download the app Google Street View on the iPhone
  2. Authorization is immediate, but only if you use other Google products, such as YouTube, Disk, email service. Otherwise, you'll need to register - it's quick
  3. In the lower right corner there is a plus sign - click on it and select the "Camera" option
  4. Now you can start shooting a spherical panorama
  5. After taking the 360 panorama photo, it will take a couple of minutes to process it. Voila - the panorama is ready for viewing! It's better to make several panoramas, so you have a choice
  6. After the processing is complete, examine the panorama carefully - Google should suggest blurring some objects. This is necessary to remove personal information about random people, license plates, brand names, etc. To do this, you need to pinch the display in the desired area of the photo, and in the upper right corner click "Apply Blur"
  7. Now you're ready to save a 360 panorama photo to your smartphone memory

Photo 360 - how to do it on your iPhone

How to post a 360-degree panorama on Facebook

To share your spherical panorama on Facebook:

  1. Go to your phone's photo storage section, find the panorama section there, select the one you want to share. It doesn't look good - like a smudged spot, that's normal
  2. Select the "Share" button, then Facebook. That's it. Name your panorama something, tag the right places and the right people, and post it to your page
  3. Publishing a 360 panoramic photo can take anywhere from 5 minutes to two hours. When it is published, you will receive a notification
  4. After the publication of the panorama you can edit the post - places of participants, events, etc.

Note: Currently, you can only upload one 360-degree panoramic photo at a time to Facebook. If you select multiple images at once, they will be posted separately automatically. 

How to post a 360-degree panorama on Facebook

360 panoramic photo - tips and tricks for taking pictures

360 panoramic photo - tips

  • start shooting the 360 panorama from the brightest and most interesting point of your future photo
  • Objects are better to shoot on the principle of "watermelon peel" - the first photo you take at eye level, the next - above and the third - below, then you can move the camera to the right and left (as if to move away from the center in different directions)
  • we do not recommend taking 360 photos "in layers" - as it was in the old iPhone built-in panoramas: this will lead to an accumulation of errors due to orientation (that is, there will simply be no matching of the layers)
  • When shooting a 360 photo, move the camera very slowly: sudden movements will cause the spatial marks to fail, which will leave missing areas on the objects, which will not be properly superimposed on the panoramic photo
  • When shooting in motion, such as at a festival or on a dance floor, make sure that the subjects are more or less static on the sides of the picture
  • to make a nice preview of the panorama, try to have the last shots taken on the opposite side from the object that should be the main one

In fact, when you take a panoramic 360 photo you need to fix the camera lens in one point of space and rotate the phone in different directions relative to it (you can do it by hand - but there are special devices for this).

360 photo

Spherical panorama on iPhone

If you are a lucky iPhone owner, you don't even need to install a third-party app to take a 360 photo. Just use the built-in panorama function of your smartphone camera.

When the angle reaches 100 degrees The photo is automatically converted to a 360-degree panoramic photo. It is then automatically converted into a 360 degree panoramic photo.

Shoot a panorama with one of the following devices (out of the blue):

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 or newer
  • iPad mini 2 or newer
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro
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