How to unlock iPhone if I forgot my password

How to unlock iPhone if I forgot my password

It has happened to everyone: I forgot my iPhone password because I haven't used it for a long time or at the very beginning, when I came up with it. Situations are different, but everyone needs to know what to do, how to unlock if you forgot your iPhone password or how to change the iPhone password on iTunes yourself.

How to unlock iPhone if I forgot my password

What should I do if I forgot my iPhone password?

There are only a few ways to restore the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 lock password, but only to the point where the Apple ID has not been locked. Then the situation is solved only by contacting the company's support service, it is better not to get to this point, because it will take a lot of time and effort. It is important to remember that there is no official Apple support in Ukraine, but in Russia there is, it is responsible for supporting the entire Russian-speaking segment.

Important! If you enter the password incorrectly more than six times, the phone shuts down for a minute, then you enter it incorrectly + two more. And the time keeps increasing. You have to be careful with the "Erase data" function, because it erases absolutely everything from the phone memory if you enter the password incorrectly more than ten times. And it is possible to guess 20 times. It is better to turn off the function "Erase data" at once:

  • go to the password settings;
  • in the "Erase data" field, set the button to "Off";

There are three ways to reset a password you forgot on your iPhone:

  1. restore from a backup;
  2. through the iPhone search feature;
  3. restoration to a "clean state.

So, more about each of them.

Restoring iPhone password via backup

If you have previously synced your iPhone with iTunes, then there probably remained a backup copy of the password and all the data, so when you restore, you will not lose them. However, this is only possible in a situation where the iTunes password itself has not been set. To reset your iPhone password through iTunes you need:

  • connect your phone to your computer, where all the information is stored, and set up synchronization with iTunes;
  • wait for the next copy to be created;
  • after syncing, click the "Restore" icon;
  • then the settings page opens, where you select "Restore from copy";
    Restoring iPhone password via backup
  • after, you need to select one of the backup dates, select it and complete the restore. At least it should be before you set a password on the iPhone.

It is absolutely clear that this option, through iTunes, does not work for those who have never synchronized and backed up the phone on the computer. In this case, let's move on to other ways to recover the iPhone password.

In general, I highly recommend making backups for new phones that you have just bought. This will help avoid a lot of unpleasant situations. And so you go to iTunes and restore the backup from the very first backup version - after that, the phone will be as good as new again.

Resetting the iPhone password via the "Find iPhone" function

If you remember your Apple iD password and the "Find iPhone" function is activated, you can remove the lock with this method. There is one nuance - the data in the phone will be erased (but you can restore from the backup, see point 1). But here you have to choose between the data or the phone.

Resetting the iPhone password via the "Find iPhone" function

The way to proceed is this:

  • go to;
  • Enter your Apple iD login and password;
  • then click "Find iPhone;
  • select your device (iPhone phone) from the list that appears;
  • press the "Erase iPhone" button, this is tantamount to deleting all your data, including resetting your password.
  • next move, restore data from a backup;

If there is no backup, the phone will be "like new". It will be set to the factory default settings, applications by default. All installed or purchased applications can be restored, but not always the information that was in them.

Re-flashing the device

With this procedure you can not only unlock the iPhone screen, but also restore the device after software failures, when a normal reboot failed.

The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer and run it;
  • Connect the iPhone to the PC using the original cable;
  • Wait for the end of the synchronization process and see the icon of the connected device in the program window;
  • When you click on the icon, a message opens in which you need to click on the "Restore" button.

iTunes will do the rest. It downloads the latest firmware version from the official Apple website and installs it on your device.

It remains to restore the data from the backup. This method has its disadvantages:

  1. New versions of iOS are quite large (about 1.5 GB) and take a long time to download.
  2. When the Internet is unstable or the connection to the server is interrupted for some reason, the download will start from scratch every time.
  3. If the computer with which the recovery is performed has a Windows operating system, you cannot rule out crashes and errors during the operation. In this case it is better to download the firmware yourself.

Install the firmware yourself

Download the current firmware version for your model. The number can be found on the back cover. Before recovery you need to turn off the device search service on your iPhone. The rest of the steps are the same as in the previous case.

Connect the phone to the computer, start iTunes and click the device icon and then the "Restore" button. But you need to hold down the Shift key on the keyboard, and when working with MacBook - the Alt key.

In the explorer that opens, specify the path to the previously downloaded file and click "Open".

After installing the firmware, the device can be unlocked.

Resetting password in DFU mode

This method is the safest and most reliable. DFU is a special mode that allows you to put your iPhone into a state where you can restore iOS from scratch. With it, the system components are rebuilt and iOS itself is installed from scratch. But if no backups have been created before, the personal information will be deleted.

Connect the device to the PC via USB cable and put it into DFU mode. To do this, press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds. At the same time press the "Home" key. After 10 seconds, you need to release "Home" and keep holding the power button until the iPhone enters bootloader mode. Once the device is detected, you will not see an iTunes icon or cable on the screen. The color of the display will be black or white. After that, unlocking will proceed as usual.

Resetting password by restoring iPhone to factory settings

Those who have not previously synced their device with iTunes, did not turn on the iPhone search function, forgot the Apple iD password on ios 7, they have only one way to recover. This is to reset the iPhone to factory settings. In this case also erases all files and personal information, not just the old password. It is done like this:

  • put the phone into "Restore" mode. Turn off your iPhone. Press the "Home" button (the big, single button) and at the same time plug the usb into the charging jack. The iTunes icon with the cable should appear;
    Resetting password by restoring iPhone to factory settings
  • The USB cable must be plugged into a computer with iTunes installed. Open iTunes and it will immediately prompt you to update or repair your iPhone;
    How to unlock iPhone if I forgot my password
  • of course choose "Restore", and then the phone recovery begins. In this case, passwords and all data are also erased. The phone becomes "clean", as after the purchase in the store;

Unlock iPhone with iCloud

This method is quite simple. But the phone must have the "Find iPhone" function activated. To do this, go to "iCloud" in the system settings and there you should click on "Find iPhone". Internet connection is required.

Now you just need to go to iCloud and under the "All Devices" tab, click on the "Devices" section. A drop-down list will open in which you will see your iPhone. If the application has detected it, it will be indicated by a green circle next to it.

If you click on its icon, a window will appear where you need to click "Erase iPhone" and the operation will be started.

You will then be prompted to restore the phone "As New", or use the backup in iTunes.

The first option - you get the device with the factory settings and you can put a new password on the iPhone.

Recovering Apple ID account data

Unlocking your iPhone if you forget your password is quite easy when you have access to your registration email. On the website you need to specify the registration mail, which at the same time is the Apple ID, and then click "Continue". In the mailbox, you should follow the link from the email from Apple and on the page that opens, you can change your screen unlock password.

If access to the mail is lost, and the secret question could not be answered, then you will have to prove to the technical support that the device is yours, otherwise access will be impossible.

If you have an Unlocked iPhone

To unlock an unlocked phone while maintaining a connection to your carrier, you can use the SemiRestore utility. First, you need to download the OpenSSH encryption tool from the unofficial Cydia app.

Download and install the SemiRestore application on your computer (google it without problems).

Connecting iPhone to PC through the original cable.

Run the utility and wait for it to detect the connected device.

Press the "SemiRestore" key in the main program window to start the recovery mode.

While the process is going on, the screen on your iPhone may go off or on from time to time, but you don't need to take any action. Just wait until the operation is over and you will get a pristine clean smartphone with factory settings. The SemiRestore element will be saved in the iPhone and it will be easy to make sure that the Jailbreak is saved.

To avoid causing yourself unnecessary problems, use combinations that are easy to remember to set a password on your iPhone. If you forget your password, you won't be able to unlock your device quickly. So don't rely on your memory and write it down.

In modern versions of the iPhone, data protection is implemented with the help of the fingerprint. It is very convenient. It is always near and unique. 

It's not hard to recover the iPhone password. The bad thing is that to do this, almost always, you have to sacrifice all the information on your phone. So set a password that you won't forget, or better yet, write it down or get yourself a tattoo 🙂

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