How to promote a Telegram channel

How to promote a Telegram channel

The topic of promoting a Telegram channel is not new, and is constantly evolving. While in the past it was enough to buy advertising and enjoy the number of subscribers coming in, now it's not so easy. Sasha, the author of the channel "For Sasha's sake" talked to Pasha, the author of the channel "Pasha and his Procrastination" and found out for himself 10 postulates for the promotion of Telegram-channel. Below are Sasha's direct words from her channel.

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How to promote a Telegram channel

Our channel "Brewed Business" has gained 2,000+ subscribers in 1.5 months, and this is a natural increase. Now we want to promote it, but how do we do it? I asked for advice from Pasha Fedorov, because he has a lot of experience: he often advertises in the channel https://t.me/abbsol, he has 24,000+ subscribers.

What I understood from Pasha's advice about promoting his Telegram channel:

In the last six months, Telegram has been bloated with advertisements - everyone is selling and buying them. Because of this, the effectiveness of each ad post has dropped. If you paid 5,000 for a post and you have 100 people coming to you, that's normal. On average, one subscriber costs 60₽ - that's such a shitty average. Anything cheaper is good.

2. If my channel has 2-3 thousand people, then you should only buy advertising in small publishers - up to 5000 people. If you place immediately in a large channel, the yield will be small. For some reason, when the subscribers of the mass channel for advertising go to a small channel, they are disappointed to leave. I don't know why, but that's how it works. I call it the Fedorov effect.

3. Before you advertise in a channel, check it with Tgstat: whether the channel is growing, how engaged its audience is, and what its citation index is. For example, if the channel is growing rapidly but few people mention it, it's not clean, it's cheating. To track the dynamics of your own channel, add it to Tgstat, too - https://tgstat.ru/add_channel.

4. Check how often the channel publishes ads. If it's infrequent, the effect of your ads will be greater, but the price of your ads will likely be higher.

5. Find out how many hours an ad post will be at the top, that is, how long after it will not have other posts on the site. An hour is the norm, Pasha keeps ads in the top for 3 hours.

6. When you're counting how many subscribers come after an ad, keep in mind that they come in two waves. The first wave is when the ad comes out, and the second wave is when the next post comes out on that site. Subscribers read the latest post and at the same time scroll and read your ad. Because of these mechanics, it is important that your ad post was at least an hour in the top, otherwise you will get into the second wave and miss the first wave.

7. It's better to find out if your ad post will be removed after some time - some channel owners do this. If they don't remove the ad post, it will get a little bit of traffic afterwards. Many new subscribers to our "Brewed Business" channel flip to the beginning and read it in its entirety: everyone we've mentioned in those 1.5 months gets new traffic. But it's unknown if this works in other channels.

8. It's impossible to know in advance whether people will come to your ads. You need to choose active channels with a loyal and relevant audience - that's clear. But you can post ads in two very similar subpublics and get completely different results. You have to try.

9. If you don't have a lot of subscribers after a commercial, there could be a lot of reasons. But it's worth thinking about: What if your channel just sucks? ?If you've paid for ads, make sure the last two posts in your channel are super-bombastic. People aren't going to scroll further and see what you posted a month ago.

10. If you decide to advertise on a large channel, you should test it first. Ask the owner of the site if he has previously placed channels with themes similar to yours, and what the yield was. Then buy not a separate promotional post for a test run, but a place in the selection. A selection brings fewer people, but it's also cheaper (average price - 3000₽), so you take less risk. If it costs 25₽, for example, to place a subscriber in a compilation, that's fine, you can pay for an individual post.


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