The Galactic War in Star Wars

Walking through the Galactic War in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Information about passing the Galaxy War in Star War: Galaxy of Heroes (abbreviated GW or GW) will be useful and interesting first of all for newcomers. As well as those who would like to play comfortably and not invest money in the game. So that the advantage of "donaters" was minimal.We have already written Beginner's Guide on how to start the game correctly. If you have followed all the recommendations, you are probably at the Top of the Arena. What's next? What's the lineup? We don't want to limit our team choices, but there are limitations imposed by the game itself. We will try to squeeze into these restrictions and create a capable team. The key factor is the availability of droids for training and credits to raise the level of your character. We'll need 6 characters in allthat will need to be developed. So:

Walking through the Galactic War in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

  1. Maximum quick heal (chel). Have always 3 characters on the team, with cure affixes. Need Lumi, Daka and Consul (later, and Briss Offie).
  2. Always have all 5 of your characters at the end of every battle with full health (Health Point). This is quite easy to achieve if you choose the last 1-2 targets to kill.
  3. Never spare a cure attack, even if only one fighter on your team has damage.
  4. Don't play autobattle! The AI (Artificial Intelligence) does not know how to accumulate skills and distribute them properly.
  5. Try not to lose a single character. Do not be lazy to close the application (unload from the phone memory) and replay the battle. Your entire team must be with you throughout the entire GW, from start to finish.

barriss offee - Passage of the Galactic War in Star WarsOf great importance is the stardom of the characters (the number of pumped stars of the character). Characters get on your team at different times, but your goal is to raise stars as quickly as possible.

Team composition for Galactic War

  • Leader: At first there was Loomie (shards of it are collected with GW. Lumi has the best treatment in the game at the moment). After getting Quaya - Replace Lumy with Kwai in the leaders. You'll be lucky, because your healers will walk incredibly often due to the passive speed boost. This only applies to leaders, you will definitely leave her on the team!
  • Duck (easily assembled with Cantina supplies). While she's gone, another healer, Taliawhich you received at the beginning will be your companion.
  • Consul (easy to assemble) - you have initially.
  • Chewbacca - He will serve you faithfully in GW for a long time. At the moment, he has one of the best "selfies. He's needed until the appearance of the Dooku in your team. After Dooku appears, you swap them.
  • As long as you are at low levels - the fifth can be any damager from your team.

Qui-Gon - Star Wars Galactic War Walkthrough

The final team for the passage of Galactic Wars

Leader: Kwai, furthermore Loomie, Duck, Dooku и Consul. That's it. You don't need anything else for a complete daily and fast GW.

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