How to pass GTA: San Andreas

How to pass GTA: San Andreas in full + all the codes in the game

For almost every game it is important how to play it: in what order, etc. Not unimportant is the tactic in the GTA series. In addition to the fact that in the game GTA: San Andreas is the task to complete the mission, it is desirable to know how, where and when to perform a particular task. Adventures that began in Los Santos, it is important to correctly and as far as possible, optimally end. And how to do this, how to pass GTA: San Andreas, where to take the mission, who to kill, how to make money in the game, all told in detail. If you want to pass all the missions of GTA: San Andreas on 100% - read at the link GTA conditions for all 100%. Responding)

A nice bonus will be the availability of of all codes (read cheats) in the game for GTA: San Andreas. Bonuses for the car, for weapons, for the character, for transport and many others can be found directly at the end of this article.

UPD. And another bonus - a video walkthrough of the final mission. (at the end of the article).

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How to complete all the missions in GTA: San Andreas

After completing the first few missions, we find a fire truck near Glen Park or "help" to call the fire brigade. It will take some sweat, but you can't be unsatisfied with the result: each level gives solid money, and after finishing 12 levels, the player gets fire resistance, which may be needed later.It would also be nice to complete the cab mission to carry 50 passengers. A convenient nuance isIf a player rides, say, 37 people, then he can give another 13 rides, and the mission will be completed. Earnings will be small, both from individual passengers, and for 5 completed journeys in a row. A bonus will be nitrous oxide tanks and hydraulics system for all cabs.

One more profession should be "mastered"while in Los Santos. This is pimping, for which you will get some money, but not a lot. In addition, there will be an opportunity to take money from dead non-payers. After successful accomplishment of the mission night moths will pay for their services to you. Again, the money is not much: a little, but nice. These three professions will bring us closer to the much needed 100%.How to pass GTA: San Andreas, mission pimping completedThen, by completing the story mission "Criminal District of the City", Carl will get a can of spray paint, which means the ability to paint over the graffiti of rival gangs, which then leads to another bonus - Molotov cocktails, AK, Tec-9 and shotgun, which will regularly appear in the kitchen of the Johnson house. You will now be able to pump up your skills as a marksman.

Don't forget, of course, to go to the gym to work out. Once Carl gets a little more pumped up, you can learn new moves by beating up a gym boxer. This will also bring you a fraction of a percent closer to the coveted hundred.After the "Home Invasion" mission, a side mission of the robber will be available to the player. The mission doesn't count toward the 100% score, but the bonus for it (an endless sprint) will help pass the triathlon missions. In addition, you can earn some money. Fulfilled it will be considered when the player loot property for $10 000.It should ride a bike more, because only with the skill of cycling 20% player will be allowed to the difficult task BMX Challenge, which is also required to pass.

While the player is still in Los Santos need to collect its territory are the first eleven oysters, which will also bring $1100.Successfully completed the mission cab driver, pimp, firefighter, and not one thousand miles of virtual roads of Los Santos, you will be allowed to compete in the 8-Track at the stadium Los Santos.

Don't forget to complete the courier mission near Roboi's Food Mart, which will then generate regular income in $2000.GTA: San Andreas - walkthrough

When earning money, spend it only on things you really need

For example, on real estate, because it adds interest to the statistics.

After completing the mission to set fire to the gang's house and further rescue the girl from there, you should woo Denise. All you can (need to) get from her are the keys to her car (you need to achieve 50% relationship) and a pimp costume as a gift (for 100% relationship with her). Since the girl can be picked up at her house only from 00:00 to 06:00, the rest of the time is better spent seizing territories, if you have passed the story mission "Doberman". The rest of the mission should be postponed for now. If you want to get cars and suits from all the girls, you will need to get rid of the previous, "processed", so to speak. In case Carl is in a relationship with two (or more) girls, they will "date" during the dates and make CJ jealous scenes.

By completing the Doberman mission, CJ will be able to seize territories for his gang. Yes, then they will be taken away by the plot, but now you can get a lot of useful things from such conflicts. First of all, it's the ability to wield various kinds of weapons. By the way, if you have too big a wave of enemies, a couple of Molotov cocktails will be very handy. Secondly, there is money. These can be collected from the corpses of enemies and on Grove Street near Carl's house as a regular income icon.GTA: San Andreas - walkthrough, kill drug dealersDon't forget to kill drug dealers regularly - you can constantly find a thousand or two in their pockets. This way of killing (a quiet stab in the neck from behind) will very rarely attract the attention of the police.

Now you can go to the stadium in order to pass the mission "8-track" (the name comes from the track, built in the form of an eight. You may have to suffer with the race, but the result is worth it: $10,000, two prize cars near the stadium and 0.53% in the statistics. By the way, winning cars in this way, they can not be taken to the garage so as not to take up space - they will already be obediently waiting for the player in the place assigned to them.GTA MonsterTwo prize cars: the Hotring Racer, numbered 21, and the Monster, painted with a flag on its body.Now there is one last barricade left before you move to the countryside - the Green Saber mission. Before completing it, take money off the regular income icons near the store and on Grove Street. When you finish the mission, your completion percentage will be 22.99%. If so, you're on the right track.

The first thing you can (and should) do in Angel's Pine is complete the paramedic mission. To do this, find the medical center of the village (near the church with the characteristic tower) and get into the ambulance. It is recommended to complete this mission here, because the territory of the village is small, and beyond its borders the player will not be sent. In addition to a considerable amount of money, which is enough to buy a house in Angel's Pine (and will remain a little) will get a percentage of the game and the maximum health (increase the red bar "life").

Then it's off to Mt. Chilliad to win a series of three mountain bike rides. This also counts as 100%.Now continue to collect oysters. In the countryside they can collect 14 more pieces (numbers 12-24 inclusive and number 28), which is another $1400.After the mission "Tanker Commander" will open access to the profession trucker. After completing six voyages, the mission, unfortunately, will be temporarily blocked until the opening of Las Venturas.Once you get to San Fierro you need to collect the oysters we are already so fond of. There are nine of them in the city, which means a fee of $900.

Next, you should perform a difficult task NRG-500, which will bring you one step closer to the coveted 100%, and put in your pocket $1000.To get a new point with a regular income, you need after the story mission "555 we turn over" to work as a footman in the Hotel Wank Hoff.

Another point of regular income will be the Hippy Shopper. This will be similar to the courier job in Los Sattos: same income, same tasks, but on a Harley-like motorcycle.Buying out the Zero RC store from the previous owner, help Zero with his problems. This will count towards the 100 percent, plus it's another regular income point.

Then take a picture of all 50 photo icons, which will not only bring you weapons near your garage modifications, but also $105,000 in total.

Later, passing the school of extreme driving "gold", you get three nice bonuses near the school: sports cars Super GT, Bullet and unique Hotknife.

Now you can go to the stadium, where, having won the competition, there will be a wonderful Bloodring.The next step is to take the purchase of the Wang Cars establishment and carry out missions in the garage. This will generate income, and after one of the missions will open a mission to export vehicles. Exporting whole vehicles in full will bring an income of $1,835,000. It is not possible to take everything to the port at once, so you can take your time and make deliveries as you find one or another vehicle.

Before Las Venturas opens, a car like the Infernus is probably very hard to find. Surely you have found the only place where this (or another) car is parked. But the problem is that it is closed. Therefore, do not get lost - take the tractor and drive it to the ship. Just do not forget to take the car off the hook, otherwise the crane will literally tear it out.As soon as Toreno will call you and, using a match, invites you to his ranch, get into your favorite vehicle and move to the RS Haul station, where you need to pass two more missions. If the penultimate one should not cause problems, the last one will. The route will lie in Las Venturas, where, leaving the cargo, go in search of the remaining oysters - another $16,000. Move from west to east - from Las Venturas to the desert. Then, after picking up the last oyster under the Gant Bridge, head to the boat control school - you also need this for 100%. And in Las Venturas, don't forget to finish motorcycle riding school.

After learning how to handle the two-wheeled beast, visit the nearby stadium, where there are two motorcycle races: a regular circular race with opponents and a single race with obstacles. The reward for the first is BF Injection, the reward for the second is Dune.

After the missions for Toreno, before buying the plane graveyard, Jethro will call and tell you that races are now available in four locations around the state. Flag icons will appear in San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Los Santos. For now, it's best to be distracted by them. Especially in addition to the cash prize for each race on winning the last one, CJ will get a million dollars.Then complete the delivery missions at Burger Shot in Las Venturas. In addition to the delivery money, this is another regular income point ($2000). Don't forget to stop by the gym to learn new moves. This is another fraction of a percent to the stats. After finishing flight school and missions on the abandoned airstrip, CJ will be able to pick up a jetpack near the school building to help collect horseshoes in Las Venturas. That's another $105,000 and a weapon near the Woosie Casino.Once the Caligula robbery missions become available, you have to finish them first. After the "Key to Her Heart" mission, Carl will have a girl named Millie. Collected oysters will allow the relationship to develop faster than usual, and after the second date she will allow you to go to her house and pick up a casino robbery card. There's not much point in continuing the relationship with her since CJ won't get a suit for 100% of the relationship and her car, Club, isn't very rare to achieve 50%. Let's go to the weapons store, where we will test four weapons: pistol, Micro SMG, shotgun and AK.After the missions-preparation for the robbery, or rather after the "Explosive situation" will be available missions in the career, the passage of which will give a point of regular income in $2000.

What to do in GTA: San Andreas after opening the entire map?

Now that the entire map is open, the player can complete two levels of Train Driver. This task counts toward the 100% and brings in a lot of money.

Stop after the mission "Business of Thugs" or in a rebellious city the following tasks will be more difficult to perform as usual.After the release of the suite Karl can again take over the areas. It is advisable to go through them quickly, like a hurricane. You can leave the enemies El Corona and Little Mexico (these areas will be colored in an unusual yellow color for those places). After the Los Desperados mission, the Warrios of Los Aztecas will get them even if Karl captures these territories before that. You should also not capture Idlewood. You should go through the "Live 4 Lives" mission first, where Carl and Sweet capture two parts of the area in question, after the mission it remains to capture the rest. In addition to the aesthetic satisfaction because of the green coloring on the half map of Los Santos, the player will also receive money, which will appear on Grove Street in the form of a regular income point.There are small snags in the turf wars, which can cause big problems. These are very small areas to take over. For example, the "strip"-area in the northern part of the Temple neighborhood under the Madd Dogg mansion, the two Jefferson pieces around the clothing store, and the square in south Los Flores. Attacking such neighborhoods can go wrong, because by chance you might attack a neighboring neighborhood. Therefore, you should lure the enemies into the above areas (by shooting, for example, or by your presence) and shoot the foes.

Now you can divert to the sports component of the game. For example, two triathlons. Their passage does not count as 100%, but will not prevent you from getting closer to the rank of GTA guru. It would also add a total of $30,000. I'm sure the protagonist's muscles won't be too pumped up after a long trek around the state. So we head to Santa Maria Beach and spend a few game days practicing intensely, as the player must have 100% in the Muscle line to be eligible for the competition. Then the first competition starts at the same beach near the lighthouse. The second is at Fisherman's Lagoon, near the village of Palomino Creek. Note that to pass the triathlon it is desirable to have an endless sprint, which can be obtained for the completion of the mission thief.That would fill the closet with special costumes proceed to meet the remaining four girls: divorced Barbara, narrow-eyed Katie, lush-breasted Michelle and dangerous Helena. The first, a sheriff with two children in her arms, on the 100% relationship set will don a cop costume, etc. Dating is no problem now, as collecting all the oysters has removed the need for certain requirements from the girls. Once you approach a girl, the percentage of relationships will be 15%, and if you bring flowers to your girlfriend five dates, 100% of relationships can be achieved in eight dates. This is because for every successful date, 10% will be counted - the girlfriend immediately invites you in for coffee.

The most interesting part will be with Michelle, because she has a special kind of date where she gets behind the wheel and the player only watches the girl's reckless driving. For such a date, the player will get 15% to the relationship, which means that 100% with the car mechanic can be reached in seven dates. By the way, if you press the F key at all with Michelle on the road, she will throw Carl out of the car near her house and hide in the distance. The game will comment snidely: "She stole your car. You look so much alike." Date will be considered, alas, unsuccessful.Well, you can still do a lot of things in the game, after you have passed GTA: San Andreas:

  • perform all unique jumps (to make it easier to perform them take NRG-500 on the second floor of the multi-level parking lot in East Beach, Los Santos), but it is better to finish the passage of 100%, completing the final mission of the game. This is the end of the literacy on the subject of how best to get 100% in the statistics of San Andreas. By the way, the reward for such hard work: $1 000 000, the tank Rino under the motor on Grove Street and the plane Hydra on the roof of Sweet's house. Also ammunition will now be infinite. I think I've said it all... Go ahead, good luck!

Author of the article: Oleg OPla Gaming Platonov

And I'll add some more goodies for passing GTA. Use or not codes or cheats in GTA San Andreas personal business. How did I do? To begin with passed the entire game on their own, using tips and advice, of course. And then the fun began, when with the help of codes and cheats game changed beyond recognition, it's just fun. Agree to make a mess in the center of the city and remain invulnerable, or drive up to the police in a tank.

All in all, use and share with your friends.

GTA San Andreas Codes. Cheat codes for missions and cars

GTA San Andreas Codes. Cheat codes for missions and cars

GTA San Andreas car codes:

  • AIWPRTON - code for Tank - Rhino san andreas;
  • CQZIJMB - An old race car - Bloodring Banger;
  • JQNTDMH - Little Jeep - Rancher;
  • PDNEJOH - Race car #1 - Racecar;
  • VPJTQWV - Race car #2 - Racecar #2;
  • AQTBCODX - retrieve The hearse - Romero;
  • KRIJEBR -. Limousine - Stretch;
  • UBHYZHQ - Garbage Truck - Trashmaster;
  • RZHSUEW - The car from the golf course - Caddy;
  • KGGGDKP - Amphibious car, hovercraft - Vortex Hovercraft;
  • AKJJYGLC - ATV - Quad;
  • AMOMHRER - Fuel truck - Tanker Truck;
  • EEGCYXT - Bulldozer - Dozer;
  • AGBDLCID - Huge Jeep. - Monster;

GTA San Andreas codes:

  • CPKTNWT - Blow up all the cars;
  • XICWMD - Invisible Machine;
  • PGGOMOY - Perfect control;
  • ZEIIVG -. Green light only;
  • YLTEICZ -. Aggressive drivers;
  • LLQPFBN - Pink cars;
  • IOWDLAC -. Black cars;
  • AFSNMSMW - Water transport is flying;
  • BGKGTJH - Cheap Cars;
  • GUSNHDE -. Fast Cars;
  • RIPAZHA - Cars are flying;
  • JHJOECW - Huge Rabbit Leap;
  • JCNRUAD -. Big Bang;
  • COXEFGU -. All cars have Nitro (acceleration);
  • BSXSGGC - Cars fly off when they collide;
  • THGLOJ - Fewer cars;
  • FVTMNBZ - There are only rural vehicles on the roads;
  • VKYPQCF - Every cab has Nitro(acceleration) installed;
  • VQIMAHA - Maximum skill in driving all machines;

If you want to fly a helicopter or an airplane, enter the following codes:

  • JUMPJET - Code for Hydra Plane;
  • OHDUDE -. Code for Hunter helicopter;
  • URKQSRK. Plane for stunts - Stunt Plane;

GTA San Andreas Gun Codes

  • LXGIWYL - weapon set #1 (shotgun, mini-MP5, AK-47, rifle, bat, pistol 9mm, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, can of paint, brass knuckles);
  • KJKSZPJ - weapon set #2 (Desert Eagle pistol, Sawed-Off, Tec-9, knife, M4 machine gun, sniper rifle, fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades);
  • UZUMYMW - weapons set #3 (M4 machine gun, chain saw, 9mm pistol with silencer, Spaz, MP5, sniper rifle, thermal RPG, mines;)

Codes that will decorate your game, money, weapons, armor and health: 

  • HESOYAM - code for money + $250.000 and restore health and armor;
  • OSRBLHHH - If you want to play bad, enter a code that will raise the crime level by 2 stars;
  • ASNAEB - remove all the crime stars;
  • LJSPQK - maximum crime rate (code for 6 stars);
  • WANRLTW, FULLCLIP - shoot without reloading, endless bullets;
  • AEZAKMI - do whatever you want, no one will be looking for you;
  • OUIQDMW - a full set of weapons even when driving;
  • FOOOXFT - all residents of the city with guns, code for dangerous city;
  • NCSGDAG - increase weapon proficiency (works on all weapons);
  • AIYPWZQP - get a parachute;

GTA codes for transport:

  • VQIMAHA - increase the skill of driving a car to the maximum;
  • XICWMD - invisible all cars;
  • PGGOMOY - perfect control;
  • BGKGTJH - only cheap cars on the streets of the city;
  • GUSNHDE - only expensive cars on the road;
  • CPKTNWT - blow up all the cars;
  • LLQPFBN - all the cars are pink;
  • IOWDLAC - all cars are black;
  • RIPAZHA - code for flying a car;
  • BMTPWHR - rural cars and pedestrians
  • FVTMNBZ - rural clothing and machines;
  • THGLOJ - If you want to drive around the city, enter the code and there will be very few cars on the roads;
  • COXEFGU - all cars with nitro;
  • BSXSGGC, BUBBLECARS - cars fly off on impact;

GTA San Andreas codes on the characteristics of the character:

  • BAGUVIX - god mode, immortality;
  • CVWKXAM - swim underwater without restriction;
  • AEDUWNV - there is no need to eat;
  • BTCDBCB - fat character;
  • JYSDSOD - jocks;
  • KVGYZQK - thin;
  • BEKKNQV - all the girls are hitting on you;
  • OGXSDAG - maximum respect;
  • EHIBXQS - maximum attractiveness;
  • VKYPQCF - maximum stamina;
  • NATURALTALENT - pump up your driving, biking, cycling and pilot skills as much as possible;
  • AFPHULTL - Japanese sword and ninja around;
  • KANGAROO - super jumps;

Codes for weather, time, environment:

  • AFZLLQLL - sunny weather;
  • ICIKPYH - sultry weather;
  • ALNSFMZO - cloudy weather;
  • AUIFRVQS - rainy weather;
  • CFVFGMJ - fog;
  • XJVSNAJNIGHTPROWLER - It's always midnight;
  • OFVIAC - orange sky (21:00);
  • MGHXYRM - thunderstorm;
  • CWJXUOC - sandstorm;
  • YSOHNUL - speed up time;
  • PPGWJHT - accelerated play;
  • LIYOAAY - slow play;
  • BAGOWPG - The peds are attacking you;
  • SZCMAWO - suicide;
  • ZEIIVG - all traffic lights are green;
  • YLTEICZ - road chases;
  • AFSNMSMW - flying boats;

Other cheats for GTA San Andreas:

  • ASBHGRB - there are Elvises everywhere;
  • BGLUAWML - aggressive pedestrians with guns;
  • AJLOJYQY - everyone in the city is at war with each other;
  • CIKGCGX - everyone to the beach party;
  • MROEMZH - Los Santos gang members are everywhere;
  • BIFBUZZ - only gang members everywhere;
  • JHJOECW - a big jump on the bike;
  • JCNRUAD - explosion ("Smash'n Boom", cars explode on impact);
  • LFGMHAL - mega jump;
  • IAVENJQ - mega punch;
  • IOJUFZN - rebellion mode;
  • PRIEBJ - the topic is crazy;
  • MUNASEF - adrenaline mode;
  • SJMAHPE - recruit someone (9mm);
  • ZSOXFSQ - recruit someone (Rockets);

As a bonus.

What is the code to skip a mission

Frankly - no way. There is no way to normally skip a mission in GTA. But there are options:

  • Use one of the cheats above (for example, money or immortality)
  • download someone else's game save, but then it won't be your character, not your game, nothing of yours
  • and the last option, with a utility, but I don't even give it because it tends to ruin safes

What you do is up to you. Skip the mission or try to go through the whole game completely honestly or almost honestly 🙂

Passage of GTA San Andreas: Mission 99 - Finale!

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