How to pass some levels in the game Homescapes

How to pass some levels in the game Homescapes

A little help on getting through some challenging levels in Homescapes

Homescapes is an interesting game that helps you furnish your home and decorate it. If you like to create warmth in the house and coziness and play - then this app is perfect for you. We have already written how to play Homescapes, we recommend to read the article and the secrets of HomescapesWe have found for you. In this article we will tell you how to pass difficult levels in the game Homescapes.

If any levels you have difficulty - write in the comments, figure it out, we'll help!

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The game is free and can be played from the age of four. In the app, you can make purchases with in-game and real money. For example, these can be items in which coins accumulated during the game can be stored.

Passing difficult levels in Homescapes

Passing difficult levels in Homescapes

How to pass level 24

The first 10 levels can be passed without much difficulty, without resorting to tricks. Difficulties appear on level 24, where the puzzles are not all solved. The main task of the player is to collect 40 books and 40 bulbs in 22 moves. To accomplish this - keep a close eye on the playing field and place no more than five items at a time. Acting correctly, you can additionally earn rockets and bombs and make a minimum of moves in the game.

Level 24 in 10 steps

Also in the video there is information on how to pass: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, starting from 2021, because they have changed the number of possible moves in these levels.

How to pass level 25

You need to fill all the squares with carpet. If you collect chips behind the carpet, they won't extend it: you'll just waste a turn. You need at least one chip to be on the carpet. Again, use bonuses. If you detonate a bomb on or near the mat, it will fill all the cells that are affected by the bomb. Break the chains, be smart, and use the bonuses to pass this level.

How to pass level 28

Level 28 in the game Homescapes is also designed for wit and attention. The main task is to collect donuts and carpets, to do this, make combinations on the playing field of six items and only for 25 moves, for which additional bonuses are given. To capture the largest piece of the field and make it green, you must move to the lawn, create a missile or bomb there.


Remember that the light ball can increase the number of objects of the same color several times. Therefore, if you have a large number of mugs or buttons, it is necessary to break these very objects.

How to pass level 37

How to pass level 39

How to pass level 41

In 19 moves, you must bring four doughnuts down. The difficulty is that first the doughnut has to hit the "teleporter", and it goes up again in a new part of the field. That is, he needs to spend 2 times at the bottom of the field to pass the level. If you're lucky, you'll get the Rainbow Ball and combine it with another bonus, like a plane, then the planes will start flying all over the field, and you can easily pass the level. But even if you don't have a chance to do so, use other bonuses and advantageous combinations to guide the donuts down.

How to pass level 42

Level 45 walkthrough

How to pass level 47

You have to remove the cookies - and they're hard to break. But the goal is not only to collect 40 cookies, but also to fill 59 cells with a mat. There are 30 moves for this task. Focus not on the cookies, but on the mat: by filling the cells with the mat, you will automatically remove most of the cookies. Without bombs and missiles is a bit difficult to complete the task, so collect bonuses. Blow them up preferably on the carpet if you want to automatically fill several cells with carpet. If you blow them up next to each other, they will act and remove the chips, but they won't spread the carpet. And for us it is an unnecessary waste of moves.

How to pass level 50

How to pass level 54

There is a limited number of moves - 32, and you need to collect 17 cherries and 16 apples. The difficulty is that this is a movable field, and it's not rectangular. Start the level by breaking chains on those tokens that are closer to the center - that way you'll collect apples faster and automatically collect cherries that are around apples. After that, finish collecting the cherries that are further away, that is, closer to the edge. If possible, collect the bomb, it is much faster to destroy what you will destroy manually for a long time. The rocket does not destroy all frozen chips, but only those with cherries, so use it if you can.

How to pass level 64

Level 64 in Homescapes is a difficult level. You need to collect 32 apples and spread the carpet over 40 squares of the field. We have 35 moves to do all this.

Start. On the right side of the screen, destroy the koloboks to fill the field with carpet. I recommend starting at the top. And later go down to the lower ones, that's the secret of success.

How to pass level 67

How to pass level 86

In 25 turns, it's up to you to get four doughnuts down. They all appear at the same time here, but are on different sides, so you have to destroy many boxes that get in the way and clear a path for all donuts at the same time. Break the boxes closer to the center and bottom, the top ones can disappear on their own when the chips fall out. Sometimes the boxes are smashed in one move, and some in 2 or even 3. So when you get the chance, collect the Rainbow Ball and combine it with bombs, rockets, airplanes - something that will help you break the boxes faster.


How to pass level 89

Collect 14 cherries in 21 turns. The difficulty of the level is that there are iced cherries and partition walls, through which you can not drag the chips, but with them you can make combinations. Most of the cherries are hidden in the corners. Smash the left side of the playing field first. Use rockets, which help to get the cherries. Bomb is handy to remove dividers and smash extra ice cells. If you connect a rainbow ball with a rocket or airplane, these bonuses will appear all over the field and help you complete the mission faster - but use this trick if most of the cells are open, otherwise there will be few airplanes or rockets, and you'll waste a turn.

How to pass level 100

The difficult levels have begun. You have 29 moves to get six doughnuts down. The faster you complete the level, the more coins you earn. So remove the foam with a rocket or a bomb, connect the rainbow ball with other bonuses - and you'll be happy: all or most boxes will be removed, donuts will go down smoothly, chains will break and free a lot of other moves. So don't look at the initial lack of moves per level: they can even stay if you actively use all the falling out bonuses, or make them yourself.

How to pass level 133

In 31 turns you have to put down 7 donuts. There are two playing fields, with boxes at the bottom of each to break. There are also iced chips. You can't do without the bonus explosives. On the first field the doughnuts are on top of each other, which makes it a little easier - you don't have to remove 4 rows, but only 2. First clear more space to get the bonuses, then connect them to each other and lead the donuts down. On the second field, you don't have to put the donuts all the way down, but only to the bottom of the row where they are. So don't worry too much, those couple of squares will save your moves.

How to pass level 134

The next level is also difficult, so we will also consider it. In 30 moves you must collect 27 cherries and carpet 56 cells. Two rainbow balls are given, they must be dropped in order to use them. Ideally, if you knock out the space next to them with a rocket, they will come down and be next to you, you will connect them and clear the whole field. Otherwise, what are they given for? If you succeed, then almost the entire field will automatically fill up with carpet, because the rainbow balls themselves are on the carpet. And then - a matter of skill, dosobirat cherries and fill the remaining space carpet can be both manually, combining combinations, and using bonuses. But it is better to collect bonuses and use them to beautifully complete the level.

How to pass level 282

In 31 turns you must collect 15 cherries and remove 46 yellow squares covered in oil. It is difficult to pass the level because you have to break the ice hemispheres in which the chips are located. There's also the "teleporter". Think about your strategy ahead. Don't be in a hurry to make a move. Sometimes a bonus can be picked up where you're not expecting it, and it makes it a lot easier to pass a level. Combine rainbow balls with bombs or missiles if you can. Don't waste bonuses where you don't have to collect cherries or there aren't any butter cells already. Do not get upset if you did not succeed the first time - try again. Patience and hard work will get you there.

How to pass level 450

Collect 64 apples in 33 turns. Release the rockets, which are chained, and they will blow each other up. And since they are near the apples, they will help you collect several pieces of apples at once. There are 2 playing fields, so try not to stop too much on the first one. There's still a bunch of chains on the second one, you need to break them to get to the apples that are at the bottom of the field.

How to pass level 481

How to pass level 1000

You must collect 135 mats and 35 cats in 29 moves. This is a difficult level, there are three playing fields. From the beginning, you are given bonuses to activate (it is better to start with rockets, not bombs). If you blow up one, it will hit the second, third, etc. On the second and third field connect with 2 Rainbow balls, they help to clear the icy cells and fill them with carpets. On the third playing field already appear and cats, which again you must first break, and only then collect, using the Rainbow Balls.

That's it. These were some of the hardest levels and some of the best passing secrets of the game Homescapes.

Sometimes you ask.

How many levels in Homescapes

Answer: 6,871 levels in Homescapes. 

But this figure can change with any update. After all, the developers never stand still and invent more and more new levels to make it interesting for us to play Homescapes.

Play on your own!

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