How to play Gardenscapes - tips and secrets

How to play Gardenscapes - tips and secrets

Told you how to properly set up your garden at Gardenscapes. Enjoy it!

Gardenscapes is a fun game with interesting characters, fun tasks and the opportunity to decorate your own garden. If you like to dream, tidy up, create cozy places and play, this app is perfect for you. What is this game and how to play it? Let's find out.

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How to play Gardenscapes - tips and secrets

The game is free and can be played from the age of four. Although it is quite important logic, observation, the ability to think and analyze, the habit of achieving the set goal and ingenuity. In the application you can make purchases not only for play money (we'll talk about this later), but for real money. Basically, these are items in which you can store coins accumulated in the game - for example, a purse or piggy bank cost 379 p and 749 p, respectively; a garden set you can buy for 529 p. In the game you can even buy a handful of coins - 75 p, and many other things.

How to pass Gardenscapes

The game starts with the fact that you inherit a beautiful mansion, and the nice, kind butler Austin helps you to restore it, to put in order, because the estate is a bit ruined: then the fountains and the fence fell apart, then autumn came and it's time to remove the leaves. By the way, the seasons are really important there: they affect not only the tasks, but also the screensaver of the game "Three in a row". This game is a help to restore the garden of the estate, thanks to it you can earn stars. Stars are needed to complete this or that task. For example, a task is given: collect fallen leaves in a pile and the requirement is 1 star. You start to play "Three in a row", perform there the task - to collect dwarfs or chips (they are different, not constantly the same - it can be leaves, yellow pears, blue berries, etc.), get coins and a star for completing the task. The number of moves on each level is limited, so you have to try hard to get a star and coins. At very difficult levels are given not 50, but 100 coins, plus your earnings from the remaining moves of the coins. That is, the sooner you finish a level, the more turns remaining, so the more bonuses you get.

How to play Gardenscapes - tips and secrets

On the left side of the screen, at the bottom, there is a tablet where your tasks are written - and next to "Do for" and the number of stars is indicated, for example, 1. You click, spend the star you won, and you have a new task - now you have to dig a hole for this pile of collected leaves. And so on, you gradually complete the task until the day ends - that is, until the scale at the top, above the tasks, reaches 100 %. Then you get a gift - like bombs to help you complete the tasks in the game.

The number of stars in the tasks increases gradually: at first only 1 star per task, then it can be 2, 3 or more. The number of levels is almost endless, you constantly need to improve something on the site. But that's the upside: the game keeps changing and never gets boring, and the perfectionist who lives inside each person rejoices with putting beauty and order.

How to play Gardenscapes - tips and secrets

Why Austin is needed

What is the purpose of Austin, the butler? What is his help? He sets tasks and helps you do them - you work together: you earn money and stars, and he does tasks (calls about some services, cleans up the trash, etc.). Besides, it's fun with him: if you click on him, he'll talk to you. The same will happen if you click on an item. Check what happens.

How to pass levels in Gardenscapes

There are additional features in the game: Wheel of Fortune, Feast of Fireworks. You can get a nice prize for participating in these. But, if participating in Wheel of Fortune just requires you to enter once a day and pick up a prize, then to win in the Feast of Fireworks you have to work hard and be on the top of the prize list. It's a kind of player ranking, and if you're ranked 1 through 10, you'll get some kind of explosive prize: bombs, TNT barrel, etc. These are needed to blow up unnecessary tokens in Three in a Row. They can be collected during the game, if you connect the same tokens: 4 - get a firecracker, 5 - bombs, 6 - dynamite, etc. To blow up a bomb, you need to click on it twice or swap places with the adjacent chip. If you use the bomb several times, you will have a colored circle - Rainbow Lightning. If you connect it to the adjacent token, all tokens of that color will be removed from the field. And if you connect two rainbow lightning bolts when they are in adjacent squares, they will clear the whole field. Very handy when you need to collect gnomes, although almost no one uses it.

Gardenscapes walkthrough - tips and secrets, tricks

Not all levels can be completed the first time. You have 5 lives to spare, each topped up after 30 minutes. Or you can spend coins to finish the game. In 5 turns you will spend 900 coins. Sometimes it is not profitable, it is better to start the game again and not to spend money. What else can you use the coins for? To speed up something. For example, the tree house will take 5 minutes to build, but if you can't wait to see it, spend 50 coins and finish the task ahead of time. And if you get bored with it after a while, you can replace it with any of the three options that are offered first. Just select the desired style and click the check mark. And to change the bored look, you need to click and hold the item. But you'll have to spend some coins to buy another item. For example, benches. You bought wrought iron benches, but they are bored, you can replace them with striped - click on the bench, hold, choose the necessary in the window that appears, spend 15 coins and click on the checkbox. Done!

More coins can be obtained by connecting the game to Facebook. By the way, so you can get a free life, and not buy it or wait half an hour. To do this, ask your friends on social networks for help. Don't forget to help if your friends need extra life too. If you don't want to tie the game to your account (in case your friends don't want to play it), then create a new one and add other users to it, with whom you can exchange opinions about the game and free lives.

A little earlier we were talking about the assignment tablet. In fact, there's not only what you have to do, but also a tape where Austin corresponds with friends and parents and tells them about the events on the estate, what you and he have improved there, and what curiosities have happened in the process. There are photos and friends, the more there are the higher the level. And then there's "Events", this describes, with the passage of what level that opens. The same Festival of Fireworks is not available from the first level, but a little later - about this and other events read in this tab.

How to play Gardenscapes - tips and secrets

It is impossible not to note the appearance of the game. The characters are carefully drawn, the dialogues are meaningful, the tasks are also all meaningful and follow logically one after another. The picture of the levels varies: first the leaves are green, oblong, then yellow, the shape of the leaves as a maple. Changing and map with fruit - it happens in the form of a square, different figures - it depends on the tasks. Tasks, too, are different: at first easy (to collect fruit, flowers), then more difficult (to break the boxes and still collect something, remove acorns and collect dwarves, and others). Here are some of the difficult tasks we'll discuss now, so that you don't get lost on them, as often happens.

Video walkthrough of level 1900 to 2000

An amazingly powerful man who has gone over 2,000 levels. Here's a quote from a pro:

100 levels passed since the last clip, finally came Gardenscapes level 1900 change (2000). Paradox, but in fact it turned out to collect significantly more stars than the passed stages. Every week the puppy went through a new training session and received extra stars for it. Plus, there were very difficult tasks in which we are rewarded with 2 stars. But let's move on to the passage of the game Gardenscapes 1900. Finally finished all the work in the east area, where Master Akira tried to break our brains with his speeches. Austin completed the tea house, planted a couple of acres of trees, moss, shrubs, and didn't rest on that. The new water source prompted the butler to organize a small fountain for washing his hands before tea. The long-awaited tea party took place well before Gardenscapes level 2000, with participants originally receiving invitations via paper airplane. Everyone drank plenty of tea and the Eastern Grandpa left the game. I do not know if we will miss him after a while? It's hard to definitively answer right away, but, personally, I'm a little tired of him. On the eve of a new day, Austin got a call from his dad asking him to take a horse. To do so, open a new lot. Without waiting for Gardenscapes 2000 Butler went to bed, and in the morning started chopping weeds with a dagger and nettles with a chainsaw. But the main target turns out to be the stable, the horse is on his way to his new home. Austin panics, tears down the old stable and erects a new one. This is where the stars end. Amazingly, over 100 stars were enough for 30 minutes of video. Thanks to the developers for the interesting story of the game Gardenscapes, we are waiting for more levels.

Passing some levels

Level 14

You need to collect 50 yellow pears and six dwarves. Focus not on pears, but on collecting gnomes. You have to try to collect a bomb and explode it, this will help clear the cells and find the gnomes, which are at the top, bottom, left of the blue partition and in the center are the big ones, and 2 small ones on the left and right. In addition, the explosions will cause Rainbow Lightning, it will help to collect those chips that get in the way, or help to collect pears, if suddenly you could not collect them automatically.

Level 25

In this quest you only need to find gnomes - 14 pieces. Collect combinations with chained tokens, and of course, don't forget the explosions. As is clear initially, all the gnomes are at the bottom, so you need to get there as soon as possible, especially since you only have 29 moves. Firecrackers will help get rid of the green cells. Don't get upset if things don't work out the first time. Often it's not up to you, but how the chips fall out.

Level 65

In 34 moves you have to get eight lemonades. There are many obstacles in the form of crates, walls, through which you can't drag chips, but you can make combinations with them. The upper crates at least break with one hit, but the lower crates will have to be dealt with and spend 2 hits on them. The main thing is to get the first 2 lemonades through, the other 6 will be easier to drag down. And I never get tired of saying this: collect explosives at every opportunity, it saves moves significantly and does more good than harm, although it's strange to say so about the explosions 🙂

Level 73

We need to grow and collect 20 flowers, and find 12 dwarves in 30 moves. The problem is that the moves move (not all of them, but along the rectangle that surrounds the blue field, and the gnomes are on the sides of it), and we need not only to destroy the green cells under which the gnomes are hidden, but also to grow flowers in a few steps. Try to smash the frozen fruit that's inside the moving chips, because there are gnomes underneath them, too. And focus on picking gnomes, the flowers often grow automatically as they are next to the overgrown cells with gnomes. Again, use explosions, and use Rainbow Lightning to collect the flowers. That is, you will save moves to collect flowers, and use them to collect gnomes.

Level 77

In 28 turns, spend 2 lemonades in the exit cage - it is on the left, not at the bottom of the field, as usual. The difficulty is that they jump to a new level through portals. Bombs to your aid. They'll destroy the chips, and the lemonade will get into the new portal faster. And you'd better not move the glasses with the drink to the right. And here you can't do without the help of the Rainbow Lightning, because there's a berry in the exit cage, which you can't get away with anything except the lightning. So don't be surprised if you bring the lemonades to the end, but they don't make it to the exit - then feel free to blow everything up and feel like a pyrotechnic.

Level 78

It is necessary to collect 55 colors in 32 moves. Boxes need to break 2 times, under them berries in double chains, with them need to collect combinations and break also by 2 times. The flowerbeds are inside them, there are 3 of them. Then everything is standard, as it was in the previous levels: grow flowers in 3 steps and collect with Rainbow Lightning.

Level 85

In 22 turns you must collect 15 blue berries and 16 dwarves. Nothing is impossible, although there are many berries in chains and walls. The dwarves are at the bottom. Break at least one, preferably the center one, chain off the berries and the chips will fall down. A couple of explosions will do you good. Collect the dwarves first, then the berries. If it's the other way around, you might not have enough moves.

What should you do if you still can't complete a particular task? The game sometimes prompts you for answers. They are not always correct. It's best to take your time to think it over, because you're not playing for time. Try not to start playing as soon as the task appears: first, plan your moves so that you can remove only the pieces you need. It is desirable to remove chips at the bottom of the card, because the top chips can automatically add up and remove themselves, and then there will be new chips. Do not forget about bonuses: the more chips you put together, the more powerful the bonus will be. The main thing is not to give up. Sooner or later you will pass this level.

That's it. Have fun playing and create your own beautiful garden with Gardenscapes.

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