How to sign a photo on Instagram

How to sign an Instagram photo with paragraphs

Everyone probably knows how to sign a photo in Instagram, but not everyone knows how to do it in a few lines of formatted text, and with hashtags. The app prohibits doing this, but it's easy to get around it by following our instructions. Below we will tell you how you can sign a photo in Instagram, as well as how to make the information "About you" in your profile be centered.

How do I sign a photo on Instagram?

How to sign a photo on Instagram

Everyone knows how to sign a photo on Instagram in one line. To do this, just enter the text below the picture and it will appear as a caption to the picture after it is published. If you want to split the caption into several lines, paragraphs or format it, add different emoticons and emoji, then you have to use an additional program, such as Evernote, notes, diary or texting program.

  • In one of these apps, type the text the way you want it to look under the photo in Insta;
  • Copy it;
  • Paste into Instagram below the photo, with the paragraph formatting preserved;
  • Publish the entry, voila!

Remember that text in captions is limited to 2,200 characters, so if you exceed the limit, the line breaks will disappear and the caption will be distorted - it will be unformatted again. Only one hyphenation remains, and the other two will be erased. If you use characters like $,%, the line break feature also disappears.

How to make the text centered in your Instagram profile

Agree, nice and unexpected, looks a profile on Instagram with lines of description of the channel in the middle.

How do I make the text centered in my Instagram profile?

  • Sign in to Instagram via web -
  • Log in to the profile edit page
  • Copy from any other application (as described above) space characters - "⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀" (without quotes) in the About me field
  • Go into the app and tweak (delete) the required number of spaces so that your "About Me" description in the Profile is in the middle. Cool, isn't it? And no magic 😉

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How do I make a tag with a hashtag?

Now let's talk about hashtags. They make the account unique, always bring other users back to your Instagram profile and can briefly tell you about events. You can make such a caption on a photo as follows:

  • Upload or take a photo via Instagram;
  • add filters, changes, and then enter # and the caption text;
  • To add a hashtag to an uploaded photo, you need to edit the caption and add the desired hashtag;

And a few final tips that will make the signatures original:

  • Choose unique texts to attract new subscribers;
  • Don't be afraid to look ridiculous;
  • choose lyrics from songs, in a foreign language, or poems;

A caption makes any photo more attractive, so don't forget to make them, because it's quick and easy.

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