How to win in Brawl Stars - the most complete guide!

How to win in Brawl Stars - the most complete guide on the runet!

How to become the best in Brawl Stars - read our most comprehensive guide to the game

Supercell continues its expansion in mobile cybersport and invests in the development of its own competitive titles. And while Clash Royale has come a long way from an online strategy card game for casuals to a full-fledged gaming discipline, by Brawl Stars tournaments started to be held almost from the global release date. The game has all the potential to become another eSports discipline, but its popularity will depend on the actions of the developers themselves - how much resources they are willing to spend to promote another project.

However, for now, cybersports teams are not in a hurry to open Brawl Stars lineups and are looking at the reaction of the community. At the same time, ESL and other less popular gaming platforms are launching their own tournaments to "test the ground". As a result, we've got several independent tournaments, with a mix of players with the most cups in the game or for the champion along with popular youtubers. However, even this is enough for a subjective assessment of Brawl Stars - it is played all over the world, and interest in it is only growing.

That's why we decided to put in a separate article the most relevant information on the game, which is of interest to newcomers, as well as players who are stuck at low ranks. As updates to the game become available on the App Store, we'll update the current material and share links to the brawl list, bugs and features, tactics for playing Brawl Stars, and the "best brawlers" list right now.

How Brawl Stars tournaments are run

In our review of Brawl Stars We wondered in what direction Supercell should move to develop the competitive component of the game, and wondered what mode is better to bet on. The developers decided to use all options and make 5 rounds of the game in the following order: gem grab, soccer (brawl ball), safe (heist), bounty, and once again gem grab as a decisive card, if needed. The "every man for himself" modes (single and double variations) simply don't fit the format, so they're not in the tournament set-up - in other cases, the map is designed for 2 teams of 3 people each.

This holding mechanism was used at Red Bull M.E.O. just based on the ESL platform - popular bloggers, who have established themselves as top players (mostly because they donated a lot of money there and now open 500 boxes on streams), held their own qualifications. Passed online qualifying teams (top 8) make it to the finals in Germany, which are scheduled for February 1-2, 2019. So far, other Brawl Stars event organizers have taken it as a basis.

Secrets and facts about Brawl Stars

Since Brawl Stars is a new game, professional players are on the lookout for ideal strategies that can help them succeed in different modes. Reddit users are the most active ones - together they make draw lists, devise tactics, and assemble versatile lineups. And the higher the rank of the player, the more chances that he will find more or less knowledgeable "brawlers" who will adhere to certain rules.

Before moving on to tactical combat options, let's share the known facts about the mechanics of the game - the information will be useful for both experienced players and novice users:

  • There are two types of grass in the game - green and yellow. The difference is that the green grass grows again after being damaged, and the yellow grass is not renewed.
  • In order for a character to start regenerating health, you must not attack or take damage. Accordingly, the health regeneration stops when shooting, but it is not cancelled when aiming with a souper or a normal attack.
  • A blue circle around the character indicates that his Super is ready to use. A yellow circle indicates that the character is aiming the Super.
  • The accumulation of Super comes from the number of hits on other characters, not from the amount of damage dealt. That's why heroes like Colt and Ricochet are very quick to gain Super.
  • Some Supers can be knocked down because of the length of the cast, such as Brock, Barley, or Frank.
  • How is a "star player" determined in Brawl Stars? The game has some sort of algorithm that calculates a player's usefulness by the amount of damage dealt, hems or stars collected, and usually by the match won. "Generally" means that a "star player" can be given to someone on the losing team if they play at the highest level.

Crystal Capture mode

  • Crystals fall at intervals of 1 crystal every 7 seconds.
  • There can not be more than 10 crystals on the ground (then the mine will stop producing crystals).
  • A total of 29 crystals are available.

Bounty Hunting Mode

  • The star in the middle of the map just gives one point and does not increase the number of stars to the person who picked it up, and all the characters will also have two stars over their heads
  • You can have a total of seven stars at the same time, to score an eighth, even with all the desire will not work

Safe Mode

  • In the safe capture mode there can be a draw, because the game calculates the result according to the percentage, not the actual number of hitpoints of the safe. Accordingly, if one safe has 5 hitpoints left and the other has 10 hitpoints, it will be a draw because both safes have 1% of health.

Tactics and strategies in Brawl Stars

Option 1: "Leader + 2 Lines" Bundle

Recently, players prefer to choose this set-up - in the midrange is a tank that can collect crystals (the top 1 middler now - Pam), on the sides send characters with a long-range type of attack - Piper and Brock. Pam has to accumulate as quickly as possible on Super (treatment on the area) and put behind the rocks so that the set module won't get knocked down. The basic requirements for "linemen" are the ability to shoot well. This option works not only for capturing crystals, but also for "bounty" - you need to capture a star before your opponent and go into hard defense, not allowing your opponents to kill you.

Option 2. Bundle "Tank, DD, Sapper"

This set-up comes from Overwatch - although there are 6 characters (exactly twice as many as in Brawl Stars), but the division is similar (2 tanks, 2 Sappors and 2 DDs). In that case, a great combo would be Pam (Tank), Nita (DD), and Spike (Sappor). There aren't many variations on Sappors in the game - you can take Poco, but then the team loses control, since the 2 Supers are designed for healing rather than damage. Then instead of Pam you take Jessie, who has great midrange control thanks to her good base damage (she has a bounce attack) and her ulta.

Option 3. Solo Game

The above bindings, unfortunately, do not work in normal games when you play solo, without a team. In that case, you have to choose characters according to the following principle: good loners, able to deal a lot of damage and be useful to the team, having a reasonable amount of health. These are Nita, Pam, Jessie, Poco, less often Bull, El Primo (at low levels). Characters that deal high damage but have low HP are better not to play - you won't be able to collect crystals, thicker heroes are more likely to blow you away, because such DD-champions require a high skill level.

Just opened characters. The game itself suggests that the selection of players is made roughly by the number of cubes accumulated for him. This means that when selecting a new hero, the game will "throw" you with the same players who have just unlocked heroes. In this case, you can quickly accumulate cups and raise your own level.
The strongest character in Brawl Stars

Sometimes the Internet is searched for information about who is the strongest brawler? As we've said before, there are full-fledged drawlists that are compiled by Reddit users, the latest update looks like this:

the strongest characters in brawl stars

As you can see, The strongest character in Brawl Stars is LeonHe's an excellent player in all modes. So if you're thinking about who to cast in the first place, we recommend to look at Leon, he is so far the top character, whose capabilities should be used until the next nerve. And, apparently, they will be, because it's impossible to escape Leon at high ranks, and competent players for Leon can make your game session a living hell.

Leon's strength lies in his massive burst damage (the closer he gets to his target, the more damage he deals) and his ability to be invisible, which makes him a dangerous opponent in solo games and on maps with a lot of bushes. Unfortunately, Leon is a legendary character, so his drop rate from an ordinary box is incredibly low.

Of the available brawlers, Brock is considered the best, opening at the turn of 1,000 cups. He's a good character with decent damage that can be dealt at long range, and his Super (which deals area missile damage) can turn the game around. Brock is considered to be a pretty good crystal-grabbing sopporte, he's nice to play in every man for himself mode, he's useful in the safe (but not as useful as, for example, Barley) and, as already described above, in bounty mode. Brock is practically useless in soccer.

Top 10 characters in Brawl Stars according to youtuber Coach Cory (in which Leon is also the best, by the way)

  1. Leon
  2. Spike
  3. Pam
  4. Nita
  5. Tara
  6. Jesse
  7. Darryl
  8. Brock
  9. Barley
  10. Penny

What characters to rock in Brawl Stars

This question is asked by all beginners, because it is very difficult to collect all 22 heroes, so you need to choose certain characters, which you should pay attention to in the first place. Obviously, they should be at high positions in all type lists and tops, have adequate health and damage ratings, be equally useful in both solo and team battles. Moreover, each of them has a passive, which becomes available only after level 10, but to pump up the character to level 10 is very difficult - you have to spend both on power points and on pumping his level. It's really expensive - 1410 power points and 3090 coins for level-ups. So you have to choose a character that you'll be pumping as a priority and spend your strength point coins only on him or her.

Top 5 characters in Brawl Stars, which should be pumped in the first place:

5th place - Pam. Her passive ability restores her 30 hep for each shot. Not only is Pam a very serious tank in her own right, but with this passive it becomes very hard to kill her, and she feels confident in almost any mode.

4th place - Shelley. Who would have thought that the starting hero would have such an unusual ability - she freezes enemies with her Souper for 2.5 seconds. It's a handy passive for team fights, but because of its low position on Shelley's shooting list it's not so popular in competitive mode.

3rd place - Bo. Another unpopular character with a good passive that allows you to see better in the bush. This, of course, is very useful in solo modes like showdown, but Bo is practically not involved in team battles.

2nd place - Jesse. When hitting enemies, it restores the health of its auto-turret, which is its Souper. This is very useful in close-range and intermediate-range melee attacks - you can put a turret in the middle of a fight and be sure that it won't get destroyed in the first seconds.

1st place - Leon. Under Super, Leon starts running faster (noticeably faster), which allows him to appear in the most unexpected places, making him an even nastier opponent. He's able to run almost half of the map during Super, which makes him one of the strongest characters in "heist" mode, and he's also useful in "bounty" mode.

So, it's best to invest in Leon, Pam, and Jesse, and to pump up the others after them. Of course, it doesn't mean that the other characters are bad - if you like someone, you should pump him, because there are no outright bad characters in Brawl Stars, just the ones mentioned above are the most optimal and useful for the game.

That's all for now, we will update this post as new Brawl Stars updates are released. We hope it helps you improve your game and reach new heights!

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