Kingdom Rush Vengeance in Tower Defense - play as the forces of Evil

How to unlock all the achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

How to unlock all the achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance - see our guide!

We promised to make a collection of Easter eggs, Achievements, achievements, references in Kingdom Rush Vengeance (actually, it's more correct to call it Easter Egg Achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance) in our review, so if you suddenly have not managed to find all the "Easter eggs" - we recommend our review to read.

Simple Achievements (not Easterlings)

There are three suspicious animals on the third level - one is near the feet of the gnome statue, another runs just above the rune letters, and the third can be found at the bottom of the map, right by the road. Click on all three and open Find All Armadillos.

achievements in kingdom rush vengeance

The next challenge is a little more difficult, because not only will you have to watch the game (and the fourth level is not as easy as it seems), but you also need to control the creatures riding on the druzines at the top of the screen. Usually there are two gold miners passing through there, but at one point (tentatively by the third wave) a green creature rolls out behind them. Click on it and get "Help DK get out of the mine" (DK is Donkey Kong, a character from the popular early '80s arcade game).

The thirteenth level's achivement is quite specific - there are 5 sheep and a shepherd in the upper left corner. As you remember from previous games, sheep and any other animals can be "burst", you just have to click on them a few times. Burst all the sheep and get the shepherd to come at you, but be prepared for the fact that he has (suddenly) a huge number of lives. Meet Joe Jenkins, brother of Lyroy Jenkins - the same one who ruined the raid and became so world famous that they even made a legendary card for him in Hearthstone. Now he's been immortalized in Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Achievements in kingdom rush vengeance

The fourteenth level also has an Easter egg. Next to the big tree there are strange stumps, from which sometimes "something" looks out. Poke at all the stumps and you'll unlock the achievement "Find all the Borney's mishkes. Apparently, this is a reference to Gummi Bears (or Barney Bears).

Passcards in kingdom rush vengeance

There are lanterns all over the map on level 15. Smash them and unlock the "Blow up all the streetlights" achievement.

There's also another achievement here - in the lower left corner, smash all the pumpkins and get the achievement "Destroy Farmer's Harvest".

kingdom rush vengeance references

A reference to the Lord of the Rings movie and book series

The key is opened on the second level of the game - if you look at the top of the gate (strongly resembling a dwarf's face with an open mouth), to the left of it there is a suspicious door with a hole resembling a keyhole. Sometimes it lights up - at which point you have to click on it, and Bilbo Baggins will run out from around the corner to open the door and enter it. It's called "Help Bilbo Get to the Mountain.

lord of the rings in kingdom rush vengeance

On the sixth level (there's also a Terminator adventure, read below), there's red-hot lava on the bottom right of the screen, and there's a ring on an island. Click on it and Gorloom jumps out from behind the mountain. Click on Gorloom and he will jump for the ring. Click on Gorloom with the ring three times and he will fall into the boiling lava, and you will unlock the achievement "Get the ring from Gollum".

How to unlock all the achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

A reference to the Simpsons cartoon series

The fifth level is quite simple - at the top of the screen there is a Simpsons-like character. When you click on it, the bartender will pour beer and give this character a drink. Repeat three times and "Put Borney to sleep." For those who don't know, Barney Gumble is Homer Simpson's best friend (from his youth) and is known for constantly drinking himself to death and falling asleep right in the bar.

How to unlock all the achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

A reference to the "Terminator" movie series

On the sixth level, at the bottom left of the screen, there is a vat of red-hot metal with an outstretched thumb sticking out of it. Click on it and "Melt the T-800.

terminator in kingdom rush vengeance

A reference to Duck Stories

The obvious gold bathing passphrase opens on level seven. The dwarf king sitting on the throne periodically jumps to bathe in gold. After he returns to the throne, a strange blob of gold coins appears next to the left column. Click on it three times and "Find Scrooge McDuck.

scrooge mcdac in kingdom rush vengeance

A reference to the "Cold Heart" cartoon

The eighth level contains two passages at once. The first - the most obvious, you need to tap three times on the house, from which the Valkyrie blew into a huge horn, and it will play another tune. The second is more complicated - in the lower left corner near the house and the hole is an armed snowman. If you click on him, he turns into Olaf, and you open "Find Olaf, the magical snowman.

How to unlock all the achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

A reference to the "Madagascar" cartoon

A very easy achievement in the game on level nine - there are penguins scattered all over the map, try to click on each one. Among them - 4 penguins from the cartoon "Madagascar", you will recognize them by their characteristic tricks.

Game of Thrones reference

On the tenth level, in the upper right corner, there is a strange man who sort of leans against the door of the house. This is Hodor, and he is holding the door so that the local "dead men" don't get to the protagonist. Press on him long and hard to get the enemies out of captivity and kill him - that's how you get "Repulse Draugr Attack.

game of thrones in kingdom rush vengeance

The eleventh level of the Dragon Graveyard has a clue in the name - a dead dragon lies in the middle of the level. You need to collect the head and 5 bones sticking out of the snow, they will light up green. Then you'll see the flying shadow of the bone dragon.

How to unlock all the achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Galaxy Guardians movie reference

On the sixteenth level there is a cart where you can order helpers. To the left of it there is a sprout sticking out of the ground - click on it and you will find Groot (who says "I am the Root" here).

How to unlock all the achievements in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

These are all the achievements available today. We hope this guide helps you!

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