How to Beat 2048: Basic Instructions and Tips (Part 2)

2048 - is an addictive game for desktops and mobile devices. It is easy to learn, but difficult to win. You can play the game online or download it for iOS or AndroidPresenting the second part of the instructions and tips for 2048.Part 2. Step-by-step instructions1. Move to the right and left several times. Start a new game, then quickly swipe left and right across the display. Continue until you have collected a couple of rows of 2, 4, and 8 dice. You don't have to do this to win, but it usually puts you in a good position and gets you closer to the highest number faster.2. Line up the big numbers in the corner. Create a number of 16 or 32 cubes and place them in a corner. The essence of the method is to keep these cubes in place as long as possible, gradually increasing the number.- This strategy was used by a player who set a world record: he reached the final in 1 minute 34 seconds.3. Fill the rows with large numbers. For example, if you have the biggest numbers in the top right corner, fill the entire top row with cubes. It is a good idea to do this by alternating the two directions to the corner. Once you fill this row, you can move left and right as much as you want without pushing the big number cubes out of the corner.4. Focus on small numbers. To get the most out of the game, it is best to create numbers of 8, 16, and 32, rather than chasing one big number. Ideally, such averages are best lined up near your corner die. This will allow you to achieve a chain reaction in some combinations.5. Maneuver around the small cubes surrounded on all sides. There is often a situation where you end up with the number 2 or 4 sandwiched between 256 and 64, for example. This is a good time to stop and think carefully about each subsequent move and set yourself a goal to free that little cube. There are a couple of different tactics for doing this:- Pick a die next to the one you caught and think about how to connect it. If it's a big number, you'll need a few moves to do it. Once that cube hits a similar one, swipe your finger so that you hook only the one you plan to connect.-Or try to create a gap in the row where the caught cube is, then slide it left and right until it is over the cube with which it can be connected. However, this strategy does not work with a heavily loaded field.6. Move the corner cube and then return it to its place. In almost every game you encounter the need to remove a corner die from your position. Consider which of the available moves will do you the most good. Swipe the die in that direction, then immediately return it back to the corner.7. Know when to give up. If you are forced to move a corner die and a new die unluckily appears in that corner, your chances of success are greatly reduced. You can win if you can clear 5-6 cells, or if you have numbers 64 or 128. In all other cases it is best to quit the game.

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