How to clear cache on iPhone or iPad: all ways

How to clear cache on iPhone or iPad: all ways

What is a cache and why do we need it?

Cache, in simple terms, is the dirtiest place on your computer or phone. Yes, it's not the recycle garbage can, it's not the user's folders. It's called storage for data that is frequently used, but accessed much faster.

All editors, center operating system components and other components of the phone and computer - have their own cache.

This can be done by giving a real-life example or an alternative. Let us imagine before our eyes the simplest office worker who is sitting at his desk. The surface is littered with various papers, folders, and other junk. It is easy to reach them, but more often than not they get in the way.

This is what is called a cache. To make it more convenient to work at your desk - it needs to be cleared of unnecessary folders. It works the same way with the devices on which you and I work.

The cache needs to be cleaned in a timely and regular manner to make it easier for the device to work without straining for "junk" in the far box.

If you don't, the device will waste a lot of energy loading unnecessary stuff, and it will drain the battery. It will probably get hot all the time when just starting up, and some applications under the influx will stop working properly. Browser errors 400, 404, 500, 502 will appear.

On which iPhones you can clear the cache

Starting with devices that support the Apple operating system: iOS 6. There are really a lot of devices like that, especially the more recent versions of the phone firmware are installed on them. The most recent in 2021 is iOS 15.

The list of models with supporting firmware is one-step on the official website and on Wikipedia. It turns out that almost all phones starting with 4 iPhones have the ability to clear the cache. Only each version has its own nuances:

  1. Before iOS 8, there is no way to clear the cache from other apps. And you can't clear the cache in browsers either.
  2. Before 10 iOS there is no way to clear "other", plus there are slightly different mechanics, more excruciating.
  3. In a more recent version, you can also clear the cache inside the applications themselves, without going into the settings of the phone itself.

How to clear iPhone browser cache and cookies

Clean excess "garbage" in the phone browsers is a must, otherwise sites will open slower, and sometimes the entire work will freeze. This article describes in detail how to clean Safari and Chrome browsers.

How to clear Safari cache

A step-by-step cleaning procedure:

  • Go to "Settings" on our device.
  • Scroll below and find the browser icon and click.
  • Click the "Clear history and data" button.

Cleaning the cache in Safari on your phone


After that, all the cache accumulated in the browser during this time will be destroyed, and the sites will stop freezing or lagging. But you should keep in mind that your browsing history will also be erased.

How to clear Chrome cache

Step-by-step instructions to help you do this:

  1. Open the browser we want by clicking on the appropriate icon.
  2. Click on the three dots vertically in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the word "Settings". This option is hidden under the three dots.
  4. Go to "Personal Data" by clicking on the corresponding inscription.
  5. Then click on "Clear Data History" at the end of the list.
  6. Click on "Delete all data" and then clear the history.

It is important to know that if there is no "Clear Data" on the options screen, you should click on the adjacent inscription and select what to delete.

How to clear the app cache on iPhone

In fact, it is quite simple: the basic data can be deleted in the settings by accessing certain icons of the desired applications. But in some of them you have to go in and erase the included data, only within the program itself.

Almost everywhere the method is the same: we uninstall the application with all the data, and then install it again. Sort of like a reboot, don't you think?


There is nothing special or noteworthy here, but you should remember that when deleting data from this application you need a stable Internet or cellular connection. Detailed instructions:

  1. Re-open "Settings" on the device.
  2. Scroll down and find the word "Storage" and click on it.
  3. Find the social network among all the listed shortcuts and objects.
  4. Click "Uninstall Application".
  5. Download it again in the App Store.


You can simply erase the data without uninstalling the application, but then some of the cache will remain.


The social network that has conquered almost all of Russia. You can delete the cache and unnecessary data in the first way, as we pointed out in the situation with Instagram. Or you can use the internal cleanup. In some versions, "Erase data" is available in the application itself.


This social network is constantly sending things, sending various photos, unnecessary "congratulations," which you may not open at all - but they will be saved in the cache. Such things can take up to a gigabyte of memory, so it is important to erase data here as well.

You can do this in several ways: delete correspondence and other messages within the application, erase data in your profile. Or you can go back to our favorite settings by "resetting".


In this case, you can really remove the cache in two ways. The first is inside the application itself, and the second is by uninstalling and reinstalling the program. A step-by-step guide will show you how to uninstall inside the application:

  • You enter the application by clicking on the green icon with the white tube.
  • Swipe to the right or click on the gear in the lower right corner.
  • Find the "Data and Storage" item.


  • After that, click on "Manage Storage".


  • See how much memory we have clogged with different images and documents. There is a detailed report here, down to each volume of any object.


  • Choose the most unnecessary and delete it.


This method is useful if you are frequently sent various videos or documents, images, or other objects. The memory is instantly cleared, which stops messages and other application functions from freezing.


The social network, which is full of videos, really takes up not so little cache and memory on the phone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to clean the application itself, so you have to uninstall it and reinstall it, as in the case of Instagram. Specifically:

  1. Go back to the settings and find "Storage and Data".
  2. Among the list of applications we find our YouTube.
  3. Click "Uninstall Application".
  4. Reinstall it.

Here it is important to remember that when you uninstall the application, you will have to log in again and enter your email and password.

How to clear the game cache on iPhone

Some of the games (Minecraft, Free Fire and others) have internal cache cleaning, but in some of them it is not available, so we have to reinstall the application with all the data deleted beforehand. This is almost no different from cleaning social networks, only in this case we have to find the icon of a particular game.

The most important thing: log in to the game under your Apple account or connect the Game Center to save the progress.

Memory cache on iPhone

There is a cache on all models of the phone from the Apple corporation. It is connected not only to the memory, but also to the RAM, which often makes it a useless thing, if we just forget about the same pictures in the gallery.

The nuances are determined by the firmware version of the device, which you can see in the settings of your phone, and the available ones on the Apple website or on Wikipedia. At most, what can be different are the names of the buttons themselves. Maybe just "Storage" instead of "Storage Management". The mechanics remain identical.

Clearing cache on iPad

In fact, the mechanics themselves do not differ in any way compared to the modern models of phones from Apple. Everything is practically the same: the names of the buttons, the actions, the deletion process.

If you go to Settings, you will see the familiar "Basic", "Storage Management" and so on.





Frequent Questions

"Do you have to clear the cache all the time?"

- In fact, the cleaning itself should be done no more than once every week or two, otherwise the phone will have a harder time navigating your requests and needs. You can clean all the time, but this way you will constantly clog the memory a little faster.

"Is it okay not to clear the cache? What's the risk?"

- Well, first of all, your applications will be slow to open, and sometimes they will crash altogether. Browser bugs will not be long either, if you don't clear your cache for a year. So, if you think about it, you don't need to clean the cache, but think about whether you need these problems.

"Is it possible to disable the cache?"

- In some applications you can disable uploading data to the device itself, for example, in WhatsApp. So that only in chats pictures are saved, and not transferred to the gallery. But this is not the case. This is an important and key component of the phone.

"What does the cache affect?"

- On the operation of the operating system, of course, but also on the memory of the phone and the loading of various objects. Above we gave an analogy: at one time it is useful, but when you no longer need it, it really gets in the way. Errors in browsers also appear because of cache overloading.

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