How do I set my iPhone to vibrate individually for any Contact?

The standard function of phones for incoming calls or messages is considered to be vibration and melody. But few people know that the vibration setting on the iPhone allows you to set a separate type of vibration for each person in the phone book. Let's look at how to do this together

How can I tell from the vibrator who's calling?

We often use the silent mode, but thanks to the special vibration for each contact, we can tell at a glance if we should pick up the phone. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • open the phonebook and select the person you want to put a separate vibration on;
  • by pressing the number change button, go down through the settings to "Create vibration";
  • to create a beat, you have to tap on the screen, and press "Stop" at any time;
  • to listen to the resulting melody, you can press the Start button and, if necessary, re-record the vibration;
  • only after the melody is saved, it will be linked to the selected contact;

How do I set my iPhone to vibrate individually for any Contact?

Vibration for the bell

To select a vibration for your ringtone, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the settings under Sounds and then to "Ringtone";
  • go through the list of vibrations up from the standard;
  • get to the "Vibration" item;
  • then you have to choose from the existing options or create a new one;
  • to damage the selection, click "Save";

Similarly, the vibration is selected for texting or created manually. You can turn it off completely through the buttons on the side of the panel or through the settings and selecting "Silent" mode.

Now you know how to enable iPhone vibration for individual callers, immediately identifying callers without looking at the screen. By the way, the usual vibration for alarms, messages, or notifications is set under "Settings" and "Notification Sounds".


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