How to play toca hair salon 2

How to play toca hair salon 2

If you want to download a free game, but interesting even for your children, you should choose simulators. But since there are so many of them developed now, your eyes will be scattered, and without tips for beginners to play the game can be difficult. And although toca hair salon 2 allows you to create your own hairdressing salon, make haircuts, dyeing and hairstyles for every taste - you only need to include imagination. You can play online, and the guide is given in Russian, which greatly simplifies the learning process. But for fun to bring pleasure, you need to understand how to play toca hair salon 2 correctly.

Download the game for Android и for iPhone.

Features of toca hair salon 2

Now both you and your child can do hairstyles, dye hair and style it in any manner. In this updated version, there are much more accessories and types of hairstyles, so the game has become much more interesting. The essence of the game is to develop an image for the four different characters, but a simple interface and control will make this process fast and clear. As for this are given tweezers, scissors, hairpins and even a hair dryer. Even the mustache can be trimmed or dyed pink, and a Mohawk can be made on the head.

If something didn't go according to plan and you cut the hair more than necessary, you can restore the character to its original appearance with the special G.R.O.W. lotion. And when the job is done, all that's left to do is to choose glasses, a hat, and other accessories for the character, and then, take a picture as a keepsake. This concludes your work as a stylist.

This version has stylish snapshot backgrounds and even more clients and types of hairstyles, so you can extend the fun in toca hair salon 2.

How to play toca hair salon 2

Tips for the game toca hair salon 2

The new version of the game offers 9 types of paints, scissors and additional accessories, so each character gets a new image in minutes. At the same time, by the face and the sounds the clients make, you can understand if he likes your actions. If the shade of hair turned out not quite good color, then apply tinting sprays, and to return the hair length, use a special lotion.

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