How to play Plants vs. Zombies 2: tips and tricks

Most smartphone users can not imagine their life without the games, applications and entertainment programs that developers offer us. Some like shooting, some like strategy, and some like unusual and animated games about zombies or vampires. Zombies vs. Plants 2 is one of the most popular games, where you have to defend your plants from the attack of an army of dead people. You can play both on your computer and online via your phone. If you have heard about this game for the first time, but you want to understand how to play Plants vs. Zombies 2, then below we will learn more about it, revealing the tricks and tips. And a more detailed guide on cheats and walkthrough, will allow you to instantly reach a high level, beating the zombies not only the battle, but also the whole game.

Passage Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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How to play Plants vs. Zombies 2

Features of the game Plants vs. Zombies 2

If we talk about the second version of the game Zombies vs. Plants, the main action will take place in Ancient Egypt, and so we will have to fight with the mighty dead. Although some of the battles will take place in forests or near the sea. The peculiarities of this game are better graphics and more possibilities for fighting with zombies. There are also new plant species, opportunities to plant them in whole plantations, discover new subspecies and plant sunflowers. But then you have to prepare for a larger crowd of zombies, which will be more difficult to fight. So you can win only when you plant the whole plantation, killing every enemy that tries to get to the end of the field.Features of the game Plants vs. Zombies 2

Tips and tricks to win in Plants vs. Zombies 2

If you want to win quickly, then you need to plant as many new types of plants as possible, and completing levels will reveal additional ways and options for fighting zombies. There are power-ups that can enhance plants or scatter a whole crowd of enemies. But they are quite expensive, so it's best to use them only a couple of times in a few levels.

  • In the Zen Garden level, you can grow special plants in pots in the greenhouse, for which you pay gold coins and bonuses. This can come in handy for enhanced abilities in the future. Bonuses and money are awarded after the plant reaches its maximum size.
  • During the Piñata Feast, which occurs every essence, it is possible to win random gifts. But do not forget to plant plants from the conveyor belt, as they will help improve the army, and when passing the entire level, the player receives 1000 gold.
  • In the Quest Log and Evil Destroyer modes, you can level up and get certain bonuses that unlock new abilities. There are also rewards with crystals.
  • The following hints (in common parlance - cheats) will help in solving some problems and speed up the process: the button 1 - is to add the sun, 2 - is to switch invulnerability, 3 - mode soon to build, 9 - unlocks all modes of the game at once.

Endless Bee

The meaning of this bug is simple. I think everyone has seen the bee in the Zen Garden, you can use it to reduce the time it takes to grow a plant.
So here's the point of the bug.

  1. Enter the Zen Garden, choose a bee and a plant to pollinate.
  2. As the bee does its thing, we go straight to the Almanac (the book with descriptions of plants/zombies)
  3. We leave the Almanac. We are transported to the Zen Garden. The bee should either fly out from above immediately, or after a few seconds. You can pollinate the plants again. :)
  4. Profit

The bee reduces time in different ways, if the plant grows for about 3 hours, it can reduce by half an hour, an hour, or two hours. The maximum I have seen is a reduction of two and a half hours.
Also, this bug works when selecting a mission, just went into the garden, pollinated, came out and went back in. Take advantage.

How to get 22 diamonds for free

For those who have just opened a zen garden, there is a way to get free 22 diamonds. We open a Zen garden, we are offered to learn how to skip the waiting time for plants to grow for diamonds, for this purpose we are given 10-11 diamonds. We go to the settings and rewind the time back. We enter the game. Learning is over, and the diamonds are not spent. And so 2 times (the first time with a daisy, and the second time with a sunflower).

Description of the Plants of the Fourth World of the Chinese Version

  • Daikon: strengthens the ground so plants don't get sucked into the black hole
  • Fiery pumpkin gourd: Spits fire four cells forward. Activated by pressing your finger.
  • The Peach of Immortality: heals plants nearby (3x3 cells).
  • Bamboo Escape: Moves inside four cells in front, attacks zombies on encounter.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 - tips and tricks

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