How to play Hay Day Farm: tips, secrets, cheats

How to play Hay Day Farm Simulator: tips, secrets, and cheats

If you want to spend time in a calm, measured and interesting, the game Hay Day - what you need. It's about a farm or farming strategy where you have to deal with sowing, supplying the store, fishing, raising pets, producing food, and other farming activities. The game has tutorials and this information will be enough to get you started playing Hay Day. If you want to learn how to play at a high level right away, the question arises - how to play Hay Day? What to improve first, what to sell, what to build first? These and many other questions are answered in our article.

Download Hay Day for iPhone и Android (the game is free, and there is in Russian).

How to play Hay Day Farm Simulator: tips, secrets, and cheats

Game Features

Hay Day can be played not only on Siarphone, but also on desktop computers, and downloading the application is offered completely free of charge. It is even possible to play online on the game's website. The essence of the game Hay Day is that your uncle asks for help to take care of his own farm, so you need to come to his village and develop agriculture old man. To do this you not only need to grow new crops, but also to plow the field, collect crops, milk cows, build a store, expand the plot and feed the animals. This will require spending money, diamonds that are earned through competitions, purchases, promotions, and gifts.

By the way, you can play Hay Day even in offline mode, only then less features will be available, and the development will be much slower, by your own efforts without purchases. Do not doubt that all your progress will be transferred to the server, as soon as the connection to the Internet will be restored. Experienced users do not recommend the use of donat (investing money), simply because there are enough resources for a fair measured game. Also, do not count on cheats in the game, because such are not provided here (well, if you look - you will find, but why?).

Tips and tricks

Using a few tips, tricks for Hay Day can achieve high results in the very beginning, when the store will begin to bring in a lot of revenue. So remember that:

  • All tools in the game are bought for diamonds and coins, some of which can be earned by activating Facebook, and the rest - during the daily tasks and in helping other players. It is better to spend on production or construction of new buildings. But when spending diamonds - be careful, because it is difficult to replenish them if you do not use the purchase for money. It is better to spend the stones to increase the queue when creating products;
  • Do not neglect the help of Tom (the guy at the bottom of the map), who will appear for a couple of days and will be ready to help you for free. Later, his services will have to be paid for with stones, and in large quantities. Tom will be needed to make bargain purchases, find the right attributes to replenish tools and dynamite;
  • After using the tools and cleaning the area, don't sell them because you will need them next;
  • Do not turn down the daily tasks, which give not only experience, but also coins. Then you can open your own store or tent at the fair, which is the main type of earnings;
  • Adding friends and helping to care for your trees gives you gift certificates, increases the level and speeds up the growth time of your own sprouts;
  • Don't forget to check the newspaper and local classifieds where you can find rare items or buy items in bulk;
  • put work in front of tasks that bring money, new products, and level up. In this way, you can recoup the coins spent to build them;
  • Do not spend money on decorating the farm in the first levels, it is better to do it later, when more free decorations will be available;

Tips for building a city in Hay Day

If you haven't had a chance to build your city yet, you'll need tools like shovels, axes, explosives, and more. With their help you can erect buildings where visitors and residents of the city can buy goods of your production. Initially only a grocery store will be available, which costs 500 coins, then a movie theater opens at 4,500, then a snack bar at 26,000 and a hotel at 45,000.

But do not rush to spend all the money to build, because other buildings require modernization, pumping, namely:

  • The station must be improved to increase the number of commuters. Resin, bricks, and nails must be purchased for it;
  • The town hall will also hold more people if you buy paint, hammer, nails, and bricks for it;
  • The personal train is responsible for transporting goods, so the first level requires five coal, iron, and platinum bars. The second level requires five iron, coal and gold ingots each, and the third level requires coal, iron and platinum ingots;
  • don't forget to expand your plot with hammers, bricks and pegs, although maps from visitors are also required, but they are very difficult to obtain;

Top tips for playing Hay Day

To play for fun, it is worth using tips, tricks from experienced players who recommend:

  • forget about cheat codes, because there aren't any;
  • keep track of updates to other players' ads, when you can profitably buy materials in bulk, and then sell them at retail;
  • receive diamonds through draws after logging in on Facebook, during draws, when you level up, in chests;
  • spend diamonds to increase the queue when creating products;
  • get rid of frogs in the river by buying a lake, installing it near them when they appear;
  • Do not sell the shovel, rake and other tools after cleaning the site, as they will be useful in the future;
  • Complete all tasks to receive coins;
  • add new friends;
  • follow the news in the newspaper, as you can buy rare items there;
  • Help water the garden, care for the trees to other players, which will allow you to get more gift certificates;
  • buy a dog at level 20 to increase experience;
  • plant plants with a long germination period during work or before bedtime to save time;

Don't forget to improve buildings such as the balacalaya, train, town hall, and store, as they will allow you to accommodate more people, and therefore future customers. You can also play Hay Day Farm on the same account from other devices, but only if you sync the app with your Facebook account.

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