How to play Best Fiend Forever: Tips

How to play Best Fiends Forever: tips and tricks (and even cheats)

The clicker family has arrived. This time it's a cross between the classic clicker and the "endless story" in Nonstop KnightAnd as a result it turned out a very funny non-stressing relaxing and entertaining game Best Friend Forever. We decided to record some tips and tricks on how to play Best Fiend Forever (by the way, some people mistakenly call the game Best Friend Forever, I myself so a couple of times mistaken).

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How to play Best Fiend Forever: tips and tricks


The game is free, but a "prestige" mode is available, which costs 14,99$ per month. If you subscribe to "prestige" you will get artifacts and discounts on diamonds. You'll find out if it's worth subscribing further in the article. Besides, diamond sets (bags, baskets, handfuls, etc.) can be bought for real money not only in this mode, but also in the regular mode.

How to play Best Fiend Forever: Tips

There's really nothing complicated about it. The whole point of the game is the endless dungeons, the small creatures, and the biggest boss challenge at the end of each dungeon. It's hard to call them dungeons - because they are very light and colorful. This is a big plus of the game - you're not just pressing the screen and destroying the boss, but also watching the changing scenery. You won't be bored, because the scenery in the game is diverse.

The bugs from the last series of the game will help you in the spell. There can be no more than 5 of them at a time - your strongest helpers. Each of them strikes with a certain strength and frequency, it's important to take this into account when choosing. Every 10 levels they increase their strength by several times, which makes them very useful in battles with bosses.

How to play Best Fiends Forever: tips and tricks (and even cheats)

Also, each of them, over time, gets a super-strike. For example: fireballs or meteor shower. These are better to use on bosses. We should also mention about getting bug skills: after defeating a boss you are given either a new bug or three boxes. You choose which one you like, and if your sidekick is missing some ability, you always get exactly the missing skill. If the bug already has the ability you want, you get the money.

If the bugs have a lot of abilities, they start to fight the boss very quickly. So if you get distracted to go get some tea, it's no big deal - the bugs will do just fine in your absence. Sometimes it's even fun to watch them do it themselves while you rest. In addition, if you together with the bukanami quickly pass the levels, then on the side there will be a speedometer, which reflects the pace of the game, and everything starts to speed up.

By the way, here is a funny story about the health of the boss and other creatures - it is in the money. That is, by killing the various beasts, you beat the crap out of them, and at the same time, the money. You need money, and a lot of it. You need to improve the heroes and their skills. This is the main purpose of gold in the game.

How to play Best Fiends Forever: tips and tricks (and even cheats)

A question may arise: when a large sum of money is accumulated, how will this money be denoted? Because in games like this, currency is very often denoted by incomprehensible signs. So: at some point we are told that a new currency is introduced, and our accumulated billion/trillion or any other monetary unit that used to be used is equal to a unit of the new currency. And all the improvements that cost less than the accumulated money are now available for free. A very convenient approach.

Another interesting observation - bugs without you perfectly cope with killing bosses, so during your absence in the game, you will be pleasantly surprised by the round sum, which will immediately go to improve the bugs. But keep in mind: it's better to enter the game at least every 8 hours, so the sum during your absence is maximum. If you are absent longer than that, it is not good for the game.

Gameplay and video of all levels in 40 minutes

How to pass Space Levels - a real cheat

Friends, the use of cheats and imperfections of the game the responsibility of everyone 🙂 We only inform about the possibility, and pass the game honestly or a little help yourself - your business. Either way, good luck to you! And thank you Sergei Svinobaklan for the tips. Send me yours too!

How to earn a lot of money in the game?

Pumping buccaneers is expensive. Need a lot of money. To do this: pumping souvenir bag of coins (to get to the maximum level need 3-5 days. Depends on how intensely to play). Well, then a little hint with the time on the phone. Unload the game from the phone memory. Set the clock forward for three days, go back into the game. Voila - we get a lot of coins. You can double it by watching ads. We continue until we get the right amount.

How to play Best Fiends Forever: tips and tricks (and even cheats)

By the way, watching ads helps double the time bonuses that are dropped in the game. There are quite a lot of ads in the game. But since it is beneficial, it is tolerable. Time flies by very quickly, both during the passage of "Best Fiend Forever" and for watching short ads.

The only thing that's a little stressful is the "prestige" ads. This is a new game mode, if you switch to it, the process is reset, and you have to go all over again. There is its own currency and new bugs, you can buy artifacts, but not all of them are useful in battles with bosses. At high levels there are not always enough coins, and although there are artifacts, souvenirs, they do not always save. So decide for yourself whether to switch to the "prestige", if it does not affect the game in any way.

How do you defeat a particularly difficult boss?

We enter the battle with the boss, and while there is a red bar, leave the game and spin the clock on your phone backwards - for an hour / a day / a year :). The point is that how much time you scroll it back, so much time you'll have to beat the boss (it's to the basic time, which is given in the standard). We think ten minutes is enough.

How do I get stone reinforcements?

Same time-lapse know-how. Spin for a day, pick up a daily gift, again and again. Until we accumulate the right number of stones. You can accumulate bombs and money at the same time. Profit!

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Sergei Svinobaklan

As soon as you pump a bukashka, the total strength increases and the bukashka begins to earn more money (direct proportion, total damage, for example, twice as much, twice as much money)... Money does not depend on levels, if the strength of bukashka has not grown, outside the game the money will not be more even at the last levels.\The last update with the space levels is unclear. Where are they, these levels? I went through the whole world, I didn't find them. Seriously overloaded, apparently, they forgot to add... And, here, a souvenir, which attracts diamonds, now does not work!

Sergei Svinobaklan

AP Cosmolevels have appeared today, they, apparently, December 22 are active for 14 days (apparently, to buy donates to have time to pass))) \nDam, in turn neskko tips on passing ... If you pay vpadlu and jail/root put more so, there is another way that many people use (who may not know, more, write to those) \n1) Kaka bukanov expensive.Need money. To do this: pumping souvenir bag of coins (maximum level of 3 days).Then, just moving the clock forward for three days and get a lot of coins for three days.Can be doubled by watching ads.And, so, moving the clock on, until we gather the necessary amount.(\n2) Defeat particularly difficult bosses: \nIntervene in the fight, and while the red bar is going, out of the game and turn the phone clock back - on the hour / on the day / year))) no matter how much scroll, so much time and can hammer it. I think enough ten minutes)) \n3) need amplification, which for the stones? ... The same time with a laifhak.In addition, it's possible to get hold of bombs and money...) \n4) Passed the space levels... in five minutes... Entered the battle with the boss, shifted the clock back 5 minutes, and, the game jumped, the eternal blitz was on, and, 200 levels in less than five minutes...)) \In general, have a nice game!!!))


Sergey, thank you for your helpful comment! We'll add an adapted version of your comment to our post, if you don't mind. М? 🙂


Tell me what are diamonds for? It says they help enlarge bugs, no they don't. You only need yellow and blue things to increase bugs. You can't trade anything for the bottom...what the fuck are they for....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa