Install emoticons, emotions, emoji in iPhone

Install emoticons, emotions, emoji in iPhone

Smiley faces - is nothing more than an additional keyboard (language for texting, texting, etc.) in the iPhone or iPadlike the standard ones - Ukrainian, English (USA), etc. Therefore, to install smiles or put emotions on your phone, you just need to find such a program (with a keyboard) in the AppStore, download and install in the settings as one of the languages for your phone.

Install emoticons and emoji on your phone

Going into App Store and find a lot of applications for the search term "emoji". I downloaded the very first program, but you can try others - the installation technology will be the same. Maybe even several sets of smiles. They will be switched by the language switch button.Set smiles for iPhone     set smiles Downloaded.Now to install you need to go to Settings - General - Keyboard - Keyboard - Add New Keyboard. And select as an additional language (keyboard) language - Emoji. See: more details are shown in the screenshots. This is the whole installation. Enjoy it 🙂

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