How to take great winter photos with your iPhone

We want to tell you how to take good winter photos on your iPhone

Even though winter is almost upon us, we still want to tell you how to take good winter photos for your iPhoneIn general, this is a simple process thanks to the software of the device, but you should keep in mind some basic points.Put on suitable clothesActually, this applies to any type of photo, but it is especially important when it comes to working with iPhone. If you don't have gloves and you plan to take them off in sub-zero temperatures, your fingers certainly won't be happy.Keep your fingers warm. Also, wear waterproof boots and thick socks, especially if you plan to hike in the snow.Choose the contrast and color for the subject you plan to shootShooting gray on white is not the best composition in the world. However, you can make it more interesting if you change the focus. Try to take macro photos of interesting details of your subject, and then the final photo will play up.It's best to choose contrasting subjects that will look good against a white background: red hats or scarves, colored houses and cars, or even austere black coats.Do not take pictures in direct sunlightDirect sunlight rarely makes for a good photo, but snow makes that brightness even greater. Try to take photos when the sky is overcast or the sun is hidden in some way behind trees, houses, or mountains.til-winter-photography-off-lightingReduce blueness with exposure and color correctionYou may not want to shoot in bright sunlight, but that doesn't mean you need that bluish-grayish snow in your photo. By default, your software iPhone includes auto-exposure, but it doesn't always work. Use the camera functions to adjust the light and shutter speed.If you've already taken a photo and it's still blue, you can use two tools in the photo app: Cast slider (click Edit > Adjustments > Color dropdown > Cast) and Light slider.If even after editing you are not satisfied with your photo, the color filters can help you.til-winter-photography-color-cast-adjustment-appTake it off falling snow и snowflakesPhotographing the falling snow on the iPhone a bit more complicated than with a DSLR, although the manual camera settings on iOS 8 offer you some advantages. To capture individual snowflakes, the shutter needs to go down faster, and to capture a wall of falling snow, the speed needs to be slower. Adjust the shutter speed in Manual or with any manual app.If you're taking macro shots of snowflakes, you need to get as close to the subject as possible. You can even use additional macro lenses for this iPhone, e.g., Olloclip.Via)

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